[New]How to nest folders on iOS 10, iPhone/ iPad: folder in folder

On Time to update iOS, Tricks to organize folder inside folder on iPhone/ iPad home screen not working. Get the new way that work nest folders on iOS 10 home screen. Are you trying old way that used in iOS 9, Sorry my friends now it’s no longer work in next iOS update or iOS 10 Beta. I know you are a techie, you need only point that what you should do actually and what are the changes in past iOS 9 trick.

That I have elaborated with video tutorial As well. So first very well because now it’s more complex compare to be done in iOS 9.

What is nest folders on home screen

Prepare home screen more smart ways, which will easy to use or open apps and webpage shortcuts from the desired place every time. Officially apple doesn’t give this very good option, but iOS users want it and they are doing only this way.

nest folders on iOS 10 on iPhone and iPad folder in folder

Steps for nest folders on iOS 10 running on iPhone, iPad

Prepare Home screen layout

Make only one folder (That’s we can do officially, By drag app icon on to another then repeat with existing folder). Keep one app space at bottom corner.

Create a New folder using two app on the same screen

Choose any of the two app and Create combine folder of its. Move one app in to another app using drag and drop, after that press home button immediately.

Remove one app from Created folder

Came out one app from new created folder. (Press on icon and drag out on home screen back).

Now do folder glitch on iOS device

Now, only single app inside folder right! Move this app near to the bottom edge of the folder. At the time leave app and press home button quickly.

Now, newly created folder disappeared.

Final Steps

Ready to perform two finger quick operations to create nest folders on iOS 10.

Try to place one app and folder at the same time over app. See the video tutorial to understand each points,

You are done!

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