What iCloud Backs up on iPhone, Mac: A Complete guide

What iCloud Backs up on iOS or OS X

Everyone knows about power of iCloud backup and Features, Next how to use or Access it on Web or Apple Devices. But most of the people always curious about What iCloud Backs up in reality or Which types of data saved on iCloud 5GB free space on each new signup. Don’t mind iCloud save your all important data from all devices under single protection. But you have an option for which data you don’t want save in to there. That’s you can manage from your iOS settings or Mac’s system preference.

Apart from 5GB limitation, you can upgrade iCloud Storage with no any limitations. On Monthly plan you can enjoy huge online storage across multiple devices.What iCloud Backs up on iOS or OS X

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Explained: What iCloud Backs up from iPhone/ iPad/ iPod and Mac

From your Device iCloud start backup in background, when your device connected with Wi-Fi, Plugged in for Battery charge, Locked. Also you can see the date for backup taken.

iCloud save purchase history of Music, TV Shows, Movies, Books and Apps downloaded from iTunes Store, App store and iBooks store.

Photos and Videos: iCloud Photo library for iOS 8.1 or later device and Mac OS X 10.10.3 or later.

Devices Settings: Restrictions set for app individually, Touch ID and Passcode setup, Carrier settings, Notes, Saved Cards and Passport in Wallet.

App Data: Preinstall official apps (Health app, Weather app, Numbers, Pages, Podcasts, iMovie, Keynote, Clock, Reminders, Stocks) data and Same for Mac.

Home screen Layout

Message App: All iMessage text (SMS), MMS messages

Ringtones: Saved ringtones added by you using iTunes.

Voice Mail Password

iPhone controlled Homekit configuration: Setup and settings

Also Now apple Watch app data: All the basic setting automatically back up in your iPhone. Then it goes to iCloud in back up.

iCloud only take backup all data that’s only stored on device locally. Already stored data (Contacts, Mail, messages, Notes, Bookmarks, and Calendars) not include in backup. Sit back enjoy iCloud auto sync, result no data lose. Guide on What iCloud Backs up may be change in future from apple.

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