How to Use Room on Clubhouse Social App: Drop-in Audio App

Imagine that you may have an app on your phone that lets you listen to live conversations with other people in the room on Clubhouse Social App. But not in a direct fashion that is different. And you may be given a chance to join the discussion. Think of it as a social network with audio-chat. Rather than just text posts, Clubhouse is a social media app where users exchange audio clips. The organization defines itself as a “new project based on the voice.” It is suitable for interacting with people in a new style, such as telling stories, talking, developing ideas, etc., in the voice form.

Paul Davison and Rohan Seth founded this app. CNBC announced that by May 2020, the organization was around $100 million valued. In this app, you can choose among the multiple virtual rooms to join when people open the app. When a user enters a room, the discussion audio automatically switches on. A room’s creator determines who will speak, and interested users can tell the creator if they want to join the debate.

How Many People Can Join Room in Clubhouse App?

Clubhouse room limit is 5000 Members. Only 5000 people Can join the room at a time. if you are excited to join the room then you have to wait for anyone to leave the room and join the vacancy. Otherwise, you can go with live streaming that’s available on YouTube, Facebook, and any other live streaming platform.

What “Roles” in The Room Would a Person Have?

The Clubhouse is different than other apps that are available in the market. There are various roles for a person in this app, such as a speaker, a moderator, and a listener.

●     Moderators- You are the moderator when you start a clubhouse room. A speaker has a certain right to add, silence, and delete other speakers. By tapping on any user’s picture in the room, you can access these tools. Modulators guide the conversation and control the content and style of the conversation firmly. The best moderators strive to carefully organize the speaker community, handle the discussion actively, and consider the perspective of the audience.

●     Speakers- The people in a room who can interact are speakers. Speaker is the first person who has entered the room, and he or she begins the space as a speaker by default. By tapping on your photo, move off the stage. Good speakers prefer to share the stage, understand when to mute, and are not shy when they want to bow out.

●     Listeners- You enter into the group on mute when you press to join an established conversation. It means that you’re a listener! You should relax and enjoy the discussion as a listener in Clubhouse.

How Can I Start a Room at Clubhouse?

  1. On the home screen, press the broad green button.
  2. Choose the room style you want to start.
  3. Add a Topic optionally to give people a head upon what you’d like to debate.Start Room on Clubhouse app with Different Permission

Club or one-on-one rooms can also be started from the sidebar, which you can reach by pressing the Online button or swiping on the home screen right-to-left.


● You can see friends who are online at the bottom of the sidebar.

● You can see groups at the top of the sidebar you are a part of and have online users.

 You can also invite another user from inside a room to start a new space together.

● Tap someone in the room who follows you and choose to start a new space together.

Now, Share room that you joined with your Friends or Follower make more interesting the discussion. Without left the room directly share Room link to your Friends to join where you are listener.

How to invite Friends to Room on Clubhouse app

in Room, Tap on the Plus [+] icon at bottom of the screen, and See the search Field to find your Followers or send the invitation link via message on other social apps. and Invite easily.

How to Join Room as Speaker on Clubhouse App

Assume that Room Creator or Moderator enabled Had Raise option to turn on while creating a Room. here’s the tutorial on how to Turn on and Turn off Raise hand in Room on Clubhouse.

Wherever a new user joins a room like this room. The first time he/she is listener only. They don’t have an option to say something or be a speaker. If the listener raises their hand In a room, Moderator will allow to personally and Listener will get requests to be a speaker of the room.

Then, Listener use microphone to mute & unmute on clubhouse room to share in room. Yes, Listener is now become a speaker.

How to Search people in Room on Clubhouse App

in the latest, updated CH app, you can find someone in your joined room. Let’s see, how to find someone in a room which is full by maximum CH users.

  • Step #1. Open Clubhouse App
  • Step #2. Join A Clubhouse Room
  • Step #3. on Clubhouse Room, Click on the three dots iconSearch People in a Room on Clubhouse app
  • Tap Search Room
  • Step #4. Now Enter the user’s name into the search bar using your phone keyboard.
  • Step #5. if the user is available, you get a result; otherwise, you will get a No One Found message.Find People in Room and Follow or See Full Profile without leave the room

So this was all about how to search People in the Clubhouse Room.

How to Report People in Clubhouse Room

as a listener if your feel uncomfortable or Spamy in Room. and are you interested in report someone silently. so, here the steps to report company for particular reason,

  1. Open Clubhouse Room from that you want to block or report a particular profile.
  2. Tap on Profile and You will see a name and a short bio,
  3. Then, Tap on the Vertical Three dot icon. Report People in Room on Clubhouse app
  4. That’s it. Tap on Report an Incident.
  5. Block user on Clubhouse room

How Moderator Can Close Room on Clubhouse App?

End your room after Start by yourself. Only Room Creator on Clubhouse can only close the room. Open the Room if you minimized on the Clubhouse app, and Click on Three dots (…) from the top right corner of the Room panel and Select Close Room Option.

End Room on Clubhouse app

That’s it.

The Rooms May I Enter?

Any room you see on your home screen is open to join you. At the top right, you can see rooms that have a gray lock icon, which means that the room is closed to the public. However, you are allowed to enter. 

How Do I Find Live Rooms on Feed?

You’ll see them in the feed if there are rooms live, with titles, names of speakers, characters of listeners you follow, and the number of participants. And then, you can join by pressing the icon Tap here.

What are the Various Types of Rooms in the Clubhouse?

There are several rooms available in the Clubhouse. The main ones are here:

●     Open Rooms- Anyone can enter these rooms. Open or Public rooms are standard for hosting public talks, shows, or meeting lots of new people, and this is the default setting for all clubhouse rooms.

●     Social Rooms- In Social mode, only those people allowed in the room who are you followed. It’s good to have a crowd, but you would also choose to have more private conversations with only the people you know and trust. You can invite other people as moderators. If you want to open the room up to even more users, and the users they follow will be able to enter as well. It’s sort of like a party in the real-world.

●     Closed rooms- This is also called a private room. With Closed rooms, you can only enter individuals you directly add to the room. We assume that when you want to have more intimate discussions or speak to a smaller community but have not yet built up the club for it, closed rooms would be beneficial. You have an option to invite more people when you start a closed room or open it up to a social or open room, so it’s also a nice way to start a conversation.

●     Welcome Room- These are built for new users. If anyone enters the Clubhouse in your social circle, you can receive a notification to join a welcoming room. This is a private room where you and the new user’s two-three other friends can guide them to Clubhouse. Also, you can open the room to the public. If you see welcome rooms in your feed, feel free to move in and say hello.

More Tips: Clubhouse Invites Tips and Tricks.

Bottom Lines!

Hope you are enjoying the Clubhouse app. and Listening your Favourite Topic from the Expert and Here’s the Great change to Share your Art in any fields by simply creating open room, Private room or Group Room of people that you follow.

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