Hey Siri not Working on iPhone 7 Plus/ iPhone X/ 8/ 8 Plus: iOS 11 later

Hey Siri not Working on iPhone 7 Plus after iOS 10 update

Apple’s Personal Assistance Siri is an excellent tool. Moreover, Using ‘’Hey Siri’’ command invoke Siri is cool. Command Hey Siri summons needed only microphone nothing else because of does works without pressing iPhone 7/7+ home button. She does the job for the limited function that you are asking her. Great feature to use for while you are working on other different tasks, cooking, carrying a child, or you interested. According to Apple sources, Hey Siri features supported only latest iPhone and iPad including iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone SE, and the iPad Pro 9.7inch.

While unlisted models are allowed Hey Siri command, but when iPhone/ iPad connected to Power. Wake Siri up by Voice is incredible. Even though, sometimes due to software glitches and lousy hardware the Hey Siri not Working on iPhone & iPad. Also, specific functions prevent Hey Siri command from invoking Siri.

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Whenever Siri doesn’t detect your voice command, then might problem occur after a software update or any bug. Still hey Siri can’t hear you. Don’t worry. Here I’m going to describe several optimal troubleshooting to get the fix.

Note: To use Siri make sure that your iPhone/ iPad connected to Wi-Fi or cellular data network.

Solution on Hey Siri not Working on iPhone after iOS 11/ iOS 11.2.2 update

Hey Siri not Working on iPhone 7 Plus after iOS 10 update

Fix 1. First of all, You should confirm that Hey Siri set up is correct and enabled on your iPhone or iPad Pro 9.7’’.

Go to Settings App – Scroll down the Screen tap on Siri & Search – Next, verify Allow Listen for ‘’Hey Siri’’ toggle turned ON.

Allow Siri when Locked: Also Enable this option for access Siri on locked iPhone screen.

Voice Feedback: We can customize this setting from Always On, Control with Ring Switch and Hands-Free Only.

Activate Siri using Side button on iPhone X: Enable Press Side button for Siri toggle option. (See the screen below)

1 Siri not Working on iPhone

iOS 10 or earlier device can see the below screen,

Hey Siri set up is correct and enabled on your iPhone 7 Plus

It’s already turned on. Nevertheless, hey Siri can’t be hearing your voice. Keep continuing with next Fixes.

Fix #2. Don’t Play Audio and Video, when you are invoking Hey Siri Command

When you are playing audio or video on your iPhone, and you are trying command ‘’Hey Siri’’ can’t detect your voice. Hence, verify you’re not playing any video or audio when you are asking Siri.

FIX 3. is Low Power Mode turned On your iPhone 7/ 7 plus?

make sure Low Power Mode is disabled on your iPhone

Low Power Mode is an iPhone battery preserve mode. When your iPhone reach 20% battery, then you will be getting low battery warning. At that time, if you tap on low power mode or even accidentally tuned Low Power Mode ON then it closed specific functions of your iPhone. And among all of them, one is Hey Siri command. So you guys, check out that the Low Power Mode is turned off/ Gray.

Open up Settings App > Tap battery and next, make sure Low Power Mode toggle turned off/ White.

FIX 4: Reboot your iDevice

Hmm, sometimes restarting device fixes some kinds of software glitches. Let’s try this Reboot iPhone 7/ 7 Plus tip and check it out again for Hey Siri.

Get Here: How to force restart iPhone X/ iPhone 8/ iPhone 8 Plus

Fix 5: Is your Siri Microphone working well?

Hey Siri not hearing you on your iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus/ 7/7 Plus. Please remove thickness bumper case cover which covering receiver like Otterbox, life proof, etc.

Clean your phone microphone and try again. Do you know where iPhone microphone located? In particular cases Siri not hearing you, because of the iPhone microphone not working or damage as like it before the job.

Fix 6: Restore your iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus/ 7/7 Plus

Sometimes due to heavy glitches, Rebooting can’t work. In such case, you should do Restore your iPhone. Take the latest backup before restoring your iDevice.

Don’t MissiOS 11’s featureEnable type to Siri on iPhone (you can use Siri instead of talking)

If none of the above solutions worked for you, then you should contact Apple’s authorized service center.

In Case, your device covered warranty; then you’ll be able to get service in free of cost by the Apple. Enjoy.

Hello friends, we hope you got complete fix to repair hey Siri not working on iPhone or iPad as you expecting before.

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