How to switch App on Macbook Pro using Touch Bar: MacOS Sierra

New Macbook pro improved from Features and Hardware functionalities. In this Touch Bar and Touch ID is new interface for the Mac users. Using Touch Bar we can access third-party or built in software tools on Touch Bar. Some official pre-installed apps are Mail, Safari, Final Cut Pro, Keynote, Photos and Third-Party softwares are Photoshop, Skype. Very useful and essential function for switch apps on screen not present so we have to manage our self. And the solution came out by hazeover (Macbook Pro App for Switch App on Macbook Pro Using Touch Bar).

This technique use less time compare to Command + Tab for switch app within all open apps on Macbook work like charming.

And customize Touch Bar is really time saving, Keep Enable/ Showing only most used tools for app specific on Touch Bar.

Steps for Switch App on Macbook Pro Using Touch Bar on Macbook Pro: Touch Switcher

Switch App on Macbook Pro Using Touch Bar

Touchswitcher is officially not available on app store. You can download it from here.

Next, Click on “Free Download”.

Setup on Mac, Run Setup and Extract TouchSwitcher .dmg file on Application folder

To use this app you need to enable by double tap on screen icon. Now it will be appear on Touch Bar screen.

Single Tap on “Touch Switcher” icon app. All open apps will show in Touch Bar with app icon only.

Select app on that you want to move.

Features: Light weight in process, Quick Download and Install, Compatible with Latest MacOS Sierra.

Disable or Quite TouchSwitcher from Touch Bar

Press and Hold TouchSwitcher icon on Touch Bar, it will be quite and disappeared from Touch Bar.

See the Video Tutorial for use Touch Switcher on Macbook

Now Switch Apps using alternate ways on Macbook available. Future time Touch Bar prove great help for busy mac owner, who wants to manage multiple apps very fast.

Give reviews and Experience for Touch Switcher App for MacOS in Switch App on Macbook Pro Using Touch Bar.


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