How to Disable/Enable Siri for third-Party Apps on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Disable/Enable Siri for third-Party Apps in iOS 10: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

In iOS 10, Apple’s intelligent Assistance Siri integration has extended for third party Applications. By the way, now your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch running iOS 10 Non-Apple Applications (for example, like Whatsapp, Square, Skype and much more) can work with Siri.

Recently, there are several third party apps have been updated by the developers. Therefore, whenever you get an update for installed apps, then please update it and hope you would get in Siri support in the new update. By default, App is to be disabled for Siri support. Hence, you will have to enable first to access App data with Siri. Following steps through you can Enable Siri for Third-Party Apps in iOS 10 on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

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Ultimate Guide to Enable Siri for Third-Party Apps on iPhone 7/ 7 Plus

Disable/Enable Siri for third-Party Apps in iOS 10: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

Step #1. Launch Settings app from your iPhone Home screen.

Step #2. Tap on Siri.

Step #3. Now you’ll have to scroll down the screen and Tap on App Support.

Siri App Support screen in iOS 10 iPhone 7 Plus

Step #4. Here you can see all Third party Apps, which is supports with Siri function (default App position is to turn off mode).

Step #5. Now turn App Slider ON appears next to the app.

In the below-given screen, you can see there are four different applications like Cash, Skype, WhatsApp, and Zomato.

activate siri for third-party apps

Please Note: Apps you use with Siri will send information to your contact and other data to Apple to Process your request.

Finally, now activate Siri and send WhatsApp message with Siri to your saved Whatsapp Contact. Ask Siri Command – ‘’Send Whatsapp message to XYZ (a Contact name)’’.

To Turn off/Disable Siri for Third-Party Apps in iOS 10 follow below instructions

Go to Settings App – Tap Siri – Scroll down and Tap on App Support – Now Turn App Slide Off/ white to stop App access with Siri.

That’s it!

In 11 Siri & Search, there are not App Support Settings; instead of it (App Support), Apple brought new Search & Siri Suggestions control for individual Applications.

How does work Search & Siri Suggestions in iOS 11?

It allows information from App (for example- Whatsapp) to appear in Search, Look UP, and Keyboard, Siri may learn from and make suggestions based on how you use this App.

How to disable Search & Siri Suggestions for individual App in iOS 11?

Go to the Settings App from Home screen– Now Find Siri & Search – Next up, scroll down the screen to navigate the particular application, then tap on App – You’ll get a toggle next to the App name – now turn toggle off/white.

Get More – how to Turn off Siri App Suggestions in iOS 11

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