Temporarily Turn off Apple Watch Display Using Theater Movie Mode: WatchOS 3.2

The Apple introduced Apple WatchOS 3.2. It is a latest firmware after the current WatchOS 3.1. Company added Siri kit for developers to other Siri uses Applications and in them new theater movie mode also appears. Theater movie mode will help you to Temporarily Turn off Apple Watch Display while you wearing on your wrist and at unusable time. This flagship feature is also makes sleep-tracking activity better than before. At all theater mode is a simple feature over the all functions of the Apple watch. Let’s a look about on this new mode at a glance.

How to Temporarily Turn off Apple Watch Display Using Theater Movie Mode on Your Wrist

How to Temporarily Turn off Apple Watch Display Using Theater Movie Mode on Your Wrist watchOS 3.2

Are you going to watching movie in theater? Let’s enable theater mode on Apple Watch and get ride on immediately light up Apple Watch display.

1. You should have latest Apple WatchOS 3.2

2. Swipe up from the bottom of the Watch face to Control centre.

3. Now tap on Theater mode button so you will get a description of what it does.

That’s it.

Theater mode turns on silent Mode and keeps the Apple Watch display dark until you physically touch as usual you tap the screen, or press the digital Crown or side button.

Keep Remember: This mode is differing than do not disturb mode that introduced in beginning in WatchOS. For example, Theater Mode only prevent waking up mode while you rise your wrist while Do not disturb stops all popping up notifications.

Apple Watch theater Movie or Apple Watch dark Mode is a mostly useful while moving activity around in a theater routine like eating or dirking, household chores including washing dishes, and while you taking with one’s hand.

You might face Apple Watch Wake Screen on Wrist Raise not working after update WatchOS 3.2. Yes, it happens. So turn off theater mode because it prevents Rise to Wake up Apple Watch feature. Please don’t worry. Just disable Theater mode and done your job.

Let’s share your feedback over the new Apple Watch theater mode and how your experience is? Don’t forget to share a number for what model Apple Watch you have? 1. Apple Watch Series 2, 2. Apple Watch Nike plus, 3. Apple Watch Sports; 4. Apple Watch Edition and 5. Other. We will wait to your reply. See you soon. Thanks for reading me.