Who has the most followers on Clubhouse in 2023?

🗓️ January 4, 2022 By ✍️ Jaysukh patel

Are you looking for users who has the most follower on Clubhouse audio chat app? Let’s see. The clubhouse is a unique social media app, has gained indefinite popularity in recent months. Unlike any other social media apps, Clubhouse talks about what could bring changes in your life or teaches life lessons, along with many other activities. There are plenty of influencers sharing their thoughts, evaluating marketing techniques, rewinding their lifeline, how they were and how they are now, and much more. The clubhouse was launched back in April 2020, the invite-only Audio app. Within one year, Clubhouse has already attracted millions of people worldwide to join Clubhouse rooms and, if they get a chance, then put their say in front of listeners.

Apart from ordinary people, nowadays Celebrities are participating in different Clubhouse Rooms, speaking about their best moments, additional activities, their lifeline, daily routine life, exciting tips, and many more things that are catching more and more followers towards Clubhouse. However, when there are advantages, there’s also a presence of disadvantages, so if you’re actively participating in different rooms, make sure to stay away from negativity because there are people who spread negativity.

After seeing your friends and colleagues participate in different rooms, you might be curious about knowing which clubhouse rooms have the highest followers right now? It’s hard to believe, but the top Clubhouse room has over 4.5 million followers; I’ll be listing the followers with the names; here are they:

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List Of Clubhouse Users Who Has most followers on Clubhouse Profile

  • Rohan Seth: 4.5million
  • Paul Davison: 4million
  • Tiffany Haddish: 3.9million
  • Marc Andressen: 3.6million
  • Jared Leto: 3.5million
  • Van Jones: 3.3million
  • Ben Horowitz: 3.2million
  • Andrew Chen: 3.1million
  • Fadia: 2.8million
  • Harry Stebbings: 2.6million
  • Katie Stanton: 2.6million
  • Erik Torenberg: 2.6million
  • Sam Altman: 2.5million

Wondering how to join the Clubhouse App? Well, it’s not easy as downloading the app and signing up with a mobile number or Email ID; you would need to have an invitation link from your friend or colleague or from anyone who is an existing Clubhouse user.

Without an invite link, you cannot join the Clubhouse App; that’s what makes Clubhouse unique from other social apps.

Jaysukh Patel
Jaysukh Patel

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