How to Deregister iMessage on iPhone, iPad or Online (Mac, PC)

Let’s know here in deep how to deactivate or turn off iMessage to deregister your phone number from the Apple iPhone. Sometimes iPhone users or non-Apple phone users (Android, Windows) have noted problems with respect to message sending and receiving, it may happen due to no turn off iMessage phone number whenever users have transferred his/her SIM from Apple iPhone to other OS phones. If those users want that avoid this kind of problem permanently, like, can’t send or receive a message on a non-apple phone, then follow the given steps on how to turn off iMessage and link that number with the other mobile OS.

Read beneath given note carefully, and if you have to know idea about how to deactivate iMessage before switching your SIM card to another company phone. Then follow our given below steps and fixed it.

Note: Keep remembering to turn off iMessage and unregister your Phone number before you’re going to transfer your iPhone SIM to a non-apple phone. Otherwise, you’re not able to send or receive a message.

Steps for deactivating/Turning off iMessage to deregister Phone number from Apple iPhone

  • 1. Still having iPhone? If yes, then go to step 2
  • 2. If Already transferred your SIM from iPhone to Non-Apple Phone, then put it back in your iPhone
  • 3. Next, check that first you’re connected with the proper cellular network
  • 4.Tap on the Settings App from the Home screen it looks like a fear icon.
  •  Step 5. Tap on Messages
  •  Step 6. Turn iMessage off

After following the above steps, if your problem is still not fixed, then connect Apple Support to resolve this issue free of charge.

Deregister iMessage Online (Mac, PC…)

If you don’t have an apple device (iPhone, iPad or Mac). Request online for Deactivate or Deregister iMessage service from the apple server using the below verification steps. Use this technique on your Mac or PC Browser or Mobile Browser.

1→ Go to Apple Website and Enter the iMessage Details. First step is to enter your iMessage phone number,

Enter the phone number you want to deregister from iMessage and we’ll send you a confirmation code.

2→ Enter the code from the image and Click on Send code blue button link.


3→ Enter the confirmation code, That you will receive in your Message app (Text Message).


4→ Enter your Verification code, and Successfully, You’ve deregistered your phone number from iMessage. So you are no longer receiving iMessage.

5→ That’s it.

Handy steps to deregister a phone number from iMessage

  1. First, Logging into, support profile and then either changing your Password or remove your cell phone number
  2. Enter Text STOP to 48369
  3. Resetting your carrier (network) address
  4. In last, change your Apple ID Password     

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Via: – [Apple]

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