Best cell phone plans 2017 & Comparison: Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile

Here I manly focus on how we can pick Best cell phone plans on daily usage and smart way to switch in to another new released plan and live from popular carriers companies (T-Mobile, Sprint, T-Mobile or AT&T) officially. Depends on professions each single line or Prepaid cell phone users have different interest of area. Someone interested in Video or Audio call, some like to text and others like surfing, online gaming or other activities generally.

Hope you get the today best plans for cell phone users in February 2017, if not then sorry for that and Send feedback on comment, what are you looking for and expecting to get and analysis.

Compare best cell phone plans 2017, Choose right for you and your family

Best cell phone plans and comparison

Carrier Name Plan Types Plan Details Get Plan
T-Mobile Fixed amount per month, Pay as you go plans, Family plans
  • Activate plans for Single line, multiple lines for family
  • Best offer going on T-Mobile is 4G LTE data in $40/month – 3GB, $50/month – 5GB, $60/month – 10GB. Unlimited text, talk and data. Nationwide 4G LTE network, Music unlimited
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Verizon Verizon plans categorised on Purpose of use: Personal, Business and Home
  • Based on Single or four lines, you can activate any of seven different size plans. Plans names are S (small), M (Medium), L (Large), 12 (New), XL (Extra large), XXL, 30 to 100 GB
    • 2GB $35/mo
    • 4GB $50/mo
    • 10GB $70/mo
    • 14GB $80/mo
    • 18GB $90/mo
    • 26GB $110/mo
    • 32GB $135/mo
    • 42GB $180/mo
    • 52GB $225/mo
    • 62GB $270/mo
    • 82GB $360/mo
    • 102GB $450/mo
Personal Use Verizon plans Residential plans Business plans
Sprint Sprint plans available for personal single line, Family, 50% off and unlimited plans.
  • Single line plans are featured with unlimited streaming videos, music or Game. Also get unlimited 4G LTE data, 1GB in $20 and 3GB in $30.
  • Unlimited plans in $50, Switch to sprint from another carrier give 50% off, Shared plan with whole family.
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AT&T AT&T has wide options to pick your ready data plans, international call & Text plans, choose your Device and enjoy custom plans & Share plan Just pick 1 GB to 100 GB for your device in ready data plans chart. Get freedom on Call to over 225 countries and Test to over 190 countries. Third plan is add device, approximate data usage and pay of it only. Browse AT&T Plan here

Cheap/ Low cost cell phone plans

Carrier Data (In GBs) Get Plans
T-Mobile 3GB for $60 See Plan
AT&T 3GB LTE Data with unlimited text and call for $30 Buy Plan
Verizon 2GB for $35 Buy Plan
Sprint 3GB Unlimited Text & Call, $30 Buy Plan

Medium budget Plans

Carrier GBs Data in Per Month Value Activate Plan
T-Mobile 5GB for $50/Month See Plan
AT&T 6 to 16GB for, $80 to $110/ Month See Plan
Verizon 8GB to 12GB for $70 to $80/ Month See Plan
Sprint 6GB for $45/ Month See Plan

Heavy usage plans – unlimited Call, Text and Data

Carrier GB for Price per month Activate Plan
T-Mobile 10GB for $60/ Month See Plan
AT&T 25 to 100GB for $130 to $470/ Month See Plan
Verizon 16 to 100 GB for $90 to $450/ Month See Plan
Sprint Unlimited Data, Text & Talk, $50 (Offer) See Plan

Pay as you go cell phone plans

People who are not justify usage limit per month then I would like to recommended go with pay as you go plans. Carrier will charged on your usage and calculate the bill as of standard rate.

AT&T: per month 30 minutes text and call after that 10 center per minute/message, $3 Know plan

Carrier also offering Locked or Unlocked iPhone 7 in limited year contract with amazing offer: Unlocked iPhone 7

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