7 Fixes Wi-Fi Calling Not Working iPhone, Apple Watch

You might know in deep that how activate Wi-Fi calling on iPhone and other devices like Apple Watch, Mac, iPad, and iPod. The stunning feature gives facility to make and receive a call over Wi-Fi network. But after update iOS I facing Wi-Fi calling not working iPhone 7 Plus (iOS 10.3.1) and on same day Wi-Fi calling can’t work on my Apple Watch Edition (WatchOS 2). To get rid of Wi-Fi calling won’t work I tried following basic troubleshot and resolved.

Having Wi-Fi calling problem or unable to use or turn on Wi-Fi calling? You should try my tested workarounds. Hope these would work in your case. Hey guys, go slowly mean you need to wait up to 2 minutes before going to the next clue after applying the first one.

Note: FaceTime not available in all countries and regions.

7 Standard Fixes Wi-Fi Calling Not Working iPhone

7 Fixes Wi-Fi Calling Not Working iPhone Apple Watch

Fix #1. Does Wi-Fi calling is enable on your iPhone?

You should confirm that the Wi-Fi Calling is turned on. To do that, Go to Settings App Phone  Wi-Fi Calling → Check out Wi-Fi Calling on this iPhone enabled/Green.

Fix #2. Hard Reboot your iPhone

Fix #3. Switch on other Wi-Fi networks

Generally, All Wi-Fi network not works with Wi-Fi calling. Therefore you should connect your iPhone to a different Wi-Fi network.

Fix #4. Turn off/ turn ON Wi-Fi calling

Now try to disable Wi-Fi calling and enable that back. Next, open Phone address book and try to make a call on Wi-Fi.

Fix #5. Reset your iPhone network Settings

Launch Settings App → General → Scroll down the screen and tap on Reset → tap Reset network Settings → to do confirm tap Reset Settings.

Fix #6. Restart your Router or Time Capsule

You need to restart your router and again turn on. It could work lots of time.

Fix #7: Try backup and Restore your iPhone

If none of the above tips works, then backup and restore the device using iTunes. because the update may have been corrupted. hope this would be resolved Wi-Fi calling Stopped working.

Wi-Fi Calling Not working on Apple Watch

Verify Apple Watch has enabled Wi-Fi calling

Lunch Apple Watch App On iPhonetap My Watch – tap Phone – Now turn Wi-Fi calls On.

Restart your Apple iWatch  

→Unpair and Pair again Apple Watch

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