22 Best Travel Accessories for iPhone in 2023 that Must-Have

Last Updated on Sep 19, 2023

In this blog post, I’ll share with you Must-Have Travel Accessories for Apple iPhone, along with Essential Travel apps.

Are you a travel bug who constantly faces load issues or finds it difficult to have things in place? Forget your worries; we are here to save your frowns and ease your experiences to an extent like never before. In this article below, we have listed all of the essentials you will require in your journey. 

We suggest you must not think twice or more and pick your necessary products at the earliest. Read the article below and make multiple choices without sparing any more time. Go ahead! 

The Best Travel Accessories for Any iPhone that make travel easier

1. Insta360 One Degree Waterproof Action Camera

Pocket-Friendly Camera for All Types of Travelers


Shoot with utmost ease, comfort, and perfection with this all-around action camera, an ideal gadget if you plan on shooting in every direction. This pocket camera has a super 5.7K 360-degree camera lens, with suitable alignment in the angle you aim to see. This pocket camera also serves great wide-angle footage. 

This action camera comes with superior stabilization and leveling algorithms needed to get the perfect shot without the requirement of the external gimbal. With this InstaOne360-degree camera, you can get drone-like shots with enhanced quality. It is also waterproof, making this product an ideal purchase as you can take it underwater for about 33 feet. So, if you plan on buying this one, consider an Amazon purchase and invest in a travel-friendly gadget at the earliest!

  • 360 Angle
  • Wide-Angle
  • Waterproof Upto 10 meters [33ft]
  • Shoot with Invisible Connected Selfie stick
  • Bright Touch-Screen
  • 4 Built-in Mic
  • Timeshift
  • Easy to Pair, View & Transfer Media files to iPhone, iPad & Android, Mac/PC

2. Apple World Travel Adapter Kit

10W, 12W, 30 and 35W USB Power Adapters – Compatible with All Apple Device

Apple World Travel Adapter Kit
Apple World Travel Adapter Kit

Pack of 7 AC plugs, This Apple World Travel Adapter Kit supports USB-C Power Adapters, MagSafe, and MagSafe 2 Power Adapters in 10W, 12W, 30, and 35W USB Power Adapters. Supported Countries outlets, North America, Japan, China, United Kingdom, Continental Europe, Korea, Australia, Hong Kong, and Brazil. Keep Up Charge on your iPhone, iPad, Mac, and MacBook.

We recommend buying this Adapter kit and improving your travel efficiency today. Order it from Amazon at the best-offered rates and discounts without delay anymore.

3. Movo iVlogger Video Kit

Perfect for all Kinds of Videography, & Photography in any environment.


Suppose you have decided to pursue your passion for vlogging and are looking for an affordable yet valuable video kit for your iPhone. In that case, the Movo iVlogger Video Kit is the product that you are looking for. This video kit has all the necessary equipment for vlogging, like the adjustable tabletop tripod, ultra-bright LED 30 light, Shotgun microphones for recording vlogs, podcasts, videos, and other related content. 

The Movo vlogger video kit is very easy to install, and the shotgun microphone captures crisp, clear, and directional audio that adds a professional touch to your videos. You can blindly rely on the durability of this video kit as it is backed by the company’s 1-year warranty in case of any inconvenience. You can carry this kit’s equipment in the included case, thus allowing you to take this video kit with you anywhere and everywhere you want.

So, by ordering this amazing video kit from Amazon, let your dreams fly high and follow your passion for vlogging, streaming, etc., today.

4. Shure MV88 Portable Microphone

Overall Best iOS Mic Set


Suppose you are an enthusiastic speaker or a singer. In that case, this Shure microphone is a must-have accessory for you that is easily accessible and can be connected to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod via its lightning connection in a single go. An Apple device certified and compatible with all of the devices is a perfect match for your passion.

Besides being an ideal purchase, this microphone is pocket-friendly and can perfectly record audio. It also is a perfect replacement for heavy sound equipment, so we feel this mic is something you must not refrain from buying. A fully adjustable and flexible mic that can be easily tilted, flipped, and carried around can be moved up to 90 degrees to gain better stereo clarity. 

Another noteworthy feature of this handy mic is that it includes a zero-wind noise performance, and a windscreen comes attached to the microphone, which can be removed if needed. The assured quality of this microphone is built to last long, so you need not worry about the life of the handy microphone. It comes with a protective zip case that is best while traveling to avoid exterior and interior damage. 

So, speakers, and singers, what are you waiting for? Get on unhindered and easy traveling with this accessible microphone and take it anywhere. An Amazon purchase will enable you to save money and benefit from the product delivered right to your desired location, so get on with buying immediately.

5. Apogee Mic Plus

Incredible Microphone for Recording Concerts


A USB microphone is something you must not forget checking out, as this professional microphone capsule will act as a savior for your singing and speaking passion or profession. It contains a purely digital connection for a pristine sound output of 24-bit and 96kHz. This pre-amp mic which is digitally controlled for greater precision, is a must-have travel accessory compatible with Apple devices. 

Another pro of this microphone is its powerful headphone output with a blend feature for better and more precise recording. So, get on with your music and plug in the microphone with your device without any complex installations. Buying this microphone from Amazon will earn you better discounts, so we recommend you check out the product there today! 

6. Belkin Wall Mount Surge Protector

Portable Travel Charging Station offers Secure Safety Surge Protection


If you are looking for an all-in-one high-speed charger protector, then we must say you can end your search here with this extremely feasible Belkin travel adapter. This power strip with high-speed USB ports will charge everything on your desk with a single connection. With this travel adapter, you will get three surge-protected AC outlets and two fast-charging USB ports. So, get hold of this single charging station and work on a clutter-free desk. These extra outlets, which come with a portable charging station, are a valuable buy as the durability and safety of this travel adapter will ensure a damage-free environment. We recommend this product because of its added benefits that hold in the compactness and security of this device. 

This is an assured and secured purchase, a reliable buy that will have you forgetting your worries about adding multiple chargers in different places. If you find yourself interested in buying this travel adapter from Belkin, we would suggest you check this out on Amazon, as this largest e-commerce platform will offer you the best prices and discounts along with quick, speedy delivery. So, grab it now!

7. Cocoon Accessory Organizer 

The best backpack organizer & Perfect for managing loose tech clutter


Are you one of such travel enthusiasts who rarely get any time to stop by and pack their essentials? If yes, then we have you covered. A travel organizer will provide you with the utmost ease and accessibility as you will have all of your necessities packed together in one place. This very well-accessory organizer will ensure you do not miss carrying out anything important in your travel journey. This accessory bag can store your gadgets, chargers, headphones, makeup products, and necessary tools like screwdrivers, hammers, etc. The bag has been specifically designed to carry all your essential items in one place and act as a convenient zipper. 

Must-Have Filmmaking Accessories for iPhone users

So, wait no longer to get this amazing accessory holder and use this bag efficiently to put all your things in place together. Check it out on Amazon and make this accessory organizer your next purchase. Go, hurry!

8. Lowepro Rugged Camera Roller

on-the-go asset management


A camera roller professional is explicitly designed for the travel bugs that photographers carry along with their equipment wherever they go. The bag is bound to fit two pro mirrorless or standard DSLR camera bodies with additional camera lenses and accessories and a full-sized tripod that can fit outside. It also has been built with weatherproof materials to ensure better protection on the field in any condition. However, safety is still recommended as damage is possible even though it comprises protected covers. Another advantage of the bag is its urethane wheels, making it even more accessible to carry along durably. 

The Best Camera Accessories for Any iPhone

The rugged bag also fits your laptop or tablet safely, making this an all-rounder choice. If you plan to buy this one, we recommend you choose Amazon to avail yourself of the most affordable prices, discounts, and quick delivery.

9. Aluminum Alloy Selfie Stick with Tripod Stand

A Compact tripod Highly recommend for hands free operation


Enhance your content creation with this Bluehorn product, which will hold your phone safely and at your desired angle. It comes with an in-built rechargeable wireless remote controller, and the wireless connection can keep up to 10 meters intact. The product is highly compatible with smartphones, both Android and iOS. The aluminum body of the selfie stick is strong enough to stay intact and sturdy. The selfie stick is bound to be extended up to 40 inches and can be extended or folded easily. Its compact pocket design will ensure you carry this selfie stick wherever you go without demanding extreme space. The only con of this tripod stand is that iOS devices cannot use the ‘Zoom In’ or ‘Zoom Out’ feature of this selfie stick, while Android users may face some hindrances while using this feature. 

However, rest assured, this is a desirable purchase for all creators or photographers, and therefore, we recommend you buy this one too. If you choose to avail of this product, consider buying it from Amazon to get the most trusted and speedy delivery.

10. DJI OM 5 Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer [Highly recommend]

Great Gimble for travel and fun


Do you feel that the videos or photos taken from your iPhone shake too much or are not that crisp or clear? Then getting yourself the DJI OM 5 Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer can help you in many ways by stabilizing your iPhone to deliver stable and best-quality photos and videos. It is one of the essential travel buddies. It allows you to capture all of your journey’s moments by automatically recognizing your environment and suggesting a well-adapted shot sequence, along with a proper guide or tutorial on recording it. In addition, the extension rod of this gimbal allows you to take pictures and shoot videos at a wider angle so that all of your family and friends can easily fit inside the frame.

The DJI OM 5 smartphone gimbal stabilizer is best known for tracking moving subjects with excellent stability and excellent response time. So if you are a professional content creator using an iPhone to shoot their content, this gimbal is a perfect fit for you. The magnetic holder of this gimbal securely grips your iPhone and ensures that your phone does not slip or fall out of it. In addition, it has a unique and sleek design, making it suitable for carrying around with you on your travel expeditions by putting it in a backpack, pocket, handbag, etc.

Therefore, to make your travel and content creation experience fun and seamless, order this great travel accessory for iPhone from Amazon right now.

11. iPhone Backup Memory Stick

Excellent value & quite versatile II For multiple family iphones and sorting


When we embark on a journey, we like to take many pictures and videos of the place that we visit. Unfortunately, all of the photos and videos occupy a lot of storage on your iPhone. So you need a device that helps keep all of your photos, videos, and other files safe while freeing up your phone’s storage. The backup memory Stick for iPhone has a USB-A Connector, MFi certified Lightning Connector, and a USB-C Connector for broader connectivity and compatibility so that you can effortlessly transfer large data files across iPad, iPhones, Android phones with Type-C connectors, Macs, and even the computers with Windows operating system.

Apart from having three connectivity options, this memory stick also offers lightning-fast data transmission speeds of up to 80 MB/s Read, and 40 MB/s Write using the USB 3.0. It also has a free app that can be downloaded on your iPhone and used to create backup and encrypt your data for added safety. The 256 GB of storage is more than enough to store all your photos and videos from a trip and cherish the memories forever. It works on a simple plug-and-play mechanism that makes it easy and convenient.

Hence, to keep the memories of your travel expeditions fresh and alive, head over to the Amazon store and order this exceptional memory stick for iPhone today.

12. MagSafe Battery pack

Perfect fit Gift for iPhone 12 and later users


One of the best travel accessories for the iPhone is definitely the one that powers your smartphone even in places with no access to charging ports. The Magsafe Battery pack is a wireless charging power bank that instantly charges your iPhone with its superfast charging using the 15 Watt power supply. This battery pack is best for business people and working professionals who need to work on the go as it offers extra battery life to your iPhone by charging it, hence keeping your workflow intact. The MagSafe power bank has a magnetic attachment system that clips onto your iPhone and does not fall off for safe and dependable wireless charging. 

No external attachments are required for this product to work, and you need to snap this battery pack at the back of your iPhone to begin the charging process. This wireless power bank’s extraordinary and out-of-the-box design restricts its magnets from interfering with your keys or credit cards to deliver a satisfying experience. In addition, the Magsafe wireless battery pack allows a two-way charging method that powers up your iPhone even when the battery pack itself is getting charged.

All of these incredible and handy features make this wireless power bank a must-have product for all individuals who possess an iPhone. So buy this product from Amazon immediately to meet all your charging needs.

  • Better for on the go
  • Handy and easy to carry + use
  • a great investment worth it for a strong magnet

13. Solar Power Bank

ideal Outdoor power source for device when camping


The most essential travel accessory for hikers and campers is a power bank that recharges itself without any artificial power supply. The Solar Power Bank by Anker automatically regenerates its power once it comes in contact with the sunlight for a smooth and effortless charging experience. This device can charge up to three devices simultaneously within a few hours with the help of the 12-watt power supply in optimal sunlight conditions.

The ultra-slim design and fantastic flexibility offered by the CIGS make this product more reliable and durable than similar solar power banks. The adjustable stand of this solar battery pack makes it very easy to angle it toward the sunlight for a better and quick charging experience. With this battery pack, you can also save overall non-renewable resources as it utilizes solar power for charging.

So, go on hikes, trekking, and explore camping in different places without worrying about the battery of your iPhone with this incredible solar power bank. Go to Amazon and place your order to purchase this device for huge discounts.

  • Super gift when there is sun
  • A tank of USB solar charger

14. JBL Clip 3, Clip-on Bluetooth Speaker

Perfect portable Specker – impresive sound quality, compact, attractive, perfect


Good music can motivate and boost your mood even in challenging situations that you face while traveling. With the JBL Clip 3, you can experience awesome music and entertainment on the go. The compact design of the JBL Clip 3 Bluetooth speaker makes it very portable and easy to carry anywhere with you on your journey. Furthermore, the integrated stainless steel carabiner makes it very convenient to hook this Bluetooth speaker to your backpacks, jeans, handbags, etc. In addition, this clip-on Bluetooth speaker is waterproof and can keep you entertained even in difficult weather conditions to keep your morale up. 

Although the JBL clip 3 might look small, it has fantastic sound quality and offers a playtime of up to 10 hours with just a single charge. This waterproof Bluetooth speaker can also be paired with your iPhone or any other smartphone to receive and make crisp and clear phone calls with just a touch of a single button with the help of its echo and noise-canceling feature. When we talk about JBL, the durability, and reliability of the product cannot be questioned. This speaker is no different, as the excellent quality fabric material, and sturdy rubber housing keeps it safe from all types of bumps, accidental drops, and knocks.

To keep yourself entertained and motivated throughout your journey, buy this excellent Bluetooth speaker from Amazon straight away to get outstanding deals and offers.

15. iHome TIMEBASE PRO+, Speaker dock with charger

Nice one lets your night table remain neat and together without cords all over


Make way for the product that revolutionized the world of entertainment and music by bringing the two worlds together. The iHome TIMEBASE PRO+ is a device that has a speaker and charger that can charge up to three devices simultaneously. This product is certified for charging the Apple Watch, and supports Qi wireless charging for iPhone in addition to a universal USB charging port for charging other devices such as Airpods, tablets, etc. Furthermore, the sound quality of the Bluetooth speaker is brilliant and delivers an immersive music experience. 

This device is perfect for students as it can charge multiple devices while keeping them entertained. This device also features an alarm clock that can be very helpful for waking up on time in the morning so that you never miss any meetings or lectures again. This speaker dock with charger is one of the best travel accessories as it safely powers your devices and stimulates your mood with its exceptional sound quality. 

The iHome Timebase pro+ is compatible with all devices that support wireless charging, including the iPhone and Samsung smartphones. So, if you chose to buy this product, consider ordering it from Amazon to get it at huge discounts.

16. Underwater iPhone Photography Case

Waterproof and cheap alternative to a Go pro action camera


Suppose you love watersports and want to capture your swimming moments without worrying about your iPhone getting damaged. In that case, the Underwater iPhone Photography Case by YOGRE is made just for you. This is an entirely waterproof case that safeguards your smartphone from getting damaged by water up to 50 feet under the water for 60 minutes without any seepage or leakage, making it the best travel accessory for iPhone for recording videos and taking photos of your watersports adventures like scuba diving, parasailing, and many more. 

Besides being waterproof, the build quality of this diving case is exceptional as it is made from the sturdy and robust PC and TPU material on the outside and has a four anti-drop angle design and shock absorption on the inside, which offers 360-degree protection to your smartphone from accidental drops, shocks, scratches, dust, and sand. Furthermore, the unique camera window at the back of this diving case lets your iPhone’s camera capture the underwater moments without any distortion.

The underwater diving case by Yogre is compatible with almost all of versions of iPhone and Samsung smartphones. Hence, please place your orders without any hesitation on Amazon to get them delivered to your house without any worries.

17. Pivo Auto Tracking Pod with Bluetooth Remote

amazing Gift for Product photography


If you love traveling alone, then the Pivo Auto Tracking Pod with Bluetooth Remote is the perfect product for you as it allows you to take pictures and record videos with the help of the included Bluetooth remote. Just place your iPhone in this pod and start recording as it has a 360-degree auto-tracking feature that follows the movement of every object with Face and Body. You can also control the direction of this pod using the remote to get the best angles and scenery. Without this world’s features like Smart Capture, Auto Zoom, and Target Exposure, you can make seamless and great content and quickly get those likes and follows that you always wanted. 

The Pivo auto-tracking pod is also very helpful for students. It is compatible with applications like Instagram, Zoom, YouTube, Teams, and many more to experience freedom of movement without any constraints. With this tracking, you can also create projects like 360 Motion Timelapse, GIFs, Clone Trail, Tiny Planet, or Panorama, even with beginner-level or zero editing skills. This product is highly versatile as it comes with extendable stabilizer feet and can be equipped with a standard ¼ inch camera stand.

To get yourself this great and helpful tracking pod, visit the Amazon website and place your orders as soon as possible.

  • Easy to use plug n play
  • Nice gift for her and him

18. Apple AirPods Pro – A cool travle Accessories for iPhone

True Wireless Earbus wih noise- cancellation


One of the most essential, useful, and necessary travel accessories for the iPhone is the Apple AirPods Pro that comes with an active noise cancellation feature that keeps the surrounding noise out of your ears to deliver a wholesome hearing experience. You can also enable the transparency mode for interacting with people nearby as it lowers the volume of this earphone so that you can clearly hear what other people are saying. The setting up of this device is straightforward, and it auto-tunes the music according to the shape of your ear. It is an entirely sweatproof and waterproof product, so you can take it with you on treks, hikes, camping, and even while you are working out without any worries. The wireless charging case of the AirPods Pro provides a battery backup of more than 24 hours of playtime so that you never miss out on your daily dose of entertainment.

Therefore, to enjoy music at its best, order this unique and trendy product from Amazon to get huge discounts and amazing offers.

19. Smart Bag


Keeping your valuables safe while traveling is a very crucial factor. The Anti-Theft Bag with USB Charging Port comes with an integrated password lock and good quality metal zippers that keep your valuables safe from getting lost or stolen. Furthermore, this innovative bag features a separate compartment for laptops in addition to various other small compartments for storing your iPad, iPhone, charging cables, power banks, etc. In addition, this unique bag has an in-built charging cable and the headphone jack using which you can connect your power bank to charge your iPhone, iPad, and other electronic gadgets and listen to music.

Apart from having a charging cable, this smart is built from a good quality Polyester Fabric Material and features a very soft and wide luggage Strap design for added safety, durability, and comfort. This smart bag is best suited for everyday use at the office, school, college, business, traveling, hiking, trekking and can be used by both men and women. This intelligent bag was launched in a variety of vibrant colors ranging from black, blue camo to grey and red.

So to keep all your valuables safe and in an organized manner, order this perfect smart bag from Amazon now and pay using any of the payment modes that you find convenient.

20. Apple AirTag 4 Pack


If you are tired of getting your bags and other stuff lost or stolen, then getting yourself the Apple AirTag 4 Pack can be a lifesaver. You need to attach this AirTag to your luggage, and it will accurately give your bag’s exact location in the Find my app. In addition, it can be connected to your iPad or iPhone with just one tap making it very easy and time-saving to set up. Once you know the location of your missing item, you can use AirTag’s built-in speaker to play a sound alert to find your item by sound.

With the Apple AirTag, you can even find lost items that are far from you using the Ultra-Wideband technology and hundreds of millions of Apple devices in the Find My network to pinpoint your item’s location accurately. The unique feature known as a lost mode can be enabled to automatically notify you once the lost item is encountered on Find my network. You don’t have to panic about your personal data, like the location being shared, as it uses an encrypted and anonymous method for keeping your privacy intact. The Apple AirTag 4 has a replaceable battery that can power this device for over a year.

The AirTag is a dust-resistant and waterproof device and can be coupled with other accessories as well. To order this essential product, head over to Amazon and place your orders now to get the best deals.

21. UBeesize Tripod S, Premium Flexible Phone Tripod with Wireless Remote


Every travel vlogger and content creator needs a good tripod for shooting good-quality content. The UBeesize Tripod S is made from a high-quality alloy core to ensure the strength and toughness of this product, even in harsh and rough conditions. This tripod stand can be rotated to 360 degrees so that you get the perfect shot for your videos and photos. The height of this tripod stand can also be adjusted according to your needs and can also be used with a DSLR camera, iPhone, and any other smartphone.

The wireless remote of this flexible phone tripod can be used to click pictures or record videos without even touching your phone. This feature is best for shooting smooth and crystal-clear photos and videos. Furthermore, this product’s sleek and lightweight design makes it very handy and portable. You can easily take this flexible phone tripod with you in your bags, purse, handbags, etc., without worrying about its weight.

Hence, visit the Amazon website and buy this fantastic tripod stand today to make your vlogs and content look more professional and smooth.

22. World Travel Adapter Kit by Ceptics


Every businessman or working professional is required to travel abroad at some point in his life for work or pleasure. But, unfortunately, the difference in power output and charging outlets of various countries makes it difficult for us to charge our devices. With the World Travel Adapter Kit by Ceptics, you get 2 Quick Charge USB 3.0, 2 USA outlets, and a Micro USB cable that is best suited for charging your electronic gadgets like smartphones, laptops, tablets, and other devices in almost every part of the world. 

In addition to having various outlets, this travel adapter kit has an in-built surge protection system that keeps your electronics safe from all the sudden voltage spikes or changes that can be monitored using LED lights. Furthermore, this kit contains adapters of 6 different regions of the world, namely US (Type B), AE (Type C), au (Type E/F), UK (Type G), AU (Type I), and JP (Type a), so that you get compatibility in almost every part of the world.

Therefore, to keep your electronic devices powered up and ready to use at all times, order this excellent product from Amazon and witness superfast delivery at your doorstep.

Do not compromise on your travel experiences, as these products will act no less than as a savior for you on your journey. All of them being iOS approved, these essentials are the must-haves you should not miss out on at all.

These simple, affordable, and durable products have been recommended to increase your productivity and ease the load off your travel journey. So, pick your purchase without further delay Amazon as here you will get the best-delivered products at sheer low costs.

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