Turn On/TurnOff Hand Raised on Clubhouse Room as a Moderator and Room Creator in 2023

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Before we start, we should go over the nuts and bolts of how to have a room. To begin a room, you can tap the base green catch when you’re on your feed. While making these rooms make a point to tap “add a Topic/subject” and specialty down on the thing you will cover in the room.

You can then plan a room by going to your events feed (the schedule at the top bar) and afterward tapping the upper right corner to prepare. That way, you’re planning a future event, which ought to tell your devotees also when you’ve begun it and when it’s going to occur.

You’ve begun the room. Now, what after that?

At the point when you’re in rooms, you’ll see there is a “stage” where individuals are permitted to talk, and there’s likewise a group of people level where individuals can tune in.

The stage has moderators (with the green indicator) just as speakers (yet not mods). In front of an audience, you can quiet and unmute yourself when talking.

As a mediator, you will have the capacity to:

Welcome Individuals In front of an audience: Individuals will begin lifting their hands, and you’ll get warnings at the top when it occurs. Endorse them or excuse them to permit individuals in front of an audience. Likewise, you can favor forthcoming solicitations from the catch with the hand + paper as demonstrated in the beneath picture.

Create a Room with Hand Raise Turn off By Default in Room on Clubhouse
Create a Room with Hand Raise Turn off By Default in Room on Clubhouse

Drop Individuals DOWN TO Crowd LEVEL – You can likewise tap speakers and drop them down to crowd level. So they will not have the option to talk in the room.

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Hand Raise Settings for Moderator or Room Creator on Clubhouse App phone
Hand Raise Settings for Moderator or Room Creator on Clubhouse App phone

Select OFF Option, and Later on, No one can use Hand Raise Feature on Clubhouse Room, while someone joins as a listener [See Third Screen in below image,].

Turn off Hand Raise In Room on Clubhouse
Turn off Hand Raise In Room on Clubhouse

Raised Hand is Hidden or Greyed Out Means: Turn off Feature by Moderator or Room Creator on Mac.

Can i hide Hand Raised on Room?: No, Moderator can only make disabled but not hide completely.

Important: How to Become Listener as Speaker in Clubhouse Room?

Now, the New listener will raise a hand and share thoughts in the room after accepting a request from the moderator or room creator. also, there is a chance to become a moderator if the first moderator wishes to assign a role. that’s the most common and easy method to be a listener as a speaker in the Clubhouse room.

As Moderator, you can change Hand color, By tap and hold on the Hand icon inside the room and Change the color of your skin.

How to Stop/Mute Someone in Room as a Moderator?

Quiet Clients: If individuals are wrong or if they neglect to quiet their mics, you can tap their profile pictures and press the receiver button on them to quiet.

The crowd level will be isolated by individuals followed by speakers just as others in the room. When in crowd level, you can raise your hand to talk by tapping the hand on the base right (however, now and then, mods may turn off hand-raising). On the off chance that the mod acknowledges you, you’ll have the option to enter the stage and talk.

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Everybody in the room can welcome others to join. Press the + catch to ping individuals to join the room (it will spring up as a warning for individuals).

At the point when you’re prepared to say something, you can tap on the little hand at the base right corner to raise your hand.

However, moderators can turn on/off the capacity of crowd individuals to raise their hands.

Did you know the world record for the longest room steak is 12 days?

Mediators and hosts are making a decent attempt to beat that record, making it a good time for entrepreneurs to keep individuals occupied with their rooms.

 Utilize a room subject (title) that attracts audience members; however, it isn’t too specialty—there several different ways to name your room. Utilize a more extensive point to attract more audience members and motivate a more liquid and evolving discussion. Or on the other hand, you can utilize a more explicit theme to support a more modest stay with more significant commitment and a more personal feel. I suggest attempting both Try not to go insane with the emojis, utilize a couple to add some visible lines and fun however, not very many – it looks malicious and large numbers of the genuine specialists (and individuals you likely need to associate with) will evade your rooms.

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