Best Keyboard Apps for iPhone and iPad in 2023

Best iPhone keyboard Apps: iPhone 7/ iPhone 7 Plus

A couple of years have gone for removed Apple opening the iPhone keyboard to third-party iOS developers. Hence, many third-party keyboard apps are already available in the Apple App Store.  So defiantly, users exploring which is the best one to use as an alternative to Apple’s official keyboard.

Nice, you guys, get here third-party best iPhone keyboard apps, which are simple to use, useful Emoji, these all apps work with all the latest iOS devices.

The Best Keyboard Apps for iPhone: Top Third-Party Keyboards

#1. Google Gboard [Get Multiple languages]

Gboard the Best iPhone keyboard Apps 2017

Google’s own designed iOS keyboard is a popular typing pad for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. It offers varieties of features free of charge including GIF search images to send to copy and paste, speech to text, the latest iOS emoji smiley, Emoji suggestions, Glide typing, and predictive spelling.

All-time favorite for teenagers, middle-aged to adult guys because of has themes support so you can change the background wall of the Gboard keyboard. You can put your favorite photo, too. Get support with Mail, iMessage, FB messenger, Whatsapp, and many other iOS apps.

#2. FancyKey

FancyKey third-party keyboard App

Are you looking for a keyboard that increases your pleasure by typing bold text, adding funky fonts, themes, etc.? Then you should try this FancyKey Pro.

Best for chatting, each new message with a new style, customize the font style, Stickers pack, an array of Gif images, birthday, love couple, and integrated funny emoji arts to say good morning and useful daily quotes. Let’s make today your fancy personal keyboard and switch 14+ languages worldwide.

#3. Neon LED Keyboard: Good Font Keyboard App for iPhone

Neon LED keyboard

A Neon LED keyboard is just a color keyboard that gives color look keys by customizing the background. It is a combo of language, Quick message, Background, Key style, Key color, Font, and Key sound.

Very colorful key colors and font style is the flagship work. Some of the advanced features we found in its premium version. You will get the default setup of the quick message on the 1 to 9 numbers key. Get more entertainment while you are typing with color keys at night and color look whenever you want. Nevertheless, a negative thing is it doesn’t have an auto-correct, predictive function.

#4. TouchPal keyboard

TouchPal keyboard

Touch pal manipulates a good job of changing all keys backgrounds into a single picture. There are cool themes, included happy designed marry Christmas, Hot summer, Super game, Hello cute, Simple life, and many other ideas that make typing apps more awesome.

Did you find any other third-party best iPhone Keyboard Apps expect those mentioned above? Let me know your friends in the comment box below.

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Useful Tip for iOS KeyboardTurn Off Quicktype on iPhone

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