Why iPhones Don’t Have Removable Batteries? Here’s An Answer

Why phones no longer have removable batteries? Get here disadvantages of non removable battery in smartphones.

Apple started the shift towards non-removable batteries in phones with iPhones. However, not every customer is happy with this decision and every time Apple releases a new iPhone, users wail and weep about the non-removable batteries. Many users have even claimed that they will never buy an iPhone again because of the non-removable batteries. 

Apple has decided on non-removable batteries because they think they are good enough to ignore users’ negative comments. Unfortunately, this encouraged other phone makers to follow the trend and ignore their users’ hue and cry over non-removable batteries because they could see sense in it

Reasons why iPhones don’t sport removable batteries

Permanent batteries are a tricky concept as they aren’t permanent. The reality is that the batteries are sealed in and aren’t easy to remove. If you do it incorrectly and any damage is caused, it won’t get covered in your warranty. 

Here are the main reasons why Apple have opted for non-removable batteries


Battery Life

A non-removable battery has longer life as compared to the removable one. The latest iPhones last longer once charged as they sport lithium-polymer and lithium-ion batteries. A battery that lasts even for 20-25 mins more is a big deal for mobile phones. Apple has managed to eliminate battery wastage to a great extent by encasing non-removable batteries in their iPhones.

Less Bulky Devices

When your phone has a removable battery, there is a firewall designed between the battery and all the other components of the phone. It is also important to have a removable door to take out the battery, making the phone bulkier and heavier. 

Sleeker Look

If not, it’s all about aesthetics, and it is still partially about aesthetics. Apple gives special attention to the look and feel of their devices because of which they want the iPhones to look cool and sleek. The overall look of the iPhones has improved since Apple decided to close everything inside. 

Very Few Cares

Every time tech giant Apple comes out with a new iPhone, a section of people will make some noise about its shortcomings, but very few care about it. It is mainly because iPhone user never keeps their phone around for so long that they need to change the batteries. In worst-case scenarios, they charge their phone or switch to the latest model for most of the day. So it’s not worth Apple’s money and time to cater to a minority who wants removable batteries on their iPhones. 

Proprietary Designs

If batteries are easily removable and replaceable, the knock-off brand products will flood the market. Unfortunately, this hurts Apple’s reputation because these cheap duplicate batteries often catch fire or damage the whole phone internally, making people think less of the iPhones. So to keep their phones exclusive and superior, Apple has decided to go with non-removable batteries. 

Protection from damages

iPhones are expensive because consumers also expect the devices to last longer. They want a robust phone which can handle regular wear and tear. To cater the customers’ needs of their customers, Apple decided to seal the out case with more durable material, which in turn made it important to go with non-removable batteries. 


Once an individual owns an iPhone, it is almost impossible to go back to another phone. Apple is well aware of this fact, so it doesn’t care what the users say or want. And the customers who want to buy an iPhone will buy an iPhone regardless of what others have to say.

Keeping all these factors in mind, Apple decided to go with the non-removal batteries in their iPhones

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