How to Turn Off VPN on iPhone 14

How to Turn Off VPN on iPhone

VPN is Virtual Private Network: There are numbers of Best VPNs are available for iOS and macOS. VPN offers to protect security & privacy and allows removing geographic restrictions. So this way VPN does work. In the case of a previously installed VPN on your device, and you don’t want to use it, then you can delete it!

After uninstalling it turns off permanently. Inherently, Delete VPN Profile on iOS is the same process as we do delete iOS Beta Profile. So let see how to delete VPN Profile on iPhone.

How to permanently turn off VPN on iPhone

To permanently turn off VPN on your iPhone, there isn’t any specific way to permanently disable VPN. but to do that you must have to delete Vpn configuration profile. Let’s follow the steps given below.

Steps to Delete VPN on iPhone running latest iOS and earlier

  • Step #1. Head to Settings App.
  • Step #2. Tap General
  • Step #3. Tap VPN & Device Management
  • Step #4. Choose a VPn if your have installed more than one VPN Configuration Added.
  • Step #5. Tap on (i) next to VPN name to Delete VPn Profile to do that follow on-Screen instructions.Remove VPN or Delete VPN Profile on iPhone
  • After this, to confirm that you would like to Delete VPN profile by tapping Delete again.

Finally, you have now uninstalled/ permanently turn off the VPN on your iOS device.

In case you have any problems or you can’t delete the VPN profile then please contact us by email- admin@howtoisolve dot com. Or Comment below. We will get back to you as quick as fast and try to help. Thanks.

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