Best Free Procreate Alternative for iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows in 2024

Your iPad is the best alternative to a laptop, with more than expected features stocked up ready to use, whether recording video, editing video, playing games, watching movies, etc. Indeed, Apple iPad is an exclusive tablet for Graphic Designers, Video Editors, 3D Sculpting, and more. However, if you are already involved in one of these professions, you have heard and used the Procreate app to make sensible art on a handy iPad.

No matter why you want to move from Procreate to another tool, we’ve gathered some of the best Procreate Alternatives for iPad, iPhone, Android, Mac, and Windows. For sure, you’ll save money if you download the free app from this list.

Best Procreate Alternatives for iPad, Android, Windows, and Mac

#1. Adobe Photoshop SketchProcreate Alternative for Windows

Adobe Photoshop Sketch is an ideal tool to express your thoughts and make creative arts using natural pencils, pens, brushes, markers, watercolors, and all the necessary tools to carve your art. For quick access and not to confuse between the tools, you can split the screen; one side continues with your drawing; on the other side, pick the tools, whatever, whenever you want.

If you are stuck while preparing designs or sketches, feel free to drop your query into the community or directly connect with a support team. Download the Adobe Photoshop Sketch for Android and iOS.

Download Adobe Photoshop Sketch for iOS & Android

#2. ArtRage 5Procreate Alternative for iPad

ArtRage 5 is quite focused on PC; if you are looking for Procreate alternative for Windows and Mac, ArtRage is the one. The ArtRage is a digital platform entirely dedicated to the sketch, paintings, drawings, and creating more realistic textures using highly advanced digital painting tools that are probably unavailable in any other software.

The watercolor tools, Oil colors, flexible brushes, natural pencil, and all the essential tools are behind the powerful performance of ArtRage 5. Launch the application and personalize it, from adding layers to resizing canvas; anything is possible with this intelligent painting tool.

You’ll need to buy a license version of ArtRage from its official website, and most importantly, the license covers both macOS and Windows.

Best iPad for Procreate App

#3. Autodesk SketchBook- iPhone & iPadBest Designer Apps for iPad

Autodesk SketchBook is one ample alternative to Procreate will almost all of the most outstanding features you need to make the most refined arts. This app is down to learn how to make creative sketches, designs, and even more craft right on the iPad, iPhone, Android, and anywhere you’d love to draw, from beginners to professionals.

In the recent updates, Autodesk SketchBook has included advanced features that provide perspective guides, snapping toggle, horizon line visibility, and vanishing point. Plus, the support for Apple Pencil 2nd Gen also indulges the double-tap gesture.

Download Autodesk SketchBook from App Store

Download SketchBook from Google Play

#4. Tayasui SketchesProcreate Alternative for iPhone

Tayasui Sketches is solely available for iOS and macOS, and Android, too, with its outshining tools to decorate your canvas art. Its wet watercolor feature helps the sketch to adapt to the same effect as you have created on the paper. Pencil, Rotring, Felt Pen, Brush, Oil Pastel, Acrylic, Watercolor, Airbrush, Ink, and Smudge; all these editing tools are available in Tayasui, which you may also find in the Procreate.

If you need a change and alternative to Procreate, then Tayasui Sketches won’t make any difference; it’s just the same tool with a change in interface. First, create a single account to access all of your creations across Apple devices, with its built-in synchronizing feature.

Download Tayasui Sketches for iOS, macOS & Android

#5. ConceptsProcreate Alternative for iPad

Concepts is a bright sketching tool alternative to the Procreate app for your iPhone, Windows, and Android. The concept is a terrific platform to convert your drawings into productive art with the ability of free-hand drawings. In addition, this tool is power-packed with a hybrid vector-raster Fluid Engine precision tool to build sharp objects even on canvas.

The app is immensely responsive while using Apple Pencil and Surface Pen to plot your thoughts on the canvas. So have fun while drawing with Concept, on whatever device you would want to.

Download Concepts for iOS, Windows, and Android

#6. KritaProcreate Alternative for MacBook

Krita is an entirely free alternative to Procreate for Windows and Mac, and you don’t need to take trials or subscriptions to use Krita. It’s time to build up your own dream house or sketch that helps your company, using default brushes and the most natural colors. Krita is wholly personalized software that won’t be a hurdle. At the same time, you are busy drawing, move the toolbar wherever you feel to access it conveniently, create shortcuts, customizable layouts, and more.

Here’s the download link for Mac and Windows.

Download Krita for Windows and Mac

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