How to take a Low Light Selfie on Your iPhone Camera

One hidden camera setting, yeah, I am explaining how to use it. That is very useful for snap a selfie camera in a dark area or low light. Everyone knows how to use a main rear camera at midnight using different flash settings, Zoom effect, and more. But what to do? Take good quality front camera photos using low light selfies on iPhone.

Without Selfie light cases or External LED Flashlight, we can get the precise result in front selfie camera on iPhone using only iPhone.

These options care all about your photography in a night environment; it looks and feels natural.

Use low light selfie on iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

Steps to enable flash for the low light selfie on iPhone

Step 1: Open camera app on iPhone

Step 2: Change the flip camera view by the tap on the Camera home button.

1 Enable turn on selfie flash light on iphone 7

Step 3: Now check your iPhone is correctly pointing to the front camera.

Tap on the flash icon at the top black strip bar and find the option for enabling the valve “on“opportunity.

Auto” option for selfie camera Flashlight automatically works after detect Surround atmospheric condition.

Take a test to buy a single tab on the camera capture button. You can see the result your screen will flashlight LED flash and capture Brighter and clear selfie photos without editing for using third-party applications.

iOS users also use a selfie stick or selfies flash case to use the iPhone as a selfie camera at midnight or in the low light area.

Golden Tips guide: take a low light selfie on iPhone

Increase Exposure level

Change the Exposure level for the specific object that you want more clearer and sharp in a photo. See the result below,

increase exposure in selfie camera

To increase the object’s exposure, Tap on an object ¬†– ¬†slide your finger up on the screen to make a brighter particular focus.


Turn on HDR; see the fundamental difference in result and how to turn on HD are from iPhone.

Also, keep Enable HDR  from my phone settings: Settings > Photos & Camera > Keep Normal Photo.

Enable HDR for photo iphone 7

Some handy iOS Apps: Repair or Edit dark photo

The photo is also helpful in finishing low-light Photos.

Night Camera free low light  photography –  free

Cortex cam

Nightcap Pro

Average camera Pro

I hope you are enjoying taking a low bright Selfie on iPhone with the latest iOS.

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