What is Theater Mode on Apple Watch?: Use Apple watch in Theater mode

Put apple watch in theater mode

Just like other Apple watch modes: Sleep Mode, Water mode and this time in the new update called Apple watch theater mode. This pattern manages all the activity itself when you inside the theater room. Here’s I explained use Apple watch in theater mode. Then Disable/ re-enable theater mode. It’s effortless and quick to manage.

Also, you must know significant changes available in iOS, Right now you can use in iOS. Useful for All Apple Watch Series 4, Apple Watch Series 3, and Apple Watch Series 2.

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This mode manages auto must sound that disturb in the silence movie room, Avoid auto wake up screen on wrist raise. Get each notification to Apple watch with haptic feedback (Vibrate) only. Also, we can adjust haptic alerts intensity on Apple watch settings.

Also useful: Enable/ Disable Haptic feedback on iPhone.

What do the Theatre masks mean on Apple Watch? How to Use on my Apple Watch?

Two alternate ways we can put apple watch in theater mode,

The first method, Tap on the Popcorn shaped icon in the Apple Watch control center. It does give all information on Theater mode with full description.

Activate theater mode on Apple watch from control center

Second Way, Press digital crown button on apple watch. And tap on Popcorn icon.

More Features in WatchOS

Sirikit on apple watch installed the app on Apple watch can handle the request on your voice like Book a ride, Make a payment, Send a message, Know workout report, Make a Call, Find photo like iOS.

Developers are integrating Sirikit services on Apple watch Apps. Be ready to use the functional app more easily and outstanding way just from your wrist.

Any difficulties (theater mode not working) or stuck on you can’t be able to activate or turn Apple watch theater mode just comment me.

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