How to Unhide/ Hide Photos and Videos on iPhone 8 (Plus), iPhone 7 (Plus): iOS 11

Keep your personal and essential photos and video is hidden on your iPhone/ iPad and iPod touch using built-in hide/ Unhide feature. Apple’s this features it not too accessible and aware most of the users because they want password protection on hidden photos. But for instantly disappear and set your privacy on captured photo immediately on iPhone we must try this feature. Learn how to Hide Photos and Videos on iPhone 8 (Plus), iPhone X, iPhone 7 (Plus). Here are the steps on unhide/ hide multiple photos and videos at once in photo app at once.

Also, we have third-party Best apps for hiding pictures and videos under password protection.This other option iOS user must keep always. It’s very trusted security from last many years and millions of users serve in a free or premium subscription.

The New iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus user click tens time more than earlier iPhone models cause it has the power of capture excellent quality photo/ Video in each camera click.

Steps for Unhide/ Hide photos and Videos on iPhone 8 (Plus), iPhone 7 (Plus): iOS 11

Hide Photos and Videos on iPhone 7 from Photo app in iOS 10

Hide Photos and videos on iOS 11 from Photo app

1: Open photo app on iPhone 8 (Plus), iPhone X or iPhone 7 (Plus).

2: Tap on Photos from beneath tab in Photo app. From top right corner of the screen tap on “Select” option. Choose images that you want hide. Yes, we can select multiple images at once by sliding finger on images without lift up. Else individual images we can select by tap on it individually.

Hide picture on Photo app from iPhone 7 Plus or iPhone 7

3: From Bottom tab, Tap on share icon. Next, From Sharing popup choose “Hide” option (See image below). Confirm that.

Confirm Photo hide on iOS 10

That’s it.

Unhide hidden photos from photo app in iPhone: iOS 11

Process For unhide hidden photos in photo app is not complex and clear.

1: Go to the Photo app on iPhone/ iPad. Tap on “Album” from beneath tab.

2: Separate folder for recently hided photos and video saved in to Hidden album is there. Tap on it.

3: From top right corner, Tap on Select > Choose photos or Videos that unhide or See in photo app at glance.

Unhide hidden photo on iOS 10 from iPhone 7 or 7 Plus

4: Tap on share icon, Then Unhide.

Unhide option for photos and Videos from Photo app

Feature of Unhide/ Hide photos and video on Mac photo app is also available. Share your view on any alternatives of Hide Photos and Videos on iPhone with iOS 11.