Solumics Apple Magic Mouse Case Review For Ergonomic grip

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The case is the paramount Magic Mouse accessory for defending your mouse from external factors. Whatever your purpose, you must ensure that you make the most of your mouse to work efficiently. Especially when using an expensive mouse like the one from Apple, you must carefully invest in a quality case.

Ensure you fully read this review to get a judicious view of the Solumics Apple Magic Mouse case.

Solumics Apple Magic Mouse Case Review – everything to know before you purchase one for yourself!

Many people admit that they use their mouse without the case. Although they may have invested a lot in a branded mouse, for example, the one from Apple, they overlook investing in a case.

Using a mouse without a case damages it and reduces its efficiency. Therefore, it is a wise idea to invest in a quality case. It not only provides comfort to your palm but also accelerates your work, due to which you will find a boost in your work productivity.

Usually, the average Mac users spend a minimum of one-third of their day working in front of their computers. So, ergonomic computer accessories hold prime significance regarding their health.

Apple Magic Mouse boasts a stunning design but is not so ergonomic. Now, what shall be done to efficiently and comfortably use this mouse? Well, there is a solution to this problem, i.e., to use a Solumic Apple Magic Mouse case.

It is an ergonomic case exclusively prepared to make your work experience more comfortable and efficient. Before delving deep into the review of this case, let’s first have a quick look at the company’s details:

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A Quick Look at Solumics as a Company: 

The company’s founders -Alex and Andreas, invented Solumics in Austria. It is where it is ensured that all the company products will be reliable, long-lasting, precise, and of superior quality. Both Alex and Andreas are avid Apple enthusiasts. They are passionate about product design and ergonomics.

The core business of Solumics deals with customized products that offer sophisticated, innovative solutions. It meticulously focuses on the smallest details. Therefore, the company first asks its partners, customers, and employees what they can do for it instead of what it can do for them. The reason is the company understands that there is always a scope for improvement.

The company develops all products, including the Apple Magic Mouse, without exhausting natural resources. The product works efficiently and in a socially-responsible way and emphasizes environmental protection.

Therefore, all its products pass through multiple feedback loops to reach closer to the optimal solution they can offer. This, along with a sustainable structure, will allow the company to solve complex problems with inventive ideas for years to come.

Solumics Apple Magic Mouse Case Review: 


Suppose you are among those individuals who admire the functionality and design of the Apple Magic mouse but feel uncomfortable when using it for prolonged periods. In that case, the Solumics Apple Magic case is a recommended accessory for you. If you are one of those intending to enhance the ergonomics of their Apple Magic Mouse, then consider this as your best purchase.

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What’s the best aspect of this case? It doesn’t interfere with any of the mouse’s functionalities or features. Therefore, it proves to be an impeccable Magic Mouse accessory.

You would love this product even if you are a casual buyer and not a professional user. Besides, this case is an outstanding choice to experience the ergonomic design and comfort while using the Magic Mouse.

It facilitates your hand with a more ergonomic position without compromising the mouse’s functionality. Moreover, it still rests on its glide bars. You get full access to its gesture controls. The built-in side extensions give your fingers a broader and more comfortable grip throughout the use. Hence, it feels quite easy to use for extended hours.

It is important to note that this ergonomic case is designed to be compatible with all generations of the Apple Magic Mouse. Whether you use the first-generation or second-generation Magic Mouse, this Solumics case perfectly fits your Magic Mouse.

Key Features

1. Integrated side extensions maintain a proper hand posture.
2. Stealth glide nubs provide a smooth gliding experience throughout the usage.
3. It always provides a quick solution on hand.
4. It is easy to attach and remove. 
5. It perfectly fits on a Magic Mouse, making it more comfortable.
6. The work productivity increases with a wide and smooth grip on the fingers that provides a cozier hand position.
7. A custom emergency and data transfer cable (which supports different connection types) is included inside the case.
8. If you ordered an emergency charging cable, too, you could select either the Lightning to USB-C or Lightning to USB-A charging cable.
9. The installation process is simple and rapid; it takes less than 5 seconds to link/remove. 
10. It seamlessly works with all versions of the Magic Mouse. Hence, you can enjoy its outstanding functionality and smooth gesture control.
11. The reduced noise and friction offer a faster and smoother workflow.
12. The case weighs approx. 40g / 1,41oz.
13. The case dimensions are 125 x 66 x 43 mm.



The present review of this case is incomplete without discussing its design. It is meticulously designed to integrate seamlessly with your Magic Mouse while maintaining its functionality.

With the assistance of product designers, Solumics created several prototypes and designs to find the most suitable size. Therefore, this case is carefully designed to suit both left- and right-handed users irrespective of their palm size.

Many individuals who have already used this case mentioned that it was a welcome relief for their wrist. Moreover, they expressed that this case has taken care of the pain in their upper arms and corrected the bad posture at the desk. Some users also expressed that the elevated comfort in the palm makes daily usage, in this case, much more pleasant. Once you begin using it, you won’t go back. It takes only a few minutes to get accustomed to its usage. It is an ideal solution for anybody who regularly works with the Apple Magic Mouse.

The ergonomic design proves to be an absolute necessity for frequent workers on a MacBook or an iMac. The improvement in hand posture enhances comfort. This case’s design is ideal for those individuals who prefer the features of the mouse but don’t wish to compromise on ergonomics.

Are there different sizes available?

This case is available only in one size. During the product development phase and around hundreds of prototypes of Solumics being made, the company has implemented a lot of effort in determining the perfect size that can fit nearly all sizes of hands. Hence, the company is confident that the case would help you make using the Magic Mouse more comfortable.

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Materials used:

You may wonder what materials are used in making these Solumics cases. Well, it is prepared from superior quality PC/ABS that can be recycled.

 Available colors:


Solumics makes this case available in 3 colors: Black/Silver, White/Silver, and Black/Dark Grey.

Does this case need the add-ons?

The accessories are designed to enhance your work experience with the Solumics case. Two accessories it needs are an emergency cable and Glide Nubs.

The Glide Nubs connect to the bottom of the case and decrease the mouse’s friction. So, it increases cursor speed which is extremely beneficial for those who find the Apple Magic Mouse very slow. Furthermore, the Glide Nubs help to decrease the noise of the mouse. So, it proves to be very pleasant to use.

Another useful accessory for this case is the emergency cable. It is perfect in situations when you need a lightning cable. Hidden within the case, it is always within reach. It can be used to charge and flawlessly transfer data for all your lightning-equipped gadgets.

Whether hunting for enhanced performance or peace of mind, these Solumics add-ons are worthwhile.

Who is this case for?

If you are looking for an ergonomic approach to using an Apple Magic Mouse, then you require the Solumics Case. The ability to maintain a healthy posture throughout the use makes it perfect for anybody who works with their Magic Mouse daily. Specifically, heavy users working for several hours daily with their magic mouse will benefit from it.

This case is also a useful accessory for users who edit videos in Logic Pro or photos in Photoshop. For them, this case ensures outstanding comfort and a boost in work productivity.

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How can this case improve the Magic Mouse ergonomics?

This case is ergonomically designed that helps enhance comfort and decrease strain. Firstly, it elevates your palm by increasing the height of the rear part of the Apple mouse. So, your palm gets a more comfortable position.

Moreover, it broadens the case to ensure your fingers have a dedicated resting place. It, therefore, prevents fatigue and cramping.

After the attached, this Solumics case possesses a firm fit on the Magic Mouse. So, it offers stability and ensures it doesn’t wiggle during use. Note that the Solumics case is compatible with all Apple’s mice. Hence, it is an ideal Magic Mouse solution.

Does this case have any substitute?

The Apple Magic Mouse is flawlessly integrated into the Mac OS. Therefore, if your quest is about an incredible experience on your Mac OS, there’s no substitute for your Magic Mouse. This case is uniquely ergonomically upgraded to fit the Apple Magic mouse perfectly.

  • Elevates palm rest ergonomically
  • Allows more natural hand position
  • Controls your Magic Mouse from a comfortable height.
  • Decreases friction and noise
  • Seamless gesture control
  • It offers an efficient workflow
  • Easy attachment and removal due to firm fit
  • Stays firmly in the case with no wiggle
  • Rests on its glide bars to maintain stability
  • Attractive design
  • The symmetrical design fits right-handed and left-handed persons
  • gives Free shipping on above the Order value.
  • Quality Products will take time in delivery around 8 to 16 days, depending on cost & delivery time.

Enhance the comfort and productivity of your work when using your Apple Magic Mouse with the Solumics Apple Magic Mouse case. This case keeps the mouse stable, offers smooth gesture control, reduces friction and noise, and has many more benefits. After thoroughly reading this review, you will have a clear perspective on the Solumics Apple Magic Mouse case. Hence, we are quite assertive that you can get the best work experience with your Apple Magic mouse by using this case.


1. How do I keep my Magic Mouse comfortably? 

The Magic Mouse is quite appealing, and its touch-enabled top is innovative; however, it’s not ergonomic. Adding Magic Grips improve user comfort at the front. It ensures your wrists feel less strained even though used the entire day. Furthermore, the Magic Grips add a sidewall to this mouse, making it easier to hold.

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2. What is the difference between the Apple mouse and Apple Magic Mouse? 

Apple Mouse is taller and features a rounder profile which is suitable for people that usually use more of their fingers or hand on the mouse. Apple Magic Mouse is longer, sleeker, and features a lower profile. However, you need to get used to it.

3. Is the Apple Magic Mouse 2 comfortable? 

Unfortunately, the Apple Magic Mouse 2 comes with mediocre ergonomics. It is not suitable for traditional palm grips. It can only feel comfortable to use when used with a fingertip grip. Although you may have small hands, this grip provides a comfortable feel. The minimalist design of the Apple Magic Mouse 2 might not be comfortable for everybody, and the Lightning port is not located in a perfect location.

4. Is there a new Magic Mouse coming out? 

Apple launched a new black Magic Mouse on March 8, 2022. It boasts a sleek appearance and has a charging port at the bottom. However, it would help if you still flipped it over for charging.

5. Is there a black Magic Mouse?

Yes, there is a black Magic Mouse which is rechargeable and wireless. It boasts an optimized foot design that can smoothly glide over your desk. With the help of the multi-touch surface, it helps you make simple gestures like swiping among web pages and scrolling across documents. The built-in rechargeable battery powers a Magic Mouse for about a month or more between charges. It can automatically pair with your Mac and be used straight out of the box.

6. Should I turn off Magic Mouse when not in use?

If you intend to use the Magic Mouse with a laptop, you must turn it off before storing it in a backpack or briefcase. The batteries’ replacement instructions mention that you must first turn them off. Although the power button is in the “ON” position, the mouse will automatically shut off if inactive for several minutes. But if you are packing it in a bag, the motion sensed by the laser will reactivate this mouse. Hence, turning off your Magic Mouse when transporting it is recommended, and leaving the switch in the “ON” position while sitting stationary.

7. How do I check my Magic Mouse battery health? 

The Magic Mouse battery health must be supervised regularly to ensure flawless and safe operation. You must recharge it timely and replace it when needed. Before you leave for a presentation, meeting, or work, you must check its battery life. You can do the following steps. Firstly, from the Apple menu, select “System Preferences.” Now click “Mouse.” A window will appear. You can check the Mouse Battery Level in the bottom left corner. It denotes the percentage of battery life left in the Magic Mouse’s batteries.

8. What is the difference between Apple mouse 1 and 2? 

Apple Mouse 1 doesn’t have moving parts and supports multi-touch gestures. It is more sensitive and accurate. Moreover, it feels comfortable to use. But it lacks side buttons.

Apple Mouse 2 works on a rechargeable battery and features a multi-touch surface. It can automatically pair with Macs through Bluetooth. Both left- and right-handed users can comfortably use it. It also ships with a lightning-to-USB cable. It can’t be used while charging. The shallow design doesn’t fit the curve of your hand.

9. What’s the difference between Magic Mouse 2 and 3?

The key difference between Magic Mouse 2 and 3 is the height of Magic Mouse 3 is such that it helps you use and hold more comfortably for prolonged application. It can be used with Mac and Windows without any changes in the features. On the other hand, Magic Mouse 2 provides gesture features and an appealingly sleek design. However, you require dedicated software to let the features work on Windows.

10. What is the difference between Apple Magic Mouse 1 and 2? 

Apple Magic Mouse 1 is elegantly designed and comfortable to use. It is implemented with the wireless Bluetooth feature. The mouse’s sensitivity is very accurate.

Apple Magic Mouse 2 features a multi-touch surface. It works on a rechargeable battery. It can automatically pair with a MacBook via Bluetooth.

11. How long does the Magic Mouse 2 battery last?

The Magic Mouse 2 contains a lithium-ion battery that lasts 3 to 5 years.

12. When did Magic Mouse 2 come out?

The Magic Mouse 2 was launched on October 13, 2015.

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