Best Chromebook for Gaming in 2024

Chromebooks are laptops that operate on Google’s Chrome OS rather than Apple macOS or Microsoft Windows. Chromebooks are less vulnerable to viruses than regular Windows PCs. In addition to being used for social media browsing, YouTube video watching, etc., Chromebooks are also extensively used for gaming. You can play Android games as well as certain Linux games. Right from high-end retro games to casual games, Chromebooks prove to be a decent choice for gamers.

Remember to read this article fully to choose which Chromebook for gaming suits your expectations, and finally, go with the recommended ones without further delays.

List of Chromebooks which offers Better Gaming Experience

1. Acer – Chromebook Spin 713 2-in-1

Regardless of the type of game, we have this 2-in-1 Chromebook as a suitable recommendation for you. For both casual and experienced gamers, this Chromebook offers a satisfying gaming experience. Its 10th Generation Intel Core i5 – 10210U processor is one of its key components responsible for conveying efficient performance output. Comprising a battery life of up to ten hours, you get rid of frequently charging this device while working or playing games. The 8 GB system memory leads to multitasking. You will not complain about storage space in most cases because it comes with a 128 GB SSD.

13.5 inches VertiView touchscreen display comes with 2K resolution that presents crisp and clear visuals. The built-in HDMI port and dual USB Type-C port help you connect compatible devices. Placing a rapid Amazon purchase would meet all your expectations, and also, you will have this 2-in-1 Chromebook shipped directly to your doorstep!

Pros of buying Acer – Chromebook Spin 713 2-in-1

  • 360° convertible modes
  • Powerful wireless connectivity
  • Very high durability
  • Wide device compatibility 
  • Large battery life

2. Lenovo IdeaPad Duet 5 Chromebook

If you are in search of an ideal laptop that offers a smooth gaming experience with lifelike display output, we have this Lenovo IdeaPad Chromebook as an appropriate recommendation. It is packed with a 42Wh battery that provides up to 15 hours of battery life in mind portability. The 13.3 inches OLED display comes with Full HD resolution. Its brightness is 400 nits, and it also supports true color through the DCI-P3 (100%) color gamut. So, the visual output is always fantastic whether you use it for work or gaming.

The removable fabric folio keyboard offers a comfortable typing experience. Moreover, stylus support is available. You will benefit from the crystal-clear sound output from the four speakers implemented with smart amplifier functionality and two microphones. The chassis is ultra-light for portability. You can place your Amazon purchase order today without wasting a minute and get a superb gaming experience from this Lenovo Chromebook.

Pros of buying Lenovo IdeaPad Duet 5 Chromebook

  • Offers ultra-portability
  • No strain on eyes
  • Fast music streaming
  • Crystal-clear sound
  • Crisp Full HD resolution

3. HP Chromebook X360 2-in-1

Experience smooth gaming and indulge and a fair multitasking ability, with this HP 2-in-1 Chromebook as a decent recommendation. The built-in 10th Gen Intel Core i3-10110U processor and the 8 GB RAM ensure this Chromebook is suitable for multitasking. These components let the device run smoothly whether you are playing games, photo/video editing, or browsing the web.

The 14 inches multi-touch screen comes with Full HD resolution. This display boasts lifelike color output and excellent clarity. The IPS technology is implemented in the display to support broad viewing angles. The 360° flexible design lets you use this Chromebook in tablet and presentation modes. The included fingerprint reader ensures secure login. Two stereo speakers are included to deliver quality sound output. You can place your Amazon purchase now and begin exploring the benefits of this HP Chromebook without any delays.

Pros of buying HP Chromebook X360 2-in-1

  • In-built virus protection
  • Comfortable and precise typing
  • Games run smoothly
  • Melodious sound output
  • Broad viewing angles

4. Lenovo ThinkPad C13 Yoga Gen 1 (20UX001TUS)

You can play any causal or hardcore game flawlessly on this Lenovo Chromebook. It packs 16 GB of DDR4 SDRAM that can run multiple programs and any game without lags. AMD Ryzen 7 3700C (quad-core) processor is included. The 256 GB SSD storage space allows you to store huge games and files without hassles. The 13.3 inches Full HD screen offers you an impressive gaming experience and is suitable for video watching. 

The installed Chrome OS supports cloud connectivity to save data online, which will save your hardware expense. Due to the all-day battery life, this Chromebook doesn’t need frequent charging. The included fingerprint reader guarantees secure login. 720p HD webcam and 5 MP front camera are included. If you have decided to buy this ThinkPad Chromebook, we recommend you place a quick Amazon order to ensure it gets timely delivered to your location.

Pros of buying Lenovo ThinkPad C13 Yoga Gen 1 (20UX001TUS)

  • Bootup in seconds
  • Flexible 360° hinge design
  • Fast WiFi 6 connectivity
  • Plenty of ports
  • Robust aluminum chassis

5. Google Pixelbook Go Lightweight Chromebook Laptop

For gamers, students, working professionals, and anybody willing to stay productive, this Google Pixelbook is a perfect choice. The built-in 8th Gen Intel Core CPU offers fast and responsive power output. It offers efficient performance overall and a smooth and responsive gaming experience. With ultra-quiet keys and a spacious touchpad, you can play games comfortably. They also boost your work productivity.

This Chromebook protects your information and data passwords with antivirus software and the Titan C security chip. You will observe splendid picture output on the HD touchscreen display that contains Intel UHD Graphics. Moreover, the dual stereo speakers provide melodious sound output without distortion. Up to 12 hours of battery life lets you work or play games continuously without disturbances. It is suggested that you should benefit from this Google Chromebook for the ultimate gaming experience and place your Amazon without further delay!

Pros of buying Google Pixelbook Go Lightweight Chromebook Laptop

  • Very quiet keys
  • Responsive Chrome OS
  • Flexible 360° hinge
  • Huge battery life
  • Amazing sound quality

These Chromebooks pack efficient graphics power, own multitasking ability, vivid visuals, decent battery life, a comfortable keyboard, and boast quality sound output. Therefore, they are appropriate choices for gamers. Due to implemented security solutions and the latest Chrome OS, they continue to work flawlessly for a long period without requiring replacement.

In this article, we are very confident that you will select the best Chromebooks fulfilling your expectations through the recommended Chromebooks for gaming.

Chromebook FAQ

1. Are Chromebooks good for gaming?

 Chromebook laptops come with vivid and large HD and powerful hardware. Therefore, they allow you to play various Android and certain browser apps. Generally, you need a high-end CPU or GPU, high RAM capacity, and huge storage space to play high-profile games. However, Chromebooks come with all these specifications, so they are good for gaming.

On the majority of the recent Chromebooks, you can play various games as an Android app or web app or remotely through one of these methods. To run them, you would require an emulator.

2. What Chromebooks can run games?

Mostly all Chromebooks can run games but here are our top recommendations:

  1. Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 
  2. HP Chromebook x360
  3. Lenovo IdeaPad Duet 5 Chromebook
  4. Google Pixelbook Go Chromebook
  5. Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5 Chromebook (2021)
  6. Lenovo – ThinkPad C13 Yoga 2-in-1 Chromebook
  7. Dell Chromebook 11 (3100)
  8. Lenovo Chromebook C330
  9. Asus Chromebook CX
  10. Acer Chromebook Spin 713 

3. What is the best game on a Chromebook? 

The best game on Chromebook is Alto’s Odyssey, specifically if you are those types of Chromebook gamers who like delightful, relaxing games for outdoor adventure that lets you dive deep into a charming virtual world.

The game feels mesmerizing while you snowboard or sandboard downhill via hypnotic landscapes. When playing this game on a Chromebook, you will play as a person named Alto, who smoothly races downhill over an infinite slope on the board. You can jump across rocks and other barriers. You would spin in the air with wonderful tricks and gather coins along the way.

4. Is Chromebook good for Fortnite? 

The trend for playing Fortnite is rapidly increasing among gamers. Everybody urges to play this epic game. But a Chromebook cannot run Fortnite. Chromebooks lack the horsepower required to run this game, and secondly, ChromeOS is incompatible with this game. 

Using the NVidia Cloud-Gaming platform or the Chrome Leverage method, you can play Fortnite on Chromebooks.

5. Can you play Steam games on Chromebook?

Steam is supported on Chrome OS during early 2023, and now you can play Steam games on Chromebooks. Many Steam games that now operate on Chrome OS don’t operate natively on Steam for the Mac device.

A Chromebook should fulfill the minimum system requirements mentioned below to run Steam:

  1. 8GB of RAM
  2. 11th Gen Intel Core i5 – i7 processor, w/ Intel Iris Xe, integrated graphics

Steam games usually occupy between 3 GB to 100 GB of space. Hence, it is recommended to free up some hard disk space on your Chromebook before playing. 

6. Can you play COD on Chromebook?

Even though being a mobile game, it is possible to play ‘Call of Duty (COD)’ on Chromebooks. Players can utilize various emulators to play this game. On your Chromebook, you need to download this game from the PlayStore. This game is nicely optimized to run on Chromebooks. The arrow keys can be used for moving, while the X and Z keys can spark your beam. You can use the touchpad for navigating the menus and the keyboard for playing.

7. Can I play Minecraft on a Chromebook?

To the Popularity Of this Minecraft game, users like to use or play on any device including Chromebook. Here’s a clear guide to Playing this Minecraft game on your Laptop using Two different platforms Minecraft Education Edition, and another one is Pojavlauncher available in the play store.

Also can install Minecraft Java Edition via the Linux app support on Chromebooks.

However, it is recommended to stick with either Bedrock or Education editions unless you use a high-end Chromebook.  

8. Can you play among us on Chromebook? 

Those Chromebook users who own a school-issued Chromebook can conveniently play Among Us via the GeForce Now cloud gaming service. You have to purchase this game on Steam, and then you can directly play it on a browser. Linux support or Play Store is not needed. 

If you play it on a Chromebook via the Linux container, you have to install Steam’s Linux version and then buy this game from Steam. If you want to play Among Us for free on a Chromebook without using Steam, you have to use Wine. 

9. Can you play Roblox on a Chromebook?

Roblox is known as one of the most famous games in the market, specifically for kids. No native app is available for Chrome OS. But you can run the Android version of Roblox (by downloading from the Google Play Store) on most of the latest Chromebooks. 

Check whether your Chromebook runs Android apps and then Google Play Store before installing Roblox.

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