iOS 17.1.2/14/13: How to Update Apple Medical ID on iPhone: Quick Guide to Keep your Emergency ID Updated

🗓️ November 10, 2020 By ✍️ Jaysukh patelDo you want to update Apple’s medical ID on your iPhone? In this tutorial, you can learn everything about updating iOS medical ID information of your physical health and close relative contact number. Also, the latest iOS iPhone user can sign up with Donate Life. Emergency Medical ID is a great feature on the Apple iPhone and Apple iPod. Apple Medical ID is helpful if and only if when it is ready with correct information Such as your Name, Birthdate, Medical Condition, Medical Notes, Allergies & Reactions, Medications, Emergency Contact Numbers, Blood group, Organ Donor, Weight, and Height.

We recommend you must be keeping up to date your Emergency iOS Medical ID on your Apple iPhone Health App. And yeah don’t worry about misuse because, neither this information accessible to your health Data nor share with other apps. It stored in a secure table of your iPhone.

What is the Role of Emergency Contacts in Medical ID?

The medical ID has been done the incredible job till now, Thousands of people are Updating their medical ID regularly, Why we not? Let’s know the Wow constituent of Added details with Emergency Contacts, Blood group, Wright, Height, Critical Medical Conditions, Medical Notes, and Allergies & Reactions.

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if possible enter all primary family numbers or Friends number. Because this All Emergency Contacts will also be shown and used for Emergency SOS automatically. Emergency SOS Mostly use personally while iOS users are helpless.

Is it Emergency SOS Relate With Medical ID?

Yes, Apple Tendered Easy Structure in the backend for All Apple Devices like iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac, So users can manage all the details with the freshest information from one place. in this case, while we update contacts he

Guide to Edit/ Update Apple Medical ID on iPhone Health App

Step #1. Launch the Health app from your iPhone home screen.

Open the health App on iPhone home screen to update Apple Medical ID

Step #2. Tap Medical ID you can see the lower-right side corner on the screen and Tap on Edit.

Tap on Medical ID then tap on Edit appear on right-upper side of the screen on iPhone

For iOS 13 Users perceive the below screen,

Tap on Medical ID option under the Profile.

Step #3. Now here you can input your health, emergency contacts, and other right information to prepare your Medical ID  up to date.

Edit birth date in Medical ID in Health App on iPhone

Step #4. in the end, tap on Done to save your new record.

Edit blood type weight height organ donor in Apple Medical ID in Health App on iPhone

Please note: keep Show When Locked option enabled [under Emergency Access] if you want to access Medical ID on locked screen iPhone/iPod Touch.

Add Emeegency contacts in iOS Medical ID in Health App on iPhone

You’re done!

How to Access Medical ID on Locked Screen iPhone

For iOS 10/ iOS 11 or later usersGuide to access Emergency iOS Medical ID on Lock Screen

  • Step #1. Swipe right side Slide to unlock iPhone Screen.
  • Step #2. Now tap on Emergency option bottom of the Touch ID or Enter Passcode screen
  • Step #3. Tap on the Medical ID button below of the Phone dial screen.
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how to get or access Medical ID on Locked Screen iPhone, iPod

That’s it.

How to Delete My Medical ID on My iPhone, iPad?

1. Open Health app on iPhone. Tap on Profile Picture at the top right corner of the screen.
Next, Tap on Medical ID.
2. Now, Find and Tap on the Edit button again at the top right corner of the screen. Here’s Edit mode that you can do update the data.

Delete Medical ID on iPhone

Delete Medical ID on iPhone

3. Scroll to End of the screen, and Find the option “Delete Medical ID“. iPhone will confirm and ask to delete Medical Data again.
4. That’s it.

How Do I Put Phone Number on My Lock Screen?

Most of the iOS users are set up Medical ID for show Phone number on the Lock screen. Might be your Think is precise, You deserve this. But Apple Allow setting in another Way.

  1. First Easy Ways is to Enable and Setup Medical ID on your iPhone, iPad. The medical ID will show on the lock screen, Next to the Emergency option. [Check Lock screen passcode image in this article]
  2. And The second Way is Setup Emergency SOS on iPhone. This can be activate using the Side button after Hard Work. (Press Side button 5 times continuously) as we set during setup.

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