How To Turn Off Automatic Punctuation On Mac in macOS Sonoma 

Here's the Automatic Punctuation settings On Mac. Stop automatically adding Punctuations with dictation on Mac in macOS.

Dictation on Mac offers the by-default turned-on Auto-Punctuation Settings. That is marked by tapping on the F5 key(Fn+F5), which sets the punctuation marks automatically, such as em-dash, semicolon, comma, ellipses, question mark, and periods, in different languages for you to dictate.

It’s one of the Best Keyboard Settings on latest macOS. Nevertheless, Auto-Punctuation can be painful. If you frequently dictate the scientific or legal terms on Safari, Pages, Messages, WhatsApp, Telegram or Google Chrome, as Mac sometimes places the wrong punctuation symbol over the text you dictate. If you are willing to have complete access to Dictation, this article will show you how to turn off Automatic Punctuation on the revamped macOS. 

Automatic Punctuation in Mac Dictation


Auto-Punctuation on Mac came with the latest macOS update. While Auto-Punctuation can be desirable for some Mac users, others may prefer something else. If you are one of those who don’t like it, here are the steps to turn off Automatic Punctuation on the macOS Ventura and later versions. 


Turn Off Automatic Punctuation On Mac 

Here are the steps you need to follow to disable the Automatic Punctuation On Mac.

  1. Go to Apple Logo.
  2. Select System Settings… > Keyboard.
  3. Click on the Toggle to disable the Auto-Punctuation.

To Turn Automatic Punctuation in dictation, Enable the toggle. Activating Dictation and using it.

That’s It!

Should I Keep Auto-Punctuation Turned Off Or On Mac

While many decoders have an issue with Auto-Punctuations. At the same point, native bilinguals or those users who follow a general way of speaking and always prefer a single language on Mac don’t suffer from inconsistent punctuation. 

Apple has added Auto-Punctuation, which is entirely error-prone and can be easily turned off from the System Settings… So it depends on the personal preferences to enable or disable the Auto-Punctuation On on macOS Ventura and Later.

Why Is Auto Punctuation Missing On My Mac?

The Punctuation feature can be considered as the Hardware Dependency aspect. Currently, it can be only on Apple Mac devices with a built-in microphone. Moreover, it can also be due to the Outdated OS; try updating the Mac!

What Languages Are Supported With Auto-Punctuations?

  • Cantonese (Hong Kong)
  • English(Australia, Canada, India, UK, US).
  • French (Franch).
  • German(Germany)
  • Japanese(Japan)
  • Mandarin Chinese(China mainland, Taiwan)
  • Spanish(Mexico, Spain, US)

These are an array of languages supported by Auto-Punctuation on Mac.

Where Is Apple Punctuation?

The Apple Punctuation on the Mac is located in the Keyboard Settings under the Dictation. However, it seems missing in cases like Mac computers without a Microphone. At the same, the features and service may be available in a different region than you are currently present. 

Turn off Auto-Punctuation in Dictation on iPhone

Auto-Punctuation on iPhone’s Dictation settings also works automatically when we enable it from the settings. Follow the below steps to turn off em-dash, semicolon, comma, ellipses, question mark, and periods that are automatically added into sentences.

Supported iPhone & iPad Models must be running at least in iOS 16 & iPadOS 16.

If you having an issue with, Dictation not working on iPhone, Have a complete solution.

1→ Open the Settings app on your iPhone. Scroll to General.

2→ Now, Tap on Keyboard > Turn off Auto-Punctuation.


3→ That’s it.


Auto punctuation aims to add the punctuation mark with speaking words like “Comma” or “Semicolon.” But sometimes, it misguides the required punctuation mark, or the users want their style of Voice-To-Text. You can disable the Auto-Punctuation on Mac by following this guide. 

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  1. Alas, that option is not visible in my System Settings. (Mac OS Ventura, 13.0.1). So, I cannot disable the infuriating automatic addition of commas all over the place when I’m dictating text. Why, Apple? Why???


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