Apple Watch Stuck on Apple logo after WatchOS 9.0.1 Update

2 Apple Watch Stuck on Apple logo after update watchOS 5

After WatchOS 8 update the device it usually gets restart or reboot. But you are waiting for the turn-on screen for a few minutes then you can say it is in stuck mode. For a reason, the Apple watch stuck on the logo after the latest WatchOS Update. Now you need to use a hardware component (Here’s apple watch button) that helps to force came out or bypass the stage. And turn back to the normal screen.

Nothing is going wrong, you can use the newly released Apple WatchOS 8 on your supported Apple Watch (Apple Watch Series 6 or SE, Apple Watch Series 5, Apple Watch Series 4, and Series 3).

Sometimes ‘Apple watch stuck on apple logo after reset’ or ‘Apple Watch Flashing apple logo’. Follow the same guidelines and fix it.

Helpful steps for Apple watch stuck on logo after Update WatchOS

Step 1: Reboot or Force Restart Apple Watch after Update WatchOS

Sometimes apple watch conflicts with the latest version of WatchOS and Previous data restore after upgrade WatchOS.

First Hard Reboot Apple Watch, Press and Hold the Side button, and Digital Crown simultaneously for 10 seconds approx. Release both buttons until you see the Apple logo on the screen.

2 Apple Watch Stuck on Apple logo after update watchOS 5

Charge Apple Watch At least 15 to 30 Minutes

  1. Unpair and Pair Apple Watch
  2. Watch in not Updated, Stuck and Stopped because of too many reasons like Apple Watch Charging stopped, WiFi not Working on iPhone, Apple Watch Disconnected from iPhone (Both Apple Watch and iPhone Keep Near as possible)

Watch Video on Apple Watch Stuck on Apple Logo WatchOS 8

Step 2: Change Apple watch Setting, Turn off Screen Curtain, and Voice over mode

Some internal settings might be arising issue, your watch turns on normally, but you don’t know your watch goes into Curtain mode and Behavioural Screen not responding to touch, Disable that mode.

Launch Apple Watch app on your iPhone, Go to the Settings > General > Accessibility > VoiceOver > Turn off Curtain.

Step 3: Apple Help!

Apple Always helps your customer under some warranty rules. If you have a serious issue, get the free replacement or repair in free. You Should Book genius bar appointments and online assistants.

Hope you confidentially fixed your Apple watch stuck on the apple logo after update watchOS. More help and discussion with my comment on this article below.

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