How to Export Health App Data from iPhone, iPad

how do i export data from health app? learn how to Export Health App data from iPhone XS Max, X,s Xr, x,,8,7,6S,SE, iPad. Apple iOS health app export for use iPhone health app.

Health App data gives obvious information about your activity, Phone usage and Importance of health. Not to you online but also use full other hundreds of mostly peaceful third-party app for fitness guide, Weight loss, Sleep tracking and analysis. Health app designed multi-purpose help for humans and machine understanding language. By Export Health App Data from iPhone, latest iOS Health app Redesigned for the Clear graphs in fixed and Custom charts, Health Data, Third party app integration, Customize Dashboard screen and more.

Not only Export Health App data from iPhone, iPad But also gives an option for share it on Message, Mail, Social app and Online Cloud storage (Dropbox, Google Drive, Xender and Many others).

If your iOS device is running iOS 9 or iOS 8, then Try Export health app data in iOS 9 and import another way.

Prepare health app for export data

Steps for Export Health App Data from iPhone, iPad

1. Open Health App on iPhone home screen.

2. Next, Tap on Profile icon at the top corner of the iOS device screen.

3. Scroll down the screen and at the last “Export Health Data.”

Export Health App Data from iPhone, iPad

Next, Tap on an Export button within a pop-up show in the display.

Wait for seconds, next to your screen show different sharing or storage options.

Backup and Import Health data from iOS 10

Now exported File into standard XML format compatible with mostly all third-party apps (Supported with iPhone Health kit device) and Backup for the later time restore.

For the Information: iOS Health app added new sections Organ Donation, Bedtime History save in Health App and Share with other Sleep analysis and Tracking apps.

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