6 Tricks to Make Your iPhone Faster (iOS 17.0.1): We Must Know Any Model

Last Updated on Oct 2, 2021

You may have noticed a downgrade in the performance of your iPhone as days pass by, especially if your device is older than 2 years.  It’s not just your mere imagination. iPhones tend to get slower with time, and no one likes that.

Chances are that you have tried doing a factory reset to help your phone return to its old pace. And while it works for a short period of time, the phone returns to lag after a while.

Factory reset and upgrading your IOS software helps, but to some extent. When you start filling up your device again, the lags begin to show up and you find yourself at the beginning of the cycle once more time.

So if you are wondering what else you can do for a fast responding and quick performance device, Stay tuned to the article and apply the below-mentioned tricks to make your iPhone faster:

6 Tricks to Make Your iPhone Faster and Quick Responding

1 Make iPhone faster

Way 1: Clear out the mess:

Is your phone’s storage mostly occupied with trash and unwanted files? This is one of the main culprits behind its slow performance. You need to free your phone from this trash in order to regain its speed.

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Cleaning out the mess and removing unwanted files and apps is the first step you should take if you want your phone to run smoother. It results in more available internal storage and RAM, which helps your device run faster and become more responsive.

Way 2: Disable the background app refresh functionality:

Yes, we completely agree that there are some applications that need background app refresh for sure, but not all of them.

Some imperative applications like the email app need the background refresh to be enabled, but you can turn it off for the rest of the apps which are affecting your phone’s performance and churning out the battery life for no reason!

If you don’t know how to turn this off, follow this:

Tap settings icon> go to General> click on background app refresh. You will get a thorough list of the apps. Toggle this functionality off for the unused apps.

Way 3: Clearing Cache:

If you find out that your phone is still low on storage space even after you took the time to clean out the unnecessary files and apps, then you can try cleaning the cache memory from your device.

Cleaning the cache helps you in getting more storage and helps your phone’s speed. You can go to Safari and clear out the cache memory. This trick also works with iBooks, iTunes, and other browsers and Internet-based apps installed on your phone.

Way 4: Update the apps:

Still, using an older version of apps with newer updates available? Please check your Phone app’s version to keep it up to date.

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Using these apps is also responsible for less performance as older applications contain several bugs and may not be compatible with the newer version of the software on your device.

The developers try to fix these bugs from time to time and updating your apps to the latest available version will definitely help since it’s made with the newer firmware in mind.

And if you are facing issues of slow speed with a particular app then it’s possible that some bug within it is responsible for the lag. Updating it should solve your problem and provide you with a better experience.

For updating the apps, simply go to the AppStore and check out the update section. Update the complete list or chose the app which is causing the problem and relaxes.

Way 5: Turn off motion effects:

iPhones are loaded with tons of motion features and functionalities that are quite handy to use. But at the same time, they can be impacting the performance credibility of your device.

Devices that are quite old especially tend to lag because of the motion effects in play. Their vintage hardware is only capable of handling a certain amount. So Software upgrades that are built with new and improved hardware in mind, sometimes end up being the killer of older devices.

While you can not completely recover from this, turning off motion effects can help your device to use its resources more efficiently and increase the performance of your iPhone.

To turn down the motion functionality,

  1. Go to Settings
  2. General
  3. Accessibility
  4. Motion
  5. Reduce Motion
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Turn off Auto-Play Video Previews, Auto-Play Message Effects, and Reduce Motion toggle off.

Way 6: Turn off Location services:

Always have your location services on when not in need? This is the reason your phone is getting slower.

Location services not only chew the battery but are also known to consume a lot of RAM as these are connected with hefty applications. When there’s no need, turn them off or choose the ‘while using the app’ feature for all applications of this type.

Steps to disable location services on your Phone

  1. Head to Settings
  2. Scroll the screen tap Privacy
  3. Tap Location Services
  4. Turn Location Services toggle Off/white.

That’s it.

Wrap up:

Always try to keep your phone’s software version up-to-date and try to refrain from downloading unnecessary apps.

Following these tips will help in amplifying the performance of your iPhone and keep it lighting fast as ever.

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