Best Airpods 3 Cases in 2024 [3rd Generation]

If you are searching for a good protective case for your Airpods 3 that is stylish and strong at the same time but aren’t able to find the one that you’re looking for, then you have come to the right place. This article will focus on all of the best AirPods 3 cases available in the market and take away your stress of going through different sites and options to find the best one for you.  

The cases presented to you in this article are elegant, stylish, and robust. So, sit back and enjoy this excellent list of affordable and handy covers that we have curated just for you.

Best Airpods 3 Protective Cases

1. Airpods 3 Full-Body Rugged Protective case


No need to worry about your Airpods 3 anymore, as ZtotopCases for AirPods 3 Case is here to save your day. The ZtotopCases for AirPods 3 is a full-body rugged protective case for your AirPods 3 and provides complete protection to your AirPods. This case is exclusively designed for your AirPods 3 and comes with a protective cover made of silicone with a textured grip for added security. It has a unique 2-piece design with adhesive taping, allowing you to open/close the case firmly and quickly. You can also see the charging light of AirPods through the case.

The silicone has special shock-absorbing abilities which prevent the AirPods from getting fall damage, scratches and provide a firm grip over the case. It also helps in avoiding fingerprint marks on the surface. The case comes with a metal carabiner, allowing you to hang the AirPods to your bags or hook them to the waist of your jeans, preventing them from getting lost or stolen. This case also supports wireless charging of your AirPods 3. You just have to place the case along with the AirPods on the wireless charger, and you’re all set. 

All these features make ZtotopCases for AirPods 3 Case a must-buy product for your AirPods 3. So, don’t wait anymore and get your hands on this excellent product by ordering it from Amazon.

2. ESR case for AirPods 3 with MagSafe Support


Providing good protection along with the MagSafe wireless charging support has been a forte of ESR cases for AirPods 3. This case comprises a unique shock-absorbing polymer that protects your AirPods from getting damaged if it falls. The ESR case also protects your AirPods from scratches without being bulky and heavy. The convenient design makes it very user-friendly as the opening and closing of the case are very easy and smooth. There is a particular cavity in the case which permits you to see the status light very clearly.

The case supports MagSafe wireless charging, thus making it a faster and more convenient way of charging as you don’t have to remove the case while using the Magsafe charger. The cover is fitted with a keychain hook with a carabiner attached to it, providing good mobility to AirPods by hooking it up to your handbags, backpacks, and other stuff.

So, get your ESR case for AirPods 3 with MagSafe Support today from Amazon and add that extra layer of protection to your AirPods 3. 

#2.1 AirPods 3 Silicon Protective case


Every gaming enthusiast loves to accessorize their devices and gadgets to give them a cool and fashionable look. The elago AW5 silicon protective case is unique as it resembles a traditional gaming console to make it appear more exciting and noticeable. You can totally rely on the built quality of this fantastic product as it is produced in-house so that your AirPods fit perfectly to avoid it from slipping off. You can also clearly see the battery indicator light from the notch available at the front portion of this case. It is effortless to charge your AirPods 3 even when this case is on, as it supports both wireless charging and charging through a lightning cable with the help of the charging slot at the bottom of this case.

Apart from being stylish and unique, this brilliant silicon protective case effectively safeguards your AirPods 3 from all sorts of shocks, accidental drops, bumps, dirt, dust, and fingerprint marks keeping your device as good as new. This product is equipped with a stainless steel keychain, thus allowing you to carry it anywhere and everywhere you want. It can be hooked to your jeans, backpack, handbag, and even a purse so that you never have to be concerned about your AirPods getting stolen or lost.

The elago AW5 silicon protective case is available in three vibrant color options- Black, light grey, and sand pink- appealing to the eyes and making this product more attractive. So to keep your AirPods safe and stylish at the same time, order this excellent product from Amazon today to get huge discounts.

3. BRG for Airpods 3 Case


Looking for a stylish yet strong case for your AirPods 3? Your search ends here as the BRG for Airpods 3 Case provides overall protection to your AirPods and comes in a wide range of eye-grabbing colors that will never make you feel out of style again. This case is exclusively designed for the AirPods 3. The case comprises safe silicone material to give the best extreme safety to your AirPods against drops, scratches, and knocks. Additionally, the dust-proof plug arrangement at the base keeps the charging port clean.

This case supports wireless charging without removing the AirPods from the case and has a display port through which you can monitor the status light. The case offers various color options like black, yellow, red, and many more. The case has an extra attachment of a carabiner hanging from its keychain port, enabling you to hook the AirPods in different places, preventing them from getting lost or stolen.

Grab your BRG AirPods 3 case from Amazon now to add a touch of style to your electronics.

4. Airpods 3 case cover for men


Men usually find it challenging to choose a decent product of their choice for covers and cases. The Caseology Vault for Airpods 3 is a case that every man will like to get their hands on without giving it a second thought. The case comprises a sturdy and textured material that will protect your AirPods from getting harmed due to its shock absorption, anti-slip, and dust-proof design. It has an added layer of protection along the sides of the case known as the side bumper protection. The adhesive tape design makes the AirPods extra secure by holding them firmly inside the case.

This case supports wireless charging, and you don’t need to take the case off while using the wireless charger. It is an easy-to-carry case as it is equipped with a carabiner providing it the mobility you need. You can clearly see the charging light through the case, making it worthy of every penny that you spend on it.

All of these exciting attributes make this case a perfect AirPods 3 case cover for men. Don’t leave your AirPods unprotected anymore, and grab this fantastic case from Amazon without any delay.

5. AirPods 3 case hard shell


Safeguard your AirPods 3 to a whole new level by getting yourself a MioHHR Case with Keychain. This case is built entirely out of carbon fiber and provides 360-degree protection to your AirPods. Carbon fiber is one of the most rigid and lightweight materials; hence this case does not make your AirPods weigh more than they actually are. This case comes in three different colors- Pine Green, Grey, and Red giving your AirPods a more fashionable look. The MioHHR Case is completely dust-proof and waterproof and will keep your AirPods as good as new inside the case. The case also prevents any sorts of scratches or fingerprint marks from getting on your AirPods.

You need not remove the case when you’re charging your AirPods wirelessly as they support wireless charging. The case also comes with a one-year replacement warranty making it convenient for you to exchange your case if it has some defects. The case comes with a strong metal keychain, so you don’t have to worry about your AirPods getting stolen or lost by hanging them in your bags.

Make the AirPods 3 case hard shell your own by ordering it from Amazon and getting it delivered safely to your doorstep.

6. Airpods 3 case with keychain


Get instant and complete protection for your AirPods 3 with the Waterproof Drop Protected Case by LONGCIYU. This case is mainly built for safeguarding your AirPods against dust, water, and shock due to its rugged design. The case has an IP68 waterproofing rating which protects the AirPods up to 3 feet inside the water. The case is made of PC + TPU half breed design, reinforced waterproof, dust-proof, shock-proof, drop-tested, and scratch-safe attribute safeguards the AirPods from drops up to 6.6ft (2 meters).

The coloring scheme of this case is quite appealing as it has two different shades of colors instead of having a single color throughout the case bringing out a better visual effect. The edges of the case have a different color than the main body, making a perfect gifting option for men, family, and friends.

The case supports wireless charging, but for wired charging, you’ll have to remove the AirPods from the case due to its waterproofing build. The case also has the best-in-class keychain made entirely of stainless steel, preventing it from getting rusty when exposed to moisture.

So, if you are looking for a sturdy, waterproof, and rugged case for your AirPods 3, then you should definitely buy this from Amazon and never be worried about your AirPods 3 again.

7. Airpods 3 case cover for women


Women usually look for products that are appealing and make their eyes glitter with joy. The Filoto Airpod Pro Case Cover for Women is the most attractive and unique AirPods 3 case. The case has an exquisite design making it look like the lips of a woman. This extravagant design makes this case a must-have for women. The case comprises a silicone polymer, making it Impact resistant, Scratch proof and Shock-proof. Due to its lips-shaped design, the AirPods 3 fit perfectly into the case gripping the AirPods firmly. 

The Filoto Airpod Pro Case Cover for Women supports wireless charging while having the case holding the AirPods firmly inside it. There is a port at the bottom of the case, which enables you to use the wired charging facility without removing the case. The front LED light is also visible through the case.  

The case also comes with bling rhinestone lips and a lovely lipstick keychain making it a perfect gifting option for women as they can carry their AirPods in this case by hanging it to their jeans, belt loop, backpack, bag, or purse.

This AirPods 3 case cover for women completely stands out from all the other cases for women due to its features and unique design. Order this Beautiful case from Amazon and stand out from the crowd. 

We hope that you guys can select the best AirPods 3 case as per your need from the list that we recommended to you. We have presented this list to you, considering all the safety factors and style factors in mind. So, visit Amazon and get your case today and safeguard your Airpods by making a fashion statement at the same time.


Does the AirPods Pro case fit with AirPods 3?

A lot of you must be wondering if the AirPods Pro case fits the AirPods 3. The answer to this question is NO; the AirPods 3 does not fit in an AirPods Pro case because the build and size of the two products are different.

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