17 Best AirPods 3 Accessories in 2024 That Essential

Here recommendation all essential best AirPods 3 accessories that you must buy to use it effectively next day without any Damage & Scratches.

in this blog post get all about Apple Airpods 3 Accessories for you and your loved one! Are you excited to use the third-generation AirPods? So are we! Therefore, we are back with great recommendations and the must-have accessories for the third-generation AirPods. Make your living efficient and accessible by getting these products from the top-rated brands and ensure a strong life for your AirPods.

Read this article further and pick your best buys right away.

The Best AirPods 3 Accessories:- Make your Checklist

1. Spigen Silicone Fit Designed for AirPods 3rd Generation Case 


The 3rd generation AirPods deserve to be handled with the utmost care. So, provide all-around coverage to your AirPods by covering them in a minimal, good-looking, and stylish protective case. The soft silicone texture on this case and the tough grip will allow your earphones to be under special care and face no damage.

With this silicone case, you also get a metal carabiner attached for easy carrying throughout. This protective case’s hybrid power technology and dual protection will prevent the AirPods from falling out and protect them against drops or scratches.

This precise AirPods 3rd generation cover design is an ultimate buy considering the price it has to offer. Therefore, pick your purchase now and order this fantastic protective cover from Amazon to avail the best deals and prices.

2. ESR Silicone Case Wireless Charging Compatible for the 3rd Generation AirPods


Designed specifically for the 3rd generation AirPods, this protective case from ESR is an appropriate buy. The case comes with enhanced drop protection where the absolute hard inner core shock-absorbing silicone will protect your AirPods at all costs. The case is easily accessible that can fit your AirPods properly. The case box, too, is appropriate to use as it opens in a snap.

The built-in keychain with this protective case will allow you to move the case everywhere you want quickly and will ensure a firm grip on your AirPods case. This case is wireless charging friendly, making it accessible and more desirable to buy this ESR product. You can also view the battery light at the display of the case and keep track of the remaining power.

A very suitable AirPods accessory is this one, available on Amazon. Hence, delay no more and make your best buy right away.

3. Fintie Case Cover for AirPods 3

Fintie Case Cover for AirPods 3
Fintie Case Cover for AirPods 3

Since the AirPods 3 is a premium and delicate product, keeping it safe from getting damaged is necessary. The Fintie Case Cover for AirPods 3 is a complicated and shockproof cover designed especially for the AirPods. This hard case for AirPods 3 is built from a rigid EVA material coated with premium PU material to safeguard your device from drops, fingerprint marks, accidental bumps, oil, dirt, and scratches. While the outer hardcover protects your AirPods 3 from the falls, knocks, and bows, the interior of this premium cover is layered with a soft velvet fabric to prevent any sorts of scratches or dirt marks from appearing on your device. 

The Fintie case cover for AirPods 3 with a good quality zipper and a flexible strap that firmly holds your AirPods within this case. This AirPods cover very handy and portable as it is fitted with a stainless steel keychain that allows you to hang to your jeans, backpacks, or any other bag for easy and safe mobility. Furthermore, it has a unique cabinet where you can store your charging cables, pen drives, dongles, and other similar stuff to make your gadgets more manageable and organized. Apart from being suitable for storing the AirPods 3, this case can also be used to store Airtags, ear hooks, hearing aids, coins, keys, a neck wrap, etc.

Launched in a variety of vibrant colors, this case for AirPods 3 will give your device a fashionable look while protecting it perfectly. So, without pondering around looking for cases for the AirPods 3, order this incredible product from Amazon, and rest assured about the safety of your gadgets.

4. CharJenPro Patented Ear Hooks for AirPods 3

CharJenPro Patented Ear Hooks for AirPods 3
CharJenPro Patented Ear Hooks for AirPods 3

If you often find it difficult to wear your AirPods 3 in your ears as it keeps on falling off every time you go for a run, then the CharJenPro Patented Ear Hooks for AirPods 3 is the product that you need. These ear hooks are designed especially for the AirPods 3 and AirPods Pro, so you don’t have to worry about fitting your device. In addition, the unique and anti-slip design ensures that your AirPods 3 has a good grip on your ears and prevents it from falling out while working out, running, jogging, or doing any other activity so that you can focus on exercising without worrying about your AirPods falling off. 

Besides having a good grip, the CharJen Pro ear hooks have an ergonomic design that provides comfort and relief to your ears even after wearing them for an extended amount of time. Built with super soft and highly lightweight silicone ensures the longevity of this product, and you won’t even feel any extra weight over the AirPods. Furthermore, it is straightforward and easy to install these ear hooks on your AirPods 3 as it fits over your device like a cover.

So, to make your workout and training sessions stress-free and musical, purchase these unique ear hooks from Amazon and never worry about your AirPods 3 falling out of your ears.

5. AhaStyle 2 Pairs AirPods Ear Hooks Cover 


If you are wondering to know the answer to the question, “How to keep my Apple AirPods from slipping out of my ears?” it is this. Ear hooks are a must-have accessory if you own AirPods, as these will not only enhance the sound quality and passively reduce the background noise but also ensure a secure fit to your AirPods. By attaching ear hooks, the AirPods will stay fit in your ears and will not interfere with your regular using activity as well.

A con of ear hooks is that the AirPods will not be chargeable with the ear hooks on. Therefore, whenever you have to charge your AirPods, make sure to safeguard the ear hooks by inserting them in this silicone case. The ear hooks cover made up of premium silicone so that you can avail yourself of lasting comfort.

This cover is great to safeguard your ear hooks, and the ear hooks are great for running, jogging, gym, and other fitness activities. So, wait no longer and get this best cover at amazing deals from Amazon.

6. GOGO SODU Compatible with for Airpods Pro Strap, Silicone Anti-Lost Neck Strap

GOGO SODU Compatible with for Airpods Pro Strap, Silicone Anti-Lost Neck Strap
GOGO SODU Compatible with for Airpods Pro Strap, Silicone Anti-Lost Neck Strap

The sleek and compact design of the AirPods 3 makes it easy to carry around and increases the risk of it getting lost or stolen. The GOGO SODU Silicone Anti-Lost Neck Strap firmly holds your AirPods within the holes of this strap and prevents them from falling or getting stolen. The main neckpiece of this strap rests on your shoulders and neck to provide comfort and security at the same time. It is effortless to install this neck strap on your AirPods 3, as you need to plug it onto the AirPods in the specified holes or ports. 

In addition to having a good grip, this neck strap for AirPods 3 is built from soft and flexible silicone that offers an extraordinarily comfortable feel and is also safe for your skin. This silicone neck strap is robust and has high tensile strength, ensuring this product’s durability and longevity. It will not break into two when exerted with external pressure or force. The GOGO SODU strap makes it even more convenient and easy to carry around or store in bags, purses, or other places. The design of this product is practical and adds a touch of elegance and beauty to your AirPods so that the premium feel of your device remains intact.

The GOGO SODU AirPods Pro strap features various color options like white, red, blue, black, etc., so that you can accessorize it according to your choice. To order this fantastic product, head over to Amazon and keep your AirPods 3 safe while maintaining its elegance.

7. FINENIC Portable Anti-lost Silicone Strap Holder

FINENIC Portable Anti-lost Silicone Strap Holder
FINENIC Portable Anti-lost Silicone Strap Holder

The most innovative and valuable product on the list is the FINENIC Portable Anti-lost Silicone Strap Holder that prevents your AirPods from getting lost or stolen in a unique and fashionable way. This holder can safeguard your AirPods by inserting them inside the holes of this strap which then attach to your watch or can be worn around your neck like a pendant. This AirPods holder is made to last long as it is manufactured from a soft and premium silicone material, making it perfect for indulging in physical activities like jogging, running, cycling, and many more without worrying about AirPods falling off.

This AirPods 3 silicone strap holder is a very lightweight product but safeguards your device from all sorts of bumps, knocks, and accidental drops as the silicone absorbs all the impact. In addition, this strap does not add bulk to your device and prevents all types of scratches and dirt marks from appearing on your AirPods 3 while putting it in or out of this holder. This product is best suited for people who travel a lot, athletes, and people working from 9 to 5 as you can access your AirPods directly from this strap without carrying around its charging case.

Therefore, go ahead and order this excellent product from Amazon to get it safely delivered to your house with Amazon’s superfast delivery.

8. Satechi USB-C Wireless Charging Dock

Satechi USB-C Wireless Charging Dock
Satechi USB-C Wireless Charging Dock

Everyone gets stuck in a situation where they are running low on power from their devices like AirPods or iPhones and cannot find a charging port. For situations like these, the Satechi USB-C Wireless Charging Dock was developed. It is an entirely wireless charging dock with USB C connectivity so that you can charge your AirPods 3 whenever you want without having to worry about being close to a power source. Furthermore, this device charges your AirPods 3 at the original charging speed so that you get the same power and charging time anywhere and everywhere. 

The satechi USB C wireless charging dock also supports wireless charging and has unique grooves that keep your AirPods 3 in place while charging them. The charging indicator light turns on as soon you start charging your AirPods so that you can know that the charging process has begun. With its sleek and compact design, you can easily carry it with you in your pockets, backpacks, purse, or any other bag. The aluminum finish of this product ensures the durability and toughness of this charging dock so that you can use it for a prolonged time. This USB C charging dock is compatible with Apple AirPods 3, 2, and 1 that have a wireless charging case, and are compatible with wireless charging.

Therefore, to make your work from home experience more fun, easy, and stress-free, buy this excellent product by visiting the Amazon website or app and get it at a reasonable price.

9. AirPod Pro Wireless Charger 


Explicitly designed for AirPod pro, this wireless charger stand is a fantastic accessory. Forget about entangling with wires, as this wireless charger will provide a safe and fast charging feature. The charger also keeps check on the temperature control, over-voltage, and current protection, short-circuit prevention, and so much more.

By using this wireless charger, you can also increase the life of your AirPods. A very lightweight and easy-to-carry device, this wireless charger will not disappoint you. It also works well as a beautiful look at your home or office desk.

The easy access to this Charger will ease your life to a greater extent, and therefore, we recommend you buy this one AirPod accessory from Amazon and avail the best deals and prices.

10. FutureCharger Airpods Pro Charger

FutureCharger Airpods Pro Charger
FutureCharger Airpods Pro Charger

Make way for the excellent wireless charger for your AirPods that is very easy to use and charges your devices in an instant. The FutureCharger Airpods Pro Charger is solely designed for the AirPods series of earphones and supports Qi wireless charging to deliver a superfast wireless charging experience. This wireless charging dock protects your AirPods from all sorts of electrical surges like over-voltage, over-charge, foreign object detection, over-current, and temperature control to ensure the complete safety of your device while charging. In addition, your AirPods are held firmly in their place with the anti-slip rubber base that offers a sturdy surface for charging your device safely.

Besides having a rubber base, this charging station is made from Aluminum alloy that gives it rigidity, an elegant and finished look so that it looks good and is durable for a very long time. The FutureCharger AirPods 3 charger is sleek, compact, and lightweight. It can easily fit inside your pocket, backpacks, handbags, purses, etc., for quick and efficient portability so that you can carry this charger around with you anywhere and everywhere you want. It is a perfect companion for traveling and can be the best gifting option for festivals like Christmas, birthdays, etc. This wireless charger for AirPods 3 is straightforward and convenient to use as you need to plug into a charging cable and place your AirPods on this device to start charging. 

So, to order this fast and secure wireless charger for your AirPods 3, head over to the Amazon website and grab yours right away.

11. 2-in-1 Charger Stand for Apple Watch and AirPods


An Aluzdoso product is here to ease your charging worries immensely with this 2-in-1 charger stand. Compatible with iWatch and AirPods, this charger stand will simultaneously recharge your watch and earphones in just a few minutes.

All it needs is USB connectivity, and your device is good to go. This charger stand is safe, accurate, and its internal power protection will offer you protection against over-charging, over-temperature, etc. It is lightweight, pocket-friendly, and compact, which means that you can carry this device anywhere you go.

The premium materials used for this charger stand will ensure the strong longevity of your devices, making it a desirable buy. At the price it offers, we recommend you must not delay making this purchase and order it from Amazon to your doorstep right away.

12. Anker 2-in-1 Wireless Charging Stand


An amazing buy is this from Anker. Now, you can simultaneously charge your iPhone and AirPods with this wireless Charger. The stand comes with an adjustable charging surface for you to set your iPhone at the perfect angle. You can also use your iPhone while it is charging at this stand.

The durable and secure product will give way to a hassle-free connection and provide easy alignment without interrupting your charging experience. You can also easily view the charging status with the LEDs on the base that depicts the indicators showing two statuses, flashing white and solid white. If the light is flashing white, ensure that no objects are between your devices and charging surface, and if the light is solid white, it indicates that your devices are being charged smoothly.

So, make the most and appropriate use out of this wireless charging stand. You must buy this on Amazon deals and get it delivered to your doorstep with just the click of a button.  

13. GEEKERA 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Stand 


A unique and most efficient wireless station is this one from GEEREKA. With this stand, you can simultaneously charge your iPhone, iWatch, and AirPods safely, smoothly, and quickly. The designated charging places for every device will make your life a lot easier as it will save time and effort to a greater extent.

The charging dock is quite user-friendly, making it an ideal choice for your Apple products. Its high quality will ensure no damage to your devices, and buying this stand will also benefit you as you can get rid of the several wires, extra space, and constant worry for your battery powers. These multiple devices charging stations will secure protection against temperature, voltage, and current.

So, make this best buy without further ado and add this product to the list of must-have Apple accessories. You can purchase this product on Amazon and avail the best deals.

14. Twelve South AirFly Pro | Wireless Transmitter/Receiver with Audio Sharing

Twelve South AirFly Pro
Twelve South AirFly Pro

Since we all know that AirPods 3 is a wireless device so conventionally, you can only connect a single AirPods with your iPhone, MacBook, or any other device. With the Twelve South AirFly Pro, you can connect two AirPods at the same time without any audio delay or lag. Not only this wireless transmitter allows you to connect two AirPods 3 simultaneously, but you can also connect your AirPods to devices such as treadmills and other gym equipment, gaming devices, TV’s, flight entertainment systems, or any other device with a 3.5 mm audio jack without sacrificing the quality of audio and comfort. With the excellent battery backup of more than 16 hours, you are assured break-free entertainment, and in case the battery of this device runs low, you can still use it while it is getting charged with the charging cable.

Apart from allowing you to connect two AirPods to the same device, you can also use the AirFly Pro to connect devices like rental cars, wired speakers or soundbars, and various other systems with gaming devices, smartphones, laptops, and tablets even without Bluetooth connectivity. For you to pair the AirFly Pro with your AirPods 3, you need to make sure that the AirPods are within the case for effortless connectivity. The AirFly Pro comes with a travel pouch and a keychain so that you can carry it around with you anywhere and everywhere with utmost comfort and ease.

Hence, to broaden the limits of connectivity of your AirPods 3, bring home this brilliant product from Amazon today itself.

15. AirPods Cleaning Kit with Putty

AirPods Cleaning Kit with Putty
AirPods Cleaning Kit with Putty

Cleaning your AirPods 3 can be much of a task without the right equipment, and getting them cleaned by a professional can cost you a lot of money and time. The AirPods Cleaning Kit with Putty comes with an air blower, pointed cleaning thin Tip, tweezers, soft brushes, AirPods cleaning putty, and plenty of other items that help clean your AirPods from the inside out just like a professional from the comfort of your home. This product will catch the eye of all women as it features a unique pink-colored theme that most ladies like and admire. Furthermore, it is effortless and convenient to carry and store this cleaning kit as it comes with a beautiful pink-colored pouch that adds an element of attractiveness and beauty to it.

Apart from being fashionable and trendy, it is a practical and helpful headphone port cleaning kit. The included cleaning putty is the most effective for cleaning the grill of the speakers of AirPods, phone charging port. You need to squish this cleaning putty in the grill and pull it out to remove all the dust, dirt, and earwax clogged inside the AirPods. The other tools like soft bristle brushes and tweezers help clean the grooves and headphone charge port by clipping out the tiny dirt and dust particles. One can also clean the outer surface of the AirPods with the included soft cleaning cloth. This AirPods cleaning kit can also clean other devices like speakers, smartphones, etc.

So make the women of your life happy and excited by gifting them this excellent and handy AirPods cleaning kit with putty. To order it go to Amazon and get it delivered to your loved ones in the wrapping paper by selecting the gift option. 

16. Apple Watch Series 7 GPS + Cellular

Apple Watch Series 7 GPS + Cellular
Apple Watch Series 7 GPS + Cellular

The perfect companion for your AirPods 3 is the Apple Watch Series 7 GPS + Cellular, as it can be paired with your AirPods to control the entertainment directly from the iWatch. This Apple watch allows you to communicate with your friends, family, and other people through email, text messages, and calls even if you don’t have your iPhone or smartphone on you. With the Apple Watch, you can effortlessly listen to music, audiobooks, and podcasts even when you’re traveling by pairing it with your AirPods. You can even create individual profiles in this Apple watch for each of your family members for easy setup and better managing it for everyone.

Moreover, the Apple watch series 7 has a larger retina display compared to its previous models, which stays awake all the time to give it a resemblance of an analog or digital clock as per the clock interface applied to it. The display of this Apple watch is covered with a robust, rugged, and anti-crack glass that keeps this device safe from getting damaged. You can even wear the Apple watch 7 while swimming as it is waterproof and dust-resistant. The Apple Watch Series 7 has a lot of health and medical features like sensors that accurately measure the blood oxygen level and allow you to take an ECG scan anytime you want.

Hence, buy this great product from Amazon today that compliments your AirPods 3 in ways that one can’t even imagine and stay connected with your loved ones even without your smartphone.

17. Apple Lightning to USB Cable

Apple Lightning to USB Cable
Apple Lightning to USB Cable

Apple users often find it challenging to find a charging cable when they are in a public place or not at home, and AirPods buyers are no different from them. The Apple Lightning to USB Cable is the official Apple charging cable that allows you to charge your AirPods by simply connecting it to a USB 2.0 adapter. You can also charge your Apple devices by connecting them to your laptops or computers, thus giving you a wider charging choice. It is a must-have product for every Apple user as the company has stopped providing chargers and its products to help reduce the e-waste. However, if you are a new Apple user, you might not have any lightning charger or cable, so buying this Apple Lightning USB cable is necessary for such people.

You don’t have to stress about the build quality of this device as it is built by the Apple company and is perfectly compatible with all the Apple products. Hence, go to the Amazon website now and purchase this valuable and essential item to take care of your charging needs.

Now that you have looked at the best AirPods 3 accessories, you must buy them on Amazon Deals and avail the best prices. Secure your AirPods with these accessories and ensure easy living for yourself. By getting ear hooks, you can assure a strong fixation of your AirPods to your ears. A wireless charger will work wonders, too, and a 3-in-1 charger will save time, energy, and effort to keep your devices updated from time to time. So, look at these products, pick your purchase, and order them to your doorstep without further delay.

FAQs about AirPods –

1. How to wear AirPods while running?

The new AirPods are sweat-resistant, so you can be carefree while offering your exercise. They also have silicone tips that ensure strength to stay in your ears better. However, if you are using the old AirPods, which were neither sweat-resistant nor did they have ear tips, we recommend you buy ear hooks to have your AirPods stay put in your ears.

2. How to keep your AirPods from slipping out of your ears?

Suppose you, too, are constantly facing troubles with keeping your AirPods intact. In that case, you may use these tactics like twisting your AirPods, adding waterproof tape to them, using anti-slip soft silicone sport covers, getting AirPod covers, using silicone ear hooks covers, getting an ear hook accessory kit, and adding AirPod grips. These are a few of the methods that will help you through and keep your AirPods intact.

3. Do AirPods have ear hooks?


You do not get ear hooks with AirPods. However, you can buy them separately. If you consider doing so, we recommend you purchase AhaStyle AirPod ear hooks along with the ear hooks cover, which is available on Amazon.

4. Do AirPod Pro fall out while running?

It would be wrong to entirely say that they don’t because they are likely to fall out. However, compared with the previous version of AirPods, Pros have been reviewed to be much better, and they even stay intact while running or exercising.

5. Are AirPods good for the gym?

AirPods provide great sound quality and can offer amazing entertainment while working out. However, even if the new generation AirPods are sweat-resistant, it is recommended not to take them to the gym as they can be damaged or slip out, and you may lose your expensive buy.

6. Can you wear AirPods 3 in the shower?

If you wish for the strong longevity of your AirPods, it is wise to not wear them in the shower or while swimming, or even during the rains. This is because the AirPods are water-resistant but not waterproof. Therefore, for extreme functioning, it is good to keep the AirPods away from water or sweat.

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