Best External DVD Writer for MacBook Pro, Air M1, M2 in 2024

Gone are the days when we used to play songs and videos on CDs and DVDs. With the growing advanced functionalities and new upgrades in laptop manufacturing, USB and port drives are the most common options for data transfer. In addition, Apple has stopped manufacturing the Mac with disk drives since 2016, which means external drives are the only solution left if you want to play your old CD or DVD. If you are also looking to move your old photos and favorite movies to your Mac, buying the best external DVD drive for Mac can be a reliable option for reading and writing the data.

In this article, we have gone through detailed research and made a list of the Best External DVD Writer for MacBook that is under budget and offers the best features.

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1. Apple USB SuperDrive

Apple USB SuperDrive External DVD Writer for MacBook

Benefits of using Apple USB SuperDrive:

  • It is portable and light-weight
  • Compatible with most of Mac devices
  • It has a decent design and is easy to use

Price = $33.50

The Apple USB SuperDrive is a sleek and compact solution if you are looking for the best external optical drive for Mac that seamlessly complements your on-the-go lifestyle. Whether you’re in the office or traveling, this device enables you to effortlessly play and burn both CDs and DVDs. You can watch your favorite DVD movies, install software, create essential backup discs, and more, all with the convenience of the Apple USB SuperDrive. Its compact size, just slightly larger than a CD case, ensures easy portability in your travel bag and minimal space in your workspace. It has a built-in USB Type-A cable and is compatible with Mac models from 2008 and later.

2. ROOFULL – Extra Power cord (USB-C & USB-A)

ROOFULL Extra Power cord External DVD Writer for MacBook

Benefits of using ROOFULL – Extra Power cord:

  • Best quality and has reliable performance
  • High-Speed USB 3.0 2-In-1 Data Cable
  • Multifunctional and offers wider compatibility

Price = $29.99

Check out the ROOFULL External DVD Drive to elevate your digital experience. You can easily set it up by Plug & Play; it doesn’t require additional drivers, making it as simple as using an internal optical drive. Simply connect it to your Mac or Windows laptop/desktop and enjoy automatic recognition. It allows you to watch movies, burn discs, and copy content – all at your fingertips. This multifunctional optical drive handles CD-ROM, CD-R, DVD-ROM, DVD+/-RW, DVD-R DL, VCD-ROM discs, and much more. It has good compatibility with Mac OS, Windows, and Linux and has a USB 3.0 2-in-1 cable to ensure swift data transfers. Don’t worry about power shortage concerns; you can easily fix it with an extra USB to micro-USB cable. Crafted for reliability, quiet operation, and portability, this premium external drive offers durability and exceptional performance. 

3. BUNUD – 5 in-1 Design, Slim Disc

BUNUD Slim Disc External DVD Writer for MacBook

Benefits of using BUNUD – 5 in-1 Design, Slim Disc:

  • Slim Aluminum Alloy Material
  • High-speed interface for quick data transfer
  • 60 days full refund and 1-year guarantee

Price = $45.99

BUNUD is one of the best external DVD drives for MacBook Air that offers the best features to unleash your creativity with remarkable versatility and innovative features. It has a Lightscribe function, allowing you to fetch personalized designs onto the disc’s surface to preserve your evergreen memories in a visually stunning way. This 5-in-1 drive handles CDs and DVDs and has independent SD/TF card slots, 2 USB ports, and a Micro USB port for seamless data transfer and device charging. It is manufactured from sleek aluminum alloy with a slim embedded cable design to enhance portability while minimizing noise and interference. It is compatible with diverse OS systems and laptops and guarantees rapid data transfer.

4. NOLYTH External DVD Drive 

NOLYTH External DVD Writer for MacBook 

Benefits of using NOLYTH:

  • High-Speed CD Reader
  • It offers wider compatibility
  • Multifunctional CD DVD Burner

Price = $39.99

NOLYTH External DVD Drive is meticulously crafted to match the quality and material of MacBook/Mac models. It is the best DVD drive for Mac due to its stunning features like slot-in design, devoid of an eject button, which makes loading effortless, while the integrated USB Type-C cable ensures you’ll never lose cables again. It is expertly designed for Macs from 2008 onwards, lacking internal optical drives. It is a simple plug-and-play CD/DVD player that requires no software installation for playback. Its versatile functions cover many tasks, from watching movies to burning/ripping discs. You can enjoy high-speed performance with up to 8x DVD write/read speed and 24x CD write/read speed. It has a USB 3.0 adapter that extends compatibility, making it a sleek and portable travel companion compatible with both Windows and Mac OS systems.

5. VersionTECH – Visible Design

VersionTECH Visible Design External DVD Writer for MacBook

Benefits of using VersionTECH:

  • Delicate design and pure copper mesh technology
  • Ultra slim and portable 
  • 10X speed of USB 2. 0

The VersionTECH External DVD Drive is a high-performance solution delivering enhanced data transfer speeds with its USB 3.0 interface offers up to 5Gbps, and is also compatible with USB 2.0 standards. With advanced Buffer Under Run Protection Technology, you can perform efficient DVD write speeds of up to 8x and CD write speeds of up to 24x. Its ultra-slim, portable design with a detachable cable ensures convenient usage at home or on the go. This allows you to effortlessly watch DVD videos, listen to music, install software, and more with its plug-and-play functionality and user-friendly eject button. It’s designed for stability and durability and offers the best compatibility with various Windows and MAC OS systems, making it the best choice for optical disc needs.

6. Guamar – 2 USB Ports

Guamar 2 USB Ports External DVD Writer for MacBook

Benefits of using Guamar DVD writer:

  • 5 1 CD DVD Drive
  • Support CD/DVD Reading & Writing
  • High-performance and wider compatibility

Price = $36.99

Guamar is the best optical drive for MacBook Pro with USB 3.0 and Type-C dual interfaces. It is easy to use, as simple as plug-and-play, and requires no external drivers, facilitating easy use on laptops and desktops alike. It functions as a 5-in-1 tool with a multifunctional USB hub, offering SD and TF card readers and two USB ports. This intelligent drive supports CD/DVD reading and writing, making it perfect for burning files, ripping CDs, and installing software. It’s highly compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux systems, and its pop-up design ensures smooth disc handling. It is made with lightweight materials and equipped with an additional power cord, which makes it perfect for the go-to solution for efficient optical disc tasks on the go or at home.


Selecting the best Mac compatible external DVD drive can significantly enhance your computing experience. With the growing trend of slim and compact laptops, most people prefer sleek designs over built-in optical drives, thanks to these external DVD writers that fulfill the need for disc-related functionalities. Whether it’s for software installations, data backups, media playback, or content archiving, the above options highlighted in this article cater to various needs. 

You must consider compatibility, speed, reliability, and other necessary features to make the best choice for a CD DVD drive for MacBook Air to enjoy the versatility of physical media handling.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. Can you connect an external DVD drive to a MacBook Air?

Absolutely, you can connect an external DVD drive to a MacBook Air. Since MacBook Air models lack built-in DVD drives, using the Best external DVD writer for MacBook Pro Air allows you to read, write, and manage DVD and CD content seamlessly. You can also expand your MacBook Air’s capabilities for tasks like software installation, data backup, and media playback.

Q2. How do I choose an external DVD drive?

When choosing an external DVD drive, you must look for factors like compatibility with your device (Mac/PC), connection options (USB-C, USB-A), read/write speeds, and features like M-DISC support for long-term data preservation. Opt for a reputable brand, balanced features, and a drive that suits your routine tasks, including media playback, data backup, or software installation.

Q3. Why doesn’t my external DVD player work?

There are several reasons that can cause an external DVD player for MacBook Pro to not work. Some of them are incompatible drivers, faulty cables, improper power supply, or issues with the connected device. You must ensure correct connections, update drivers if needed, check power sources, and verify compatibility with your computer’s operating system. If problems persist, contact consulting technical support or troubleshooting guides.

Q4. Why can’t I play a DVD on my Macbook Pro?

The inability to play a DVD on your MacBook Pro could result from the absence of an internal DVD drive in newer models. To overcome this, try using the best external DVD drive for MacBook Pro compatible with your device. Additionally, ensure you have a suitable media player app or software to facilitate smooth playback.

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