Best iPhone Controlled Air Purifier 2024 – HomeKit Supported, Alexa..

Here's best App-Controlled Air Purifiers on iPhone, iPad and Android mobile. Using HomeKit app, or Alexa and Google Assistant supported.

With modern work and living culture, most of the population worldwide is spending their time indoors, where Air circulation is not up to the health standards. This can cause some serious Airborne long-term health issues. The level of contaminated pollutants can have concentrations as high as 2 – 5 times, compared with the outdoor environment. Industrialization, increased vehicle usage, and congested living/work spaces have even doubled this risk. 

To tackle this issue Air Purifiers are used to refresh the stale indoor environment, purify indoor air from harmful pollutants & dodge potential Airborne health hazards. The use of Air Purifiers has increased the life expectancy rate and working productivity. 1 out of 10 working-class personnel is likely to have asthma, and the smart HomeKit solution in the form of iPhone-controlled Air Purifies are here from reputed brands like SmartMi, Zigma, LEVOIT, Hathaspace & Meross.

Smart Air Purifies for Home, Office or AnyPlace Compatible with HomeKit, Alexa

1. Smartmi Air Purifiers


This compact man-made marvel is designed to easily purify a space of 320sq.ft in just 20 minutes. HEPA standards assure that this product is quite useful in guaranteed cleaning of up to 99% of harmful pollutants in indoor environments. Smartmi Air Purifier are compatible to work within Apple smart ecosystem & is highly efficient against PM10 & PM2.5 pollutants like pollen allergens, dust mites’ allergens, pet-related allergens, dust, incense, or cigarette smoke, bacteria, mold/spores, industrial emissions & harmful viruses. The TVOC & Laser Practical Sensor effectively tracks the current air quality in your room. 

The product does the best of what the company claims but users though have reported HomeKit connection issues with this smart device which might possibly get solved in the software update. Performance is guaranteed but SmartMi’s filter replacement cost is the average among the rest. If you want to get the job done with minimal noise this air purifier can be your ultimate option.

2: Zigma AI Air Purifiers


Zigma Air Purifiers are known for their energy-efficient and ultra-fast Air Purification solution which is tested to achieve a CADR of 330 m³/h! The Air Purifier can be used with the Android or IOS ecosystem and can be controlled remotely. UVC lamp for enhanced pollutants removal makes it unique from others. The AI technology is enforced in this system to smartly monitor and make breathing healthier in homes and offices.

The product is a little bulky and hard to set up in tight spaces. You may have a hard time reaching the support team in a situation. It is hardly noticeable in normal mode but in performance mode, things might get louder. Rest of the features are cool and Easy to use.

3: LEVOIT Air Purifiers


Levoit sometimes mispronounced as “Love It”, is the most consumer-loved Air Purifiers in our list with staggering more than 2.5K four-star ratings. This is the best solution for home air purification and a goodnight’s sleep for you and your kids with HEPA 13 filtration technology that runs at as low as 22db profile. It is also compatible with the VeSync app for android and iOS. For Asthma patients this is the best option available in the market and its filter replacement, as well as availability, is also good.

Some cases have reported poor performance in tackling pet animals such as cats and dogs. Rather than that this is an excellent choice for residential usage. You always have an extension option available with air purifiers to have a fragranced environment.

4: HATHASPACE Smart Air Purifier


Hathaspace with its washable HEPA H13 filter is a good fit for rooms up to 1500 sq ft. The product comes with a 5-year warranty and great customer support. The unique thing about this Air purifier is its activated carbon filter technology which stands efficient against odors, smoke, and VOCs. If you have pets at home or office then Hathaspace will be a great deal for unwanted pet hair and odor. Advance smoke filtration technology can be used if you smoke indoors and don’t want your family to get affected by the same.

The design and performance are good but if you want it to be stagnant over time then you must get it serviced and filter replaced from time to time. It does best what it says just a little expensive in long run and required maintenance.

5: Meross Air Purifier


In our list, Meross Smart Air Purifier stands as the most compact, elegant, and handy air-purifying solution. It is best suited for office spaces and modern homes due to its minimalistic design. Along with being compliant with the android and iOS ecosystem it also features its own app connection. The purifier can operate as low as 24Db and is compliant with 2.4GHz WIFI frequency only. Electricity consumption is very low which makes it a feasible option to use in solar-powered spaces.

Being an entry-level in the market it has only support for iOS 13 or later. 5 GHz WIFI is not supported in this device which can be a concern for consumers seeking high range Air Purifier operability.

Bottom line

Air Purifiers are somewhat hustling in their inclination towards HomeKit support and will be updated in near future. What you can opt for is the mere price to performance for the Air quality you are targeting to get in your space. As far as overall performance is concerned you can opt for LEVOIT Air Purifiers which are tested and loved by most consumers around the world. Best in class air quality is being offered by Smartmiglobal devices with their revolutionary disruptions in air purifying technology. Get the best your budget and required specs suit for you. Good luck and breath pure.


What is the most effective air purifier on the market?

Smartmi Air Purifiers can be listed as the most effective air purifier in the market with their TVOC & Lasor Particle Sensor technology that won’t let any harmful practical float in your private indoor space. The amount of unmatched precision you get here is up to 0.3 μm. The modes work best as per the expectation and keep the purifier unnoticed during the night with low noise and display off feature.

Does Xiaomi air purifier support HomeKit?

As mentioned on their official page currently Xiaomi air purifiers do not support HomeKit. Though via some tips and tricks you can connect it won’t be fully functional and handy. In the near future, you will definitely observe Xiaomi products to be HomeKit & iOS friendly.

Is a DIY Air Purifier Effective?

A DIY air purifier might somewhat be effective in smaller spaces like a 10X10 ft room but won’t deliver many effective results. For better performance, quality-tested air purifiers are recommended that state the real-time air quality in a given space. If you have allergies or asthma then a DIY homemade air purifier won’t work for you.

Does Molekule work with Apple HomeKit?

Currently, Molekule is not supported with Apple HomeKit though they have their own application in the apple app store. The application is not having a good rating due to its operability and complexity.

Are air purifiers a waste of money?

In this modern world, every kind of pollution is of great concern which makes air purifiers essential in private space purification in urban areas. Air purifiers are not at all waste of money and can be a boon for individuals with allergies and asthma.

Do home air purifiers work for Covid?

Air purifiers are effective against most airborne viruses and pollutants but at this evolutionary stage, air purifiers are not capable to provide reliable protection against Covid 19.

What are the disadvantages of an air purifier?

Against the quality of living and health benefits following are the negligible negative factors of Air purifiers:

· Air Purifiers need to be operated in closed spaces only.

· Filters are needed to be replaced at regular intervals which can be expensive.

· They are quiet but not totally silent and sometimes quite noticeable under high performance.

· The running electricity cost for some might lay heavy on your pockets.

How much should you spend on an air purifier?

This depends on many factors like what functionality you need, and what is the room size you are purchasing an Air purifier for?, the level of the toxic breathable environment around and your breathing health condition. You can’t top pricing factor over your health and nowadays there is a wide range of good air purifier options available which makes this segment quite competitive for you to get the best brands at justified costs. The best possible suggestion for this question is if you want to invest in an air purifier get a decent one otherwise cheap solution are wont effective for the reason you brought it for.

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