UPDF Review: AI-powered PDF editor to annotate and Converter 

PDF is the most common file that is commonly shared everywhere, whether it’s for professional or personal use. In some cases, editing PDFs can be a complex task for various reasons. Fortunately, there are amazing PDF editors that make editing, annotating, converting, and sharing hassle-free. UPDF is a groundbreaking PDF editor that seamlessly combines annotation and conversion functionalities. As a sophisticated solution, UPDF allows users to annotate PDFs with precision and also converts them effortlessly. 

In this article, you are going to explore the core features and all other important details regarding the UPDF editor. From its advanced annotation toolkit to its efficient conversion capabilities, UPDF redefines PDF management, catering to diverse needs with innovation and ease.

So, here is a detailed review of the UPDF PDF editor!

What is UPDF for Doc?

What is UPDF for Doc

UPDF is the greatest AI-powered PDF editor for annotating, editing, converting, OCRing, protecting, filling, signing, summarising, translating, and explaining PDFs across platforms. In addition, it also allows you to add comments, underline, write, highlight text, and add sticky notes to your PDF, as well as select from 100+ stamps and stickers. You can protect your confidential documents from online modification or intrusion. 

How Does it Work?

UPDF PDF editor functions through advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to provide efficient and accurate document management. It uses cutting-edge OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology to convert scanned files into editable text. Users can manipulate text, images, and elements, while its conversion capabilities allow hassle-free transformation between different formats. 

Its AI-driven features ensure precision and consistency across platforms, making UPDF a powerful tool for enhancing productivity and streamlining PDF-related tasks.

Who uses the UPDF?

Who uses the UPDF

UPDF is successfully used by a diverse user base seeking streamlined PDF management. Professionals such as educators, legal experts, and business professionals use its annotation tools for precise marking and collaboration. This tool has benefited the majority of students from its organization features for efficient study. Its conversion capabilities appeal to those needing format flexibility. 

It helps writers and researchers with content editing and transformation. Its cross-platform availability on Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android ensures accessibility across devices. UPDF caters to individuals and professionals alike, enhancing productivity and simplifying PDF-related tasks for various purposes.

Key Features of UPDF

1. Edit and convert PDF

UPDF PDF editor recognizes and allows you to edit various texts. You have control over the text’s individual characteristics, which means you can change the text’s size, font, color, and more. 

It also allows you to convert PDFs between several file types such as office, picture, text, HTML/XML, PDF/A, and editable OCR.

2. Read and organize PDF

Read and organize PDF

UPDF’s markup capabilities allow you to highlight, strikethrough, and add text boxes, stamps, shapes, stickers, and other elements.

For effective collaboration across teams, You can also reorder, rotate, resize, trim, insert pages, and even alter the backdrop of the PDF. It also allows you to add a watermark to your PDFs and adjust other attributes depending on your needs.

3. Convert PDF to/from Word, Excel, or PPT 

Convert PDF to_from Word, Excel, or PPT

Converting PDF to multiple file formats can be a complex job, but with UPDF, file conversions are a breeze, and you can have your original format as it is after conversion too. Simply drag and drop the PDF file to open and choose the desired file format for conversion from Word, Excel, PPT, CSV, etc.  Select export and location to save the file, and it’s done!

4. Sign PDF

It allows you to add your signature using a keyboard, mouse, or trackpad. UPDF allows you to add up to four signatures. Furthermore, you can personalize them by changing the stroke and color. 

5. PDF Protection

PDF Protection

When you are sharing a PDF with others, you can encrypt it with a password for greater privacy. You can set permission with a password or an open password, according to your choice. 

6. Summarize PDF

If you are reading some lengthy document, then UPDF has a summarize feature to extract crucial information from the entire document to improve your knowledge of the text as a whole. It includes in-depth chart summarization tools that allow it to analyze the data in extraordinary ways.

7. Explain PDF

If you are reading some tough paragraphs with complex words and sentences, It can quickly and easily analyze a PDF and explain a portion or the document as a whole to you in simple words. This includes difficult-to-read language, charts, tables, and complex data.

8. Translate PDF

As an AI-powered PDF editor, you can ask UPDF to rephrase a difficult piece and make you understand and translate worldwide text into English or another language at the stroke of a button, making it faster and more precise! 

9. OCR text recognition

OCR recognition is the best feature of the UPDF that allows to alter PDF files. It allows you to copy text from an image in a PDF file and convert scanned or image-based PDFs into searchable or editable files. UPDF’s OCR can recognize up to 208 languages.

Moreover, It can also be used to compress PDFs, trim PDF pages, summarize PDFs, annotate, create and fill forms, sign and password-protect PDFs, and so on. You can also batch-process multiple PDFs simultaneously.

How to Use UPDF?

  1. You can easily download UPDF from the official website.
  2. When you first launch UPDF, it will open a new tab with choices to open a PDF file, batch combine it, and batch insert it. You may also see all of the files you’ve recently opened. 
  3. Select the options you want to perform, like edit, modify, read, annotate, convert, sign, and many more, according to your requirements.


UPDF offers immediate summarization, translation, and explanation of the selected material. Furthermore, you gain access to a plethora of other powerful PDF editing features, such as text/image/link editing, annotating, converting, OCR, batching, compressing, organizing, signing, and so on.

Accurate and efficient: It ensures unparalleled accuracy and efficiency in handling diverse document types, from invoices and forms to contracts. 

Fast performance: UPDF’s robust features reduce manual data entry, minimize errors, and accelerate document-driven workflows, ultimately boosting productivity across industries. 

User-friendly interface: With its user-friendly interface and adaptable design, UPDF stands as a versatile choice for businesses seeking to optimize document processing through the power of AI.


It has advanced AI capabilities with image extraction, text recognition, data analysis, and much more.Users must require some learning to use the tool effectively.
Perfect for effective editing and modifying PDF filesIt requires internet connectivity to use some features.
It has a wide variety of converting options with different file formats.It may be complex for users who just want a simple PDF editor.
It uses automation for repetitive tasks.There are limited creativity options for advanced users.
It offers high-level encryption and password-protected features. Privacy concerns in rare cases as it is a dependent tool.
UPDF Review

UPDF Plans and Pricing

You can buy UPDF for a year at a price of $29.99, which is billed annually by auto-renewal. It can be used by 4 devices (2 desktops and 2 mobiles). It offers 10 GB of cloud storage. If you wish to get lifetime access, you only need to pay $49.99 and get one premium license, valid for 4 devices. In addition, you can also use its UPDF addon on your browser.


UPDF PDF Editor is the best tool with the power of artificial intelligence and enhanced PDF editing capabilities. Its AI-driven features streamline document processing, enabling accurate text recognition, content editing, and data extraction. It stands as a versatile tool, offering a balance between advanced AI functionalities and practical editing tools, making it a valuable asset for individuals and businesses seeking to optimize their PDF workflows. 

Hope you found the above article useful; if you wish to try the UPDF editor, then you can also download its free version, which is worth trying.  And get UPDF Pro for all features with 63% off.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q-1. What is UPDF software?

UPDF is a portable PDF editor that can be easily used everywhere you go. It allows viewing, annotating, editing, converting, and organizing PDF documents, all within a single application. It works fine with Windows, iOS, Android, and macOS too. 

Q-2. How do I edit a PDF in UPDF?

To edit a PDF using UPDF software:
1. Open the application and simply import the PDF file.
2. Use the provided editing tools to modify text, images, and other content.
3. Once done, save the changes.

Q-3. Is UPDF Converter free?

UPDF Converter offers both free and paid versions. The free version provides basic PDF conversion features, while the paid version offers many advanced functionalities like batch conversion and OCR. Users can choose between options based on their requirements for document management and manipulation.

Q-4. Is UPDF open source?

No, UPDF is not an open-source software. It is a proprietary technology developed by its respective company. Users can access UPDF’s features through its official website offerings, which include both free and paid versions for various levels of document management and editing.

Q-5. What is the best PDF editor AI tool?

Recently, UPDF has been the most popular PDF editor. It offers a plethora of handy features for editing PDF files. A PDF file’s content, images, links, watermarks, and backgrounds can all be customized. However, there are many other latest options to find the most suitable AI-powered PDF editor for your needs. You can explore online for more convenient options.

Q-6. How many devices can you use on UPDF?

UPDF allows 4 devices to be used with a premium subscription. With a single license code, you can use UPDF on four devices: two desktops (1 Windows + 1 Mac, or two Windows or two Macs) and two mobile devices (1 iOS +1 Android, or two iOS, or two Android).

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