Apple TV Volume Too Low tvOS 15: While Play Audio & Video, Airplay, System Volumes

Many users have reported that Apple TV 4K, Apple TV 5th Gen volume too low while playing audio and videos also while using AirPlay.

Different apple user-facing low sound volume from Apple TV while use differently to play music, watch TV Show, Apple iTunes Video and Movie. New HomePod amazingly works on Apple TV, have your issues with that it’s terrible news for us. Otherwise, Apple HomePod is excellently finished with Apple TV that Plays via Airplay. Also, some updates have a bug in volume.

Problems and Solutions on Fix Apple TV Volume Too Low

1 Fix Your Apple TV Sound Problems and issues

Use Apple TV remote

Increase Low Call Volume; Apple TV Remote has separate volume button control for the TV’s volume. If Apple TV doesn’t respond and puts volume up. Follow the next steps and try again.

Hard Restart Apple TV

Using Settings, on Apple TV 4K, or 4th generation: Go to the Settings > System > Restart.

Apple TV (3rd Generation): Go to the Settings > General > Restart.

Using Remote: Press and Hold Airplay and Menu button once, until you devise flashes.

Using Force Restart: You don’t restart or are unable to restart Your Device, Unplug Apple TV from Power. And Wait for Six seconds. Now plug it back.


Beeps and UI system Volume is super loud. But the only problem with Sound. Try Apple TV Resetting Volume option.

Apple TV 4th Generation: Go to the Settings > System > Reset. For 3rd generation: Settings > General > Reset.

Next to the Reset: the Only reset will wipe all the internal settings at once.

Reset and Update Erase all settings and install a new software update. It needs an internet connection and a Power source.

For 3rd Generation: Reset all settings, erase all the internal settings and configuration to the default value. Restore: Put Apple TV to factory settings and install Software updates.

Check and Use Volume button on External Speaker

Check the settings and Turn on or Enable Correct Audio Mode on the external speaker.

Smart speakers have too many speaker modes, including AUX, Bluetooth, Airplay, WiFi, or USB. Check this and make it correct.

Apple TV Equalizer: Change EQ on Apple TV

Surround sound manage Sound in your area itself, turn on this feature on your Apple TV. Go to the Settings > Video and Audio > Surround Sound. Choose a Different option for Best Quality Audio.

Use correct direct HDMI Cable connection between Apple TV and Your TV screen. Sometimes audio receivers support LPCM and Dolby Digital audio. More, Surround Sound apple guide.

After Update TV OS

Apple’s different issues after update might seem and inconvenience, So Keep Disabled Auto Update Apple TV and Do this work in your free time.

Apple TV Volume control not working

Hardware error or damage might be creating issues with No change in volume Level using Siri remote.

Some Apple TV sounding makes Apple TV Volume Too Loud and High.

Wrap Up!

The volume problem on Apple TV is serious, you can’t handle it or don’t fix it. Contact Apple Support Center and Book Appointment or Visit Nearest apple store.

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