Show/Add Attachment icon to Mail Message on Mac in OS Monterey

Here’s the tutorial on a fix or Get Mail attachment Show in email with paper clip icon in your Mail inbox on your Mail mac app. Filter email with Attachment easily with None attachment mail to easily find the document. Use it for filter or re-order email in a mailbox with Attachment.

Customization top mail app toolbar no longer available with attachment icon, in macOS Monterey update. so you have to add it to Inbox as a collum.

Steps for How do show an attachment icon in Apple Mail on Mac

  1. Open the mail app on Mac.
  2. Right-click on mail Column > Select Attachment.add-attachment-column-on-mac-mail-app
  3. the extra column for Attachment will be added to the list of columns. and Click on it to quickly filter mail with attachments.see-email-with-attachment-on-mac-mail-app
  4. That’s it. Move or Change Attachment volume by selecting and dragging in your order where you keep.rearrange-attachment-column-on-mac-mail-app
  5. that’s an easy way to add, Use and filter for attachment.

How do I add attachments to the mail app?

Adding an attachment to your iPhone/iPad mail app is quite tricky, here’s an article to send attachments from the iPhone mail app, if you are looking for a way to send an attachment on the Mac mail app then follow the below easy steps.

  1. Open the mail app on Mac. Compose new mail or Reply to existing mail. Before sending mail, Attach documents or files to mail using the Attachment pin shown on the Top mail toolbar.compose-a-new-attachment-on-mac-mail-app
  2. Find & Upload to the Apple server and send your mail.
  3. That’s it.
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