Allow Full Access for keyboard in iOS: iPhone and iPad

Allow Full Access for keyboard from iPhone, iPad

Allow Full Access for keyboard message is shocking for new iOS users and regular people. But for some selected developer required for that, Here you can get the idea behind why and how to get the trusted solution on Allow full access makes you free from doing that. On faith basis, you can enable it before that you have to know what will be tracked after enable full keyboard access.

If you are using the third-party keyboard for gossip and general text, Not need any security on your message. You can let on your risk cause Apple gives explicit instruction on your data may be the developer track you for any purpose of Data like Text, Credit card details, Address and more. Recently Kim Kardashian emoji app required “Allow Full Access.” Otherwise, you will get below screen.

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If you believed in security and kept on your iPhone or iPad, then you have to disable manually after use (on iPhone 7/ 7 Plus, iPhone 6, 6 Plus, iPhone 6S, 6S+, iPhone SE and iPad).

Steps for allowing full Access for keyboard in iOS: iPhone and iPad

Step #1. Go to the Setting app on iPhone, iPad

Step #2. Tap on General.

Step #3. Scroll the screen then tap on Keyboard.Keyboard settings in iPhone

Step #4. Hit on Keyboards (here you can see all installed Third party keyboards). Enable full access on third party keyboard

Step #5. Choose a Keyboard that you want to Allow full access.

Step #6. Now, you can enable/Green “Allow Full Access” toggle.

That’s it.

Anytime you can disable without uninstalling or delete the app from the device. Allow Full Access for keyboard from iPhone, iPad

Learn and contact app developer or read privacy policy you will get it from the app store.

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Typically What access third party keyboard after enable Allow Full Access to keyboard

Address book and location service from keyboard

input character record at server side

On each keystroke, the server can keep your text words, Grammar, and Spellings Predicting word or syntax.

Don’t worry, Tracking and hacking should be a very few chance due to on developers restriction and security on the side.

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