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TV Remote is one of the most delicate accessories that needs extra care because once the original remote is damaged, you cannot get better quality unless you’re willing to spend the money. To avoid any such calamities, it’s better to invest few bucks on Apple TV Remote Case with an AirTag holder. Already have spare AirTag, or have you purchased AirTag especially for Apple TV Remote? Then, you should buy one of these best Apple TV Remote Case cover with an AirTag holder to secure the Apple TV Remote.

These are very cheap cases but worth your attention to protect the Apple TV Remote from scratches and misplacing. While some are available in bright, eye-catchy colors, so you can even locate them in dark areas.

The Best Apple TV 4K Remote AirTag case covers

#1. elago R5 Locator Apple TV Siri Remote with AirTag Holder


elago’s premium silicone Apple Siri Remote Case is highly protective against drops and bumps, maintaining the responsive button feedback. Adding a dedicated space for the AirTag makes it easy to find the Apple Remote if you’ve misplaced or lost it anywhere. In addition, it is available in four different color options, sleek design, and compatible with Apple TV Remote, so you don’t have to push hard to insert the remote into the case.

#2. iZi Way Silicone Case- AirTag case Apple TV remote


Get the Pair of AirTag Compatible Apple TV Remote Case cover for your remote; the case is perfectly crafted for the Apple TV Remote 2nd Gen and keeps the remote light. In addition, its anti-slip back ensures, better grip when you hold and operate the remote to change the programs or volume. Order this pair of remote case for only $12, in either Black and White or Black color.

#3. Seltureone Protective Case

Don’t want to expose an inch of the remote except buttons? Check this Seltureone honeycomb-patterned Apple TV Remote Case with AirTag holder. This case covers the entire remote; you’ll see only the buttons. Gently push the AirTag and then the remote inside the case, and once it is installed correctly, you don’t need to worry about losing the Apple TV Remote again. Its kid-friendly material delivers maximum protection against all the type of damages.

#4. Fundisinn Anti Shock Apple Remote Case

If you’re looking for rugged anti-shock Apple Remote Case Fundisinn is where your search ends. They have 11 colors in their collection; the brighter color is easy to find, even in the darker environment. Plus, silicone-based material prevents accidental slippage and won’t slide between the cushions and couches. Order the RoHS tested eco-friendly silicone case for your Apple TV Remote.

#5. LYWHL Premium Apple TV Remote Case

LYWHL Apple Remote Case cover is specifically designed for the latest 2022 Apple TV Siri Remote. The thick layer of silicone case absorbs the accidental drops and bumps by which your Apple TV Remote could malfunction, but it’s safe when it is covered with LYWHL Case. Get easy access to the buttons and enjoy your TV Shows and Movies with peace of mind without worrying about losing the remote.

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