Files and Folders Transfer Dropbox to iCloud Drive [How to]

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Here is the tip on how to move or Transfer Dropbox to iCloud account files, folders or iCloud to Dropbox easily from Mac and iPhone.

As you know, Dropbox and iCloud both are equal to store or access your files, Folders, and document anywhere and anytime. Unfortunately are you confused about where I upload or kept my data from one of two cloud storage accounts. Moreover, nowadays there are many beautiful and functional online cloud storage service is accessible over your iPhone or any Mac device. But most of my friend always confused on what we have to do for different Dropbox and iCloud account?

we are happy to help you, submit this Form, if your solution is not covered in this article.

we are happy to help you, submit this Form, if your solution is not covered in this article.

Recently iCloud upgraded with iCloud Drive for iPhone running on iOS and Mac. So, finally, apple providing the best cloud storage functionality for file access from any device like iPhone, iPad, and Mac. So, most of the folks are moving on the iCloud drive 100%.

At that time you need to Migrate/ Transfer Dropbox to iCloud Drive by moving all the files, Folder (Media files) and Document (PDF, DOCX, XSLT, or other

Here, is the easiest way for files, folder, and Document Migrate or Transfer Dropbox to the iCloud account from your iPhone or Mac device.

Useful: How to disable or enable iCloud drive in iPhone iOS.

Copy/ Migrate/ Transfer Dropbox to iCloud Drive: Document Files, Folders Using Mac or iPhone

Using Mac, Moving data between Dropbox and iCloud should be comfortable with a big screen. You can easily edit, Copy and paste at another place easily only on Mac. If you don’t have a Mac, then you can also do with iPhone or iPad device is given at last priority.

Using Mac: Transfer Dropbox to iCloud Drive all the data

From Mac, you can also migrate with other iCloud also in the same way from Google Drive, One Drive, and Box.

Step#1. Open a finder window, from the left pane under the favorite section tap on iCloud Drive.

iCloud Drive in Mac OS X under the favorite

Step#2 Open another (Second) finder window, Same like under the favorite, Tap on Dropbox.

Dropbox drive from finder window in favorite

Step#3 In both cases, you will find All the files, folders and document in your iCloud and Dropbox account.

Step#4 Copy files, Folder, and Document (Don’t cut) and past it where you want (iCloud Drive).

Copy process will be shown over the screen, given in below.

Progress of Transfer Dropbox to iCloud Drive data

For iPhone/iPad running on iOS

  • To transfer Dropbox to iCloud drive, you have to proceed with same steps given above for Mac. in case of iOS device you have to open iCloud Drive and Dropbox app manually.
  • Go the from safari and log in with Apple ID and Password. Copy data you want to transfer from Dropbox app and Past in safari browser.

The iCloud drive supports most of the official apps and some favorite third-party apps also. So iCloud has been in the first face. Hope, iCloud drive support all the apps like Dropbox in today time.

Friends hope, you solved your problem using this hint (Data transfer Dropbox to iCloud drive) from your Mac/ PC or iPhone or iPad.

However, any suggestion from us then shares your thought in below comment desk.

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