Google Pixel Fold Leaks: Exclusive 360 Renders Video with Size

Check updated & confirmed Google Pixel Fold 360 Degree Design Render Video Revealed in rumors. Screen Size, Specifications, Release Date.

It is expected that Google is about to unveil a foldable phone shortly. Based on the rumors evolving on the internet, there is exhilarating news for users willing to use fold smartphones. The same has turned out to be a driving force in the Android domain. Furthermore, Google Pixel Fold will be launched in the market and directly compete with Samsung’s Galaxy Fold. The estimated release date of Pixel Fold will launch on 10th May 2023.

“Steve” is one of our friends and tech experts. He launched the forthcoming design of Google Pixel fold with some comprehensive specifications. Explicitly, the specifications include Circa 5.79-inch cover display, Circa 7.69-inch inner display, Roughly 158.7 x 139.7 x 5.7mm (8.3mm including rear camera bump) unfolded, which we are proclaiming here for the foremost time through the assistance of Onleaks.

Google Pixel Fold vs iPhone 14: What is Best?

Those Android users transferring to foldable smartphone technology eagerly await Google Fold Phone. They wish to use Games and Apps on a large screen, similar to Tablets.

Google Pixel Fold Release Date

Google’s official video reveals launch date and first look of first generation Pixel fold. The Pixel Fold will launch on MAY 10, 2023. This article on Google pixel fold leaks becomes 100% true so we are really excited about this.

Google Pixel Fold Official Design Render Out

Google pixel fold 1st Gen smartphone is about to launch. The corresponding leaks mention certain 360 design aspects, video shots, and dimensions. As per recent rumors, the Google pixel fold appears wonderful and is expected to stay in the smartphone market for a long period.

Looking at the rumors, individuals anticipate a more robust smartphone design in the foldable category. However, they don’t expect outstanding performance and fast speed. But, since Google unveiled all earlier smartphones with adequate performance indices, they may implement a Tensor G2 chip in their folding phones.

Power of Tensor G2 chip

Tensor G2 chip (octa-core ARM processor) has different levels of cores divided into two silver cores at 2.35 GHz, two silver high-performance cores at 2.85 GHz, and four performance booster cores at 1.8 GHz, a Mali-G710 graphics CPU processor.

More Details about Hardware Modifications & Leaks

1. Color options: Silver and Black.

2. “3 Cameras” location equipped with LED flash available at the rear part of the screen and elevated verge cutouts.

3. SIM Tray is available at the base edge of the first (outer) screen, and a USB-C Charging Port is available at the bottom part of the edge of the second (foldable) screen; a 3.5 mm jack port is not included.

4. Two Speakers are incorporated for a Stable sound experience (one at the upper edge of the Central screen and one close to the USB-C port at the lower edge of another screen). Other holes are included for mics (at the bottom and top).

5. Enhanced battery life.

The genuine competition with Samsung smartphones exists in terms of Display too. Google Pixel folded leaks depict an updated design and premium-quality screen. Considerable changes also exist in telephoto sensors and Camera design owing to space restraints.

Screen Size, Cover & Camera Position

  • Circa 7.69-inch inner display with right-sided single hole-punch camera
  • Circa 5.79-inch cover display with centered hole-punch selfie camera
  • Roughly 158.7 x 139.7 x 5.7mm (8.3mm including rear camera bump) unfolded

Certain Android users are anticipating obtaining more attractive designs regarding folding phone technology. They are eager to know the date of folding phone availability in the market. However, the fact is it is better to have more competition.

Pen (Stylus)

There is some percentage of possibility that Pixel fold would be compatible with Pen (Stylus). Preferably, individuals use large-screen smartphones to manage drawings, notes, and other input easily. Hence, considering these needs, Google may declare a pen compatible with folding smartphones. Google Pixel users will be more satisfied with a pen announcement from a particular company.

You benefit from all these features for $1,700. The price includes various storage options, color options, pre-installed Android 14, and 12 GB RAM.

Why People don’t love folding phones

Certain android users like to use native-screen smartphones instead of foldable phones. Certain apps are not supported with the phone screen due to UI concerns and app optimization.


We anticipate you to decide and wait if you intend to get the powerhouse phone in 2023. In this context, there are positive indications with ~100% precise rumors from STEVE. All of his earlier leaks were accurate because they were found true and released ahead of the ultimate release from most of the reliable leakers in the industry.

If you dislike Samsung brand smartphones and prefer Google smartphones, it is better to wait for the release of Pixel Fold until the second quarter of the year 2023. It would substitute for Samsung foldable phones released in the US market. Moreover, using a foldable phone feels as if you are using a tiny tablet. It feels comfortable for reading ebooks anywhere, preparing an inventory agenda, etc.

Thank you for reading! You can comment about acquiring more specifics because we present all updates on this website.

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