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Last Updated on May 7, 2021

Download Best Golf Apps for Apple Watch & Make your favorite sports game easy and exciting that help to save your time on Golf ground. Save your Golf score digitally from your apple watch. This app and Data are also available on iPhone, and it will be auto-sync. Apple Watch app widely uses millions of Apple fans over the world. Besides Golf Apps, here sure must have Golf Accessories for the golf swing accuracy.

There are several factors that make the app better for golf person are, the app must provide an accurate map of the field, it should give authentic direction for shot and wind speed, counts and record every moment of the game and analyze it after completion of rounds.

Also, these apps come with premium versions to give specific services, but you need to purchase pro versions. So to fulfill these requirements of golfer, there are few Best Golf Apps for Apple Watch Series 3 which works great with iPhone and apple watch series two are given below.

1) Golf GPS – Free Golf App for Apple Watch (In-App Purchases)

1 SwingxSwing Golf App for Apple Watch Series 3

SwingXSwing is a top-rated app for golfers with great features which can be immensely helpful to golfers for tracking their scorecards and much more things. The advance GPS range finder works comfortably on every golf course in the world with better accuracy on the fields. Tracks your scores and putts at each hole automatically on the device and you can also view the score table of your partner.

The app is accommodated with an advanced feature like you can book TEE time with your partner, create your account and add information regarding your past scores, current scores, view scorecard, share with friends, and many more things you can do through this app.

Besides if you go for the premium version, you can have vast specifications like wind speed, swing elevation angle, accurately it manages penalty tracking, scorecards and bunker play. Handily adjust your match and competition on it.

Download Golf GPS

2) Golfshot: Free & In-App Purchases Golf app

2 Golfshot app for apple watch series 3

The GOLFLOGIX’s golf GPS app comes with the beautiful 3D maps and useful features along with the trust of millions of golfer’s. The unique functions of this app are, globally it supports every golf course and tracks distances using GPS, updates scores and putts including every penalty strokes and maintains stats on your device.

Analyze your game from Golf Digest’s best faculties like Haney, Harmon, and much more. Also, you can book TEE time with your partner or competitor using this app within seconds. The app can be better by upgrading it to the premium version, and that includes so many advanced features like you can freely access videos and magazines.

it works with an apple watch series 2 without iPhone, counts calories, shows up layoffs and hazards through GPS and it is the beginning of best, more are waiting for your subscription to the premium version.

Download Golfshot

3) TrackMyGolf (Free & In-App Purchase)

3 TrackMyGolf Apple Watch app for Golf

An updated version of the TrackMyGolf app is quite responsive compared to other similar apps for the Apple watch series. It is featured with some of the best functions like Golf Digest’s latest edition, it automatically analyses and records each swing and putt and save it to the scorecard. Measure the distance to the holes from your position of the favorite ground courses of the world without internet by just loading the golf course once.

Now you need to carry iwatch and leave your iPhone in the bag during the course and play freely on fields. It can store attributes like impact angle, hand speed, tempo, and swing plane so that in future after accessing data you can improve your game.

The App is designed with high accuracy including both 2D and 3D views of the map containing all the grounds and holes and along with it can detect wind speed so that you can adjust yourself in a better direction.

Download TrackMyGolf

4) SwingxSwing: Free & In-App Purchase

4 SwingxSwing Golf app for Apple watch Series 3

An excellent tool is available in App Store to improve your skills towards GOLF and to learn new techniques by saving much time. Watch in-built 3D videos of the complete course and visualize the field and holes to give the best shot on the ground and invite for a TEE time to friends and score best with or against your partner. And with it, you can train yourself with leading experts like Sean Foley and Andrew Rice by upgrading this App.

The pro version allows you to track the handicap index, and there you will also get an exciting deal on booking tee time using the GolfShot app. easily follow every swing, stroke, and penalty shots accordingly on the watch series.

Save every moment of the game by monitoring the distance and direction of each shot on the ground. There are several premium packages that include different experts, and with pro versions, you can enjoy the App Ad-free.

Download SwingxSwing

5) GolfNow – Free (In-App Purchase)

5 GolfNow Apple Watch Golf app for Series 3

Here is the best golf app for golf lovers which work great with apple watch series 2. One of the best App that will track your scorecard and record every step of your game instantly beside it analyze the stats of your game after every round for each player.

The app is allocated with 30000 golf courses which can give you perfect layouts and works conveniently as a rangefinder. This app includes booking tee times on around 6000 courses of the world.

It is beneficial when you are new to the game, and you don’t know the speed and direction of swing and putt of the match this app will help you to overcome such situations. Each hole is accurately displayed by this app on the golf courses so that you make every shot perfect.

If you are new to the city then no need to worry because with the help of the GOLFNOW map you can find the best golf course nearby your area. Further, there are more features are included in it, but you have to go for the premium version then only you can enjoy it.

Download GolfNow

Finally, the best time for the golfers arrives with some of the fantastic golfing apps. Many apps are available in the store, which can make your game more efficient and enjoyable by reducing efforts.

Primarily, the biggest problem that every golfer will face is to find the best golf course so, after considering this situation this app is designed with complete information on the finest courses around the world. Golfing apps are precisely programmed so that a person can accurately hit a perfect stroke on any golf course.

Don’t miss to look this best iPhone Compatible Golf Accessories for Swing Accuracy

Let’s enjoy and share your experience with us on which app you like most from the below list of most downloaded and full-featured Golf apps for Apple Watch.

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