How to Take a Screenshot of the Touch Bar on MacBook Pro 2016

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Do you want to screen print of the control strip of new MBP? Get here command to take a screenshot of the Touch bar on MacBook Pro 2016 on macOS sierra

Apple’s brand new MacBook Pro 2016 shipping with an integrated touch bar instead of Functions Keys. The MacBook Pro with Touch bar gives wonder experience than ever before mean you can handle apps directly using Control strip appears on the touch bar for supported apps. Above the physical keyboard the multi-touch Touch bar is located. Do you know how to screen print of Touch bar? I think you don’t know, because of so far you have taken screen print of the MacBook’s entire screen and selected area screenshot. But now, you can take the touch bar screenshot by using new system command. To take a screenshot of the touch bar you need to know the new command.

To wrap up this process successfully, you must have macOS Sierra 10.12.2 or above running MacBook Pro with Touch bar. to check out the latest macOS update, open up App Store (using Spotlight search or Applications folder) and then click on Updates – on the screen you can appear a list of the available update Apps and System software. Also Get: Take a Screenshot on iPhone.


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Command to Screen Print or take a screenshot of the Touch bar on MacBook Pro

How to take a screenshot of the Touch bar on MacBook Pro

To do Screen print Touch bar – Press Shift-Command-6 keys on the physical touchpad.

That’s it.

Where to find the touch bar screenshot? Yes, it’s a fantastic question, anyone else having in mind after taken up the screen shot. You find .Png file on your MacBook pro with Touch bar. you can get the touch bar screenshot image. By default, the screenshot saved as named ‘Screenshot date at time.png’ on the desktop screen.

If you would like to change screenshot save location in Clipboard instead of the desktop then you need to press Control-shift-command-6. Just add control key in the above-given command.

luckily wonder tip when you’re using XCode or other third-party utility tools, simulator and for whatever your purpose. You know to do Customize Touch bar is also useful to add screenshot button on the Touch bar. Therefore you can quickly screen print through the touch bar without command.

Don’t miss this trick to add tool on the control strip to Switch between Apps with Touch bar on MacBook Pro.

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