How to Track Your Sleep using iPhone without Wearing Apple Watch

There are many folks we have seen those don’t like to wear Apple Watch in sleeping time. So if you want to track sleep using iPhone without wearing Apple Watch. Be ready for this. Also record snoring, measure heart rate, breathing and get Alarm without wearing anything on wrist. You don’t need Apple Watch or fitbit to tracing your full night sleeping cycle, activity and your bedroom atmosphere. Let’s a look insight, we are going to explain how to do this. Just you need beddit 3 sleep tracking monitor system. All remain things leave on us. Here you can get to setup, pair beddit 3 to your iPhone, how to see recorded data on beddit App, answers of beddit 3 smart sleep tracker problems like not paring to iPhone, Bluetooth not working and more.

All about to Track Sleep using iPhone without Wearing Apple Watch

track your Sleep using iPhone without Wearing Apple Watch

Step 1. To use beddit 3 sleep monitor, you need to download Beddit app from the iPhone App store.

Beddit 3 sleep monitor does access your iPhone Bluetooth. Therefore you need to enable Bluetooth first when you get started to pairing beddit 3 sleep monitor connect your iPhone.

Step 2. Next, create account by entering your email ID and long password (you should add more than 8 characters long password) and please note that at secure palace to see again, if you forget. Alternatively, you can reset forgot beddit passcode using your genuine Email address.

Step 3. Now go ahead and tap on Agree terms and conditions, again Confirm Agree on bottom on the message screen.

Step 4. You’ll be asked that Do you want to use beddit cloud?

You should continue using beddit cloud, if you would like to backup encrypted data on beddit servers, sync and to access you sleep analysis graph across devices like on another iPhone, to sync beddit app data with other heath Apps.

If you go with disable beddit cloud, then you can’t get service, plus unable to get future update.

Step 5. Next, follow the onscreen instructions and next to choose your beddit sleep monitor version.

On a single app, you will get different three versions Beddit 1 classic, Beddit 2 smart sleep monitor, and the latest 2016 released Beddit 3 sleep monitor.

Choose your beddit that you have purchased. And go next. I have Beddit 3 sleep monitor, so I do select Beddit 3 sleep monitor, check placement and tap Placement.

Place the sensor with the tiny plastic nubs facing down upon the matters. Position it horizontally at heart level across our side of the bed if you sleep with someone, or across your sleeping area if you sleep alone. Let the Power cable dangle out of bed.

check! Next, tucked in, 

Tuck the bed sheet in over the sensor. it’ll work fine if placed under a mattress pad.

Choose one person or two person (For couple)

Beddit 3 not shipping with built-in memory, so that you need to pair via bluetooth to your Apple iPhone. Record long 8hours data.

Learn Common question and Answer on Beddit App and Sleep tracker

Beddit 3 is very advanced compared to Sleep cycle. In short, you don’t do anything in night like press button, open up App. Just you need to do is only sleep to track full night picture including heart rate, snoring, breathing, and environmental measurements to improve your sleep habit.

Furthermore, beddit 3 offers ambient experience, hence don’t need to remember to open up or set remainder to touch beddit app at evening time. If you’ve beddit 3, stay feel free.

Does beddit comptaibles with all type of bedsheet and masters? almost yes, it does work with all, apart from waterbeds and electrical heated matters.

Apple health app allows to syncing and recording beddit app data. Therefore, Get all data relevant steps counting, running, Sleep time and much more on a single tap.

Beddit app doesn’t work without beddit 3 sleep tracker. You need to pair Bluetooth to order wise record data. Still can’t support on Android, because of optimized only for iOS device.

So guys, hope, you will get instant sleep tracking result on every morning. Do you find any trouble to track Sleep using iPhone without Wearing Apple Watch? Share it in the comment box.