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add third-party keyboard in iOS to access instead of iPhone official keypad

How do I Add Third-Party Keyboard in iOS 11/10: iPhone X/8/ 8 Plus7/ 7 Plus/6S/6

Many third-party developers designed third-party keyboards Apps are very friendly to use, responsive and stuffed by font style, color combination. After downloading non-Apple keyboard, you won’t use directly on your iPhone. Even though, there is a little process to activate it. Hence, in this tutorial, I’m showing you how to download, install and Add Third-Party Keyboard in iOS to access instead of iPhone naive keypad.

Download and install new Keyboard on your iPhone, as like as you did for regular App. And, continue to following steps to add third-party keyboard access to your iPhone.

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Guide to Add Third-Party Keyboard in iOS 11/ iOS 10: iPhone X/8/8 Plus/7/ 7 Plus/6S/6

add third-party keyboard in iOS to access instead of iPhone official keypad

Step 1. Go to Settings App from your iPhone Home screen.

Step 2. Navigate General > Scroll down the screen and tap on Keyboard.

Add Third-Party Keyboard in iOS 10

Step 3. Go to Keyboards.

Step 4. Select Add New Keyboard… And scroll down the screen to add new keyboard.

Download and install new Keyboard on your iPhone

Tap on Keyboard that you want to use instead of your iPhone regular keypad. And permit third-party keyboard full access.

You’re done!

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  • Switch Between Keyboard on iPhone

Now, Easily Switch Between keyboard from Apple Official Keyboard, Press and Hold on Earth icon until popup show with all shortcuts.

1 Switch Between Keyboards on iPhone

Now how to access third-party keyboard on Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Mail app, iMessage, Note app and compatible applications.

For example, here I’m showing you Whatsapp with a third-party keyword on iPhone.

Launch Whatsapp > Tap & Hold on Globe icon > you will see an action sheet with added keyboards > choose a Keyboard so that you will switch on the third-party keyboard.

For several reasons whenever your mind change to remove/ delete third-party keyboard on your iPhone.

Go to Settings > General App > tap Keyboard > Keyboards and then go on keyboard label and swipe left side. So you will see a delete button. Tap on it. That is it.

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