Fix YouTube Restricted Mode Won’t Turn off on Mobile and PC 2024

Can't turn off YouTube Restricted Mode on Mobile, PC? Try these solutions on your PC or Mobile to turn off YouTube Restricted Mode.

YouTube has all kinds of videos; some are safe to watch, while some are not advisable for underage viewers. To overcome that, YouTube has implemented strict rules for the publishers to label the video. Following that, YouTube decides to put it under Restricted or Unrestricted Videos; one can enable and disable the YouTube Restricted Mode on any device to allow/not allow access to the restricted videos. With the YouTube Restricted Mode turned on, you won’t be able to stream mature content or sometimes won’t be able to comment on videos too.

Can’t disable YouTube Restricted Mode? YouTube showing, This video is unavailable with Restricted mode enabled? Try these following workarounds to fix YouTube Restricted Mode won’t turn off.

Fix YouTube Restricted Mode Won’t Turn Off on Mobile, PC

Try Disabling YouTube Restricted Mode

What if you’re mistaken while disabling the YouTube Restricted Mode, but YouTube Restricted isn’t turning off? Give it one more try.

1. On your Windows or Mac PC, open on the Google browser.
2. Click on your profile button and select Restricted Mode : On

 Open youtube click profile name select restricted mode on mac

3. Enable toggle Activate Restricted Mode on it.

Enable toggle activate restricted mode on mac

4. Scroll down the options, click on Activate Restricted Mode, and make sure to select Off.

Turn off activate restricted mode on mac

If it is already disabled, refresh the settings by turning on and turning off the YouTube Restricted Mode.

Furthermore, if Activate Restricted Mode is greyed out and you cannot disable the YouTube Restricted Mode, here’s what you can do.

1. Open YouTube and click on the profile icon.

Open youtube click profile name select restricted mode on mac

2. Scroll down and select Lock Restricted Mode on this browser.

Click on Lock Restricted Mode on this browser on mac

3. Enter the Google Password when asked. Then next on mac.

Enter your password select next on mac

4. Click the Profile icon and select the Restricted Mode: Off

Click profile name select restricted mode on mac

5. Disable the Restricted Mode on YouTube.

Turn off activate restricted mode on mac

Note: Activating and Deactivating the YouTube Restricted Mode is limited to the device but doesn’t operate on the Google Account level. When you disable or enable Restricted Mode on YouTube, it is limited to the device on which you’ve disabled/enabled the Restricted Mode, but not on the Google Account.

Reboot Device

First of all, restart the phone. If you’re experiencing issues with YouTube Mode and it won’t turn off on Mac, Windows, Android, or iPhone, just give a simple restart. Before that, close the YouTube App along with all other background apps.

Open Apple Logo Select Restart On Mac
Click apple logo select restart... on mac

Check Account Restrictions

YouTube Restricted Mode can’t be disabled when you’re using a Google Account provided by the Institution, Libraries, or Organization you work with because of admin might have restricted all the accounts, including yours. Contact the administrator and ask them to lift YouTube restrictions for your account or PC.

If you’re using the Family Link App, then it might be possible your parents have put restrictions on YouTube. Again, ask the admin of Family Link to disable the YouTube restrictions.

Check Third-Party Apps and Services (Anti-Virus/Parental Control)

Do you have an Anti-Virus Program or Parental Apps installed on your PC, Android, Mac, or iPhone? These programs might restrict YouTube and won’t show all the contents or won’t let you control the Restricted Mode on YouTube.

In such cases, there are several actions you can take like, disabling the Anti-Virus Program, Firewalls, VPN, Extensions, etc.

Check Network Restrictions

YouTube has a dedicated page that shows the YouTube Restrictions. Visit the YouTube Check Restrictions Page on a web browser. You should see the DNS Restrictions and HTTP Header Restrictions column to notify you about the network restrictions. If you see YouTube Restrict Mode, click on it to unlock the Restrict Mode.

Troubleshoot Internet

Try the following workarounds to troubleshoot Internet Connectivity.

Remove the Ethernet Cable; if you’re using an Ethernet Cable with a PC or Mac, then remove it, and try using the Wi-Fi.

Change DNS Server; don’t know which DNS Server you’re using? No worries, change the DNS Server to Google DNS Server, and, or you could go with automatic DNS Servers.

To Change DNS Server in Windows:

1. Open the search bar search Control Panel on Windows.

Search bar in control Panel on windows

2. Select the Network and Internet in the control panel.

Click on network and internet on windows

3. Choose the Network and Sharing Center.

Select the network and sharing center on windows

4. Click on the left panel Change adapter settings.

Select change adapter settings on windows

5. Next, right-click on the network connection that you’re using and then Properties.

Click right-click on the network connection on windows

6. Select Internet Protocol Version 4 from the list and click Properties.

Select internet protocol version 4 choose properties on windows

7. Check Une the following IP address: in IP Address then select Ok Button.

Check use the following IP address enter then ok button on windows

8. Click on TCP/IP on the control panel Ok button.

Click microsoft TCP:IP in ok button on windows

9. Click Subnet Mack: dial number then Ok Button.

Choose the ok button on windows

To Change DNS Server in iPhone: Visit our detailed article to learn how to change DNS Server on iPhone/iPad.

To Change DNS Server in Android: Open the Wi-Fi Modify Network and there enter the IP Address Manually as mentioned above.

1. Launch the Settings App, tap on Connections, then select More Connection Settings on Android.

Launch the settings app tap on connection then select more connection settings on android

2. Click Private DNS, tap Check Private DNS provider hostname, and click DNS. Google, then Save on Android.

Click private DNS check private DNS provider hostname then select save on android

To Change DNS Server on Mac: Click on Apple menu > System Preferences > Network > click Advanced > DNS tab > click Plus and add DNS Server.  

Lastly, disconnect the Router Modem from the power adapter and reconnect after a few seconds.

Clear Browser Cache/YouTube App Cache

Despite the fact that the YouTube Restricted Mode is disabled, you cannot see all the videos on YouTube; it’s time to clear the browser cache.

To Clear Cache Chrome: Open the Chrome App > click on Three Dots > Settings > Privacy and security > Clear browsing data.

1. Open the Chrome app, click the Three icons select Settings on Mac.

Open chrome app click three icon select settings on mac

2. Select the Privacy and Security left panel, then Clear browsing data right side down.

Click on privacy and security then Clear browsing data on mac

3. Clear browsing data, then Basic option check in Cached images and files choose the Clear data.

And basic check Cached imagos and filos choose the clear data on mac

YouTube App’s cache can only be cleared on Android devices;

1. open the Settings App, tap on Apps, and scroll to YouTube on your Android phone.

Launch the settings app tap o apps scroll the youtube on android

2. Scroll the Storage tap on the right-side corner. Clear the cache on Android.

Select the storage then clear cache on android

Log Out of Google Account

Last, but not least, try to log out and log in to the Google Account that you’re using while streaming YouTube Videos.

1. Open YouTube on your device. Click on the profile icon. Select Sign out.

Open youtube app click profile name select sign out on mac

2. Click Sign In on YouTube.

Click on sign in on mac

3. Choose an account in select Gmail.

4. Enter your password in your Gmail account.

Enter your password on mac

5. Select Next YouTube in your Gmail account on Mac.

Choose the next on mac

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