Best Accessories for iMac 24 inch M1 in 2023- Must-Have

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What accessories do I need for new iMac M1? Here’s a list of the must-have add-on that helps you to get the most out of your new Apple iMac computer. The list is important for your cause of lack of USB ports, SD card slots. in this blog post, I’m gonna share with you accessories for iMac 24 m1 chip that you can count as an iMac accessory kit 2023.

Suppose you are planning to purchase a new 24 inch iMac or already have one; you must consider getting yourself some fantastic accessories that will make your work much more manageable and comfortable. A good accessory helps in reducing stress and workload by successfully bringing out the best from your device. Apple’s iMac is a very premium and high-quality product, so you must be looking for suitable accessories that complement your iMac in terms of quality, budget, and application. Don’t stress about it, as we have put together this list of some of the best accessories for iMac 24 inches that will surely add value and assistance in whatever work or job you want it for.

In this post, you will encounter all sorts of add-ons for your iMac ranging from USB docks to magic trackpad and selfie rigs. So, whether you are a video editor, working professionally in an office, teacher, or a gamer, you will indeed find something that will grab your interest in this list. Therefore, let’s head straight into the list of best accessories for iMac 24″ M1.

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Must-Have Accessories for M1 iMac 24-inch

#1. Satechi USB-C Clamp Hub – USB-C Data Port


Over All- #1 Accessories for Apple M1 iMac 24″ to get USB Port

Every video editor, music producer, or gamer has to connect various external devices to their iMac in order to get their job done in a professional manner. Sometimes the USB ports provided by the MacBook aren’t enough, and you need some extra ports to connect all of your devices. The Satechi USB-C Clamp Hub – USB-C Data Port is a product that is specially designed for the 24 inch iMac to enable fast data transfer and give access to other external devices like mouse, keyboard, hard drive, etc. using the extra USB ports provided. This USB dock can be easily installed with its adjustable knob by plugging it into one of the iMac’s USB-C ports without any tools.

Apart from offering extra USB ports for your iMac, the Satechi USB-C hub also allows super-fast file transmission speeds of up to 5 Gbps with the help of its USB-C and USB-A 3.0 data ports. This USB hub adds both style and functionality to your working space with its sleek, compact, and modern design. Note that this USB dock is only compatible with the 2021 24 inch iMacs and does not support connectivity with the previous versions of iMacs.

Hence, to extend the limits of your connectivity, order this essential product from Amazon and experience super fast delivery and great deals.

#2. BenQ ScreenBar Halo LED Monitor Light/Lamp


Let me introduce you to the BenQ ScreenBar Halo LED Monitor Light/Lamp that offers a soothing and comfortable viewing experience to people with the help of its unique eye care setting modes and asymmetrical optical design. Now you can get the right amount of light for your monitor with the BenQ screen bar’s customizable integrated front and backlights that create a healthy environment for your eyes both while working as well as for entertainment and relaxing purposes. With a responsive and intelligent wireless controller, you can adjust the brightness and switch between various lighting modes.

Worth Purchase for Mac/Computer monitor light that’s featured Space-saving, no glar, for Studio setup productivity setup, productivity tools, work from home setup, home office setup

Hence, to purchase this exceptional product at the lowest price possible, head to the Amazon website and place your orders as soon as possible.

#3. Satechi Type-C Aluminum Monitor Stand Hub with USB-C Data, USB 3.0, Micro/SD Card Slots


Everyone needs a stand for their monitors, and iMac is no different. A good monitor stand helps in reducing neck pains and encourages better-sitting postures even after long hours of work by providing comfortable viewing angle adjustments. The Satechi Type-C Aluminum Monitor Stand Hub is not just a great stand but also offers external USB ports for you to connect your external devices to the iMac. It has 3 USB 3.0 ports that provide data transfer speeds of up to 5 Gbps, micro/SD card slots with lightning-fast speeds of up to 104 Mbps, and a 3.5mm audio jack in which you can connect your headphones and enjoy unlimited music.

Now you can be more organized in storing your keypads, notebooks, chargers, and more as it creates a more valuable storage area due to its sleek and compact design. Despite being sleek and compact, this product is also robust and durable and can easily hold the weight of your iMac. This monitor stand with a USB dock is compatible with all Apple iMac models using the Type-A to Type-C adapter that comes with this product.

So, to be more organized and elegant, bring home this brilliant product by ordering it from the Amazon website or app to get the best deals and offers.

#3.1 M1 iMac Shelf/ iMac Rear Shelf

  • Apple iMac 24″ Accessories to keep your desk clutter Free

Make way for the incredible M1 iMac Shelf/ iMac Rear Shelf that helps keep your table or desk more organized by allowing you to store your hard drives and other accessories on this shelf. This shelf can simply be mounted on the stand of your iMac at the rear end, and hence the things you store or keep on this shelf will not be visible to anyone sitting or standing in front of the iMac, thus keeping your accessories safe and secure. The weight-bearing capacity of this shelf is exceptional as it can easily hold your harddisks, iPad, and even your MacBook.

The iMac rear shelf does not hamper or come in the way of your cable management, as the integrated cable rails permit effective management of cables and cords. Your hard disk or other accessories will not fall off this shelf as it has integrated vertical pegs that prevent the hard disk from slipping and holding it in place. This brilliant shelf is compatible with the 21 and 27 inches iMac, Apple Cinema Display, iMac Pro, and Apple Thunderbolt Display making it very resourceful and handy. This product embodies two color variations: Matte Black and silver so that you can buy the one that matches with the color of your iMac to keep that continuity of color.
Hence, head over to the Amazon site and order this excellent shelf for iMac to keep your desk well organized and manageable.

#4. Portable Numeric Keypad Keyboard for iMac


The people in the accounts department will love the Satechi Slim Aluminum Bluetooth Wireless 18-Key Keypad Keyboard as it contains only the Numpad so that the users can do the calculations quickly. This wireless keypad keyboard connects to your iMac using Bluetooth without asking you to install any software or driver. The ergonomic and sleek design, accompanied by the rechargeable battery that can power this product for up to 2 weeks with a single charge, make it a must-have iMac accessory for anyone who deals with numbers on a day to day basis.

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Hence, to increase and enhance your working efficiency, bring this product home by placing your orders on Amazon today itself.

#5. Seagate Portable 2TB External Hard Drive Portable HDD


Leave all of your storage problems behind by grabbing the Seagate Portable 2TB External Hard Drive Portable HDD that offers a vast storage capacity of 2 TB in which you can easily store and access your photos, videos, or other files on the go. This product is compatible with both Apple and Microsoft devices, so you don’t need to worry about it supporting your iMac. This excellent portable HDD can create backups by a simple drag and drop function to securely keep your data in its backup folder.

This 2 TB portable external hard drive works simply on the plug-and-play principle and does not need any external software to be recognized by your iMac. The included 18 inch USB 3.0 cable can be connected to any of the parallel ports on your iMac to transfer and safeguard your data in this hard drive at super-fast data transmission speeds.

When it comes to Seagate, you don’t have to question the durability and quality of this product as it is one of the best brands at present times. So, if you have decided to buy this product to increase your storage, consider ordering it from Amazon and get it delivered to your doorstep hassle-free.

#6 Time Machine Backup Drive – Personal Storage


Now you can securely keep all of your photos and videos in one place to cherish those memories for as long as you want. The G-Technology 12TB G-RAID with Thunderbolt 3 offers an enormous storage capacity of 12 TB so that you can store all your HD photos and 4K videos safely without worrying about the size. This backup drive has two Thunderbolt 3 ports that allow you to conveniently daisy chain up to 5 additional devices offering connectivity with multiple drives, 4K displays, and more simultaneously, through a single connection to your iMac. 

The High-speed data transfers enable you to quickly transfer all your HD photos and videos so that you spend less time waiting and can focus your maximum time on creating with the help of the Thunderbolt 3 or USB-C ports. The dual Thunderbolt 3 enterprise-class 7200RPM hard drives are safely enclosed in a solid and robust aluminum cage for added protection and durability. This aluminum provides protection to the drives and makes the backup drive look stylish and elegant at the same time. 

Therefore, to keep all of your memories safe in one place so that you can relive them whenever you want, order this excellent backup drive from Amazon today to get the maximum discount.

#7. TXEsign PU Leather Protective Screen Dust Cover Sleeve


Nobody likes a dirty monitor or iMac when working or presenting their work. The TXEsign PU Leather Protective Screen Dust Cover Sleeve is specially designed for iMac to prevent dust and dirt from sticking to your device’s screen. This dust cover is built from polyester with inner soft velvet lining making it very soft and breathable and protecting your iMac from scratch marks, dust, sunlight, and mildew. It comes with a rear pocket in which you can store all of your essential items like an Apple magic keyboard, magic mouse, magic trackpad, mouse pad, wires, cable, etc.

Apart from being slim and soft, this dust cover is straightforward to clean and can be simply washed to clean it. Built from non-toxic material, this dust sleeve does not harm the environment when washed or exposed to moisture. It is an anti-slip dust sleeve that provides complete protection to your iMac on the front screen, and the opening back design allows good ventilation on the back. This dust sleeve is built to last, and you can entirely rely on the durability of this product.

To keep your iMac as good as new and to safeguard it from dust and dirt, head over to Amazon and buy this vital accessory for your iMac today.

#8. Gator Cases Creative Pro Series Nylon Carry Tote Bag for Apple 27” iMac Desktop Computer 


Suppose your work involves moving from one place to another or traveling, then you need a good case of your iMac that will keep your device safe and sound. The Gator Cases Creative Pro Series Nylon Carry Tote Bag firmly and securely grabs your iMac in place with the help of its adjustable foam padding and support blocks even while you are traveling in trains, buses, or airplanes. This bag has a gigantic zippered pocket that contains individual labeled storage compartments to store your full-size keyboard, mouse, trackpad, and cables in an organized way.

This brilliant iMac carry bag has a unique design that allows you to work on your device without even removing it from the backpack. A folding top cover protects the iMac from sunlight, dust, and flares, and zippered side port allows easy access to the power cables. The built-in nylon rain cover shields your device by keeping it dry even in heavy rainfall, making this product weather-ready. This carry tote bag for iMac offers extra screen protection with the help of its front flap, which is designed using the Hard panel reinforcement technology. The removable adjustable carry strap, rubber feet, and PVC protection on the bottom of the bag make it very durable and handy for traveling.

If you want to keep your iMac safe and secure while traveling from one place to another, then you should consider buying this carry bag. Check out this product on Amazon and make the payment by any of the payment methods that are convenient for you.

#9. AirPods Pro & AirPods Max

A good pair of earphones can take you on a musical journey whenever you want to take a break from work or just relax in order to release your stress. The two earphones that we recommend to you that will compliment your iMac beautifully are the AirPods Pro and the AirPods Max. Both of these earphones are special in their own way, and you can decide which of these to buy from the description given below.

#9.1 Apple AirPods Pro Wireless Earbuds


The Apple AirPods Pro comes with a unique noise cancellation feature that completely blocks the surrounding noise to give an immersive music experience. It also embodies a special transparency mode that allows you to communicate or have a conversation with the people standing around. The AirPods Pro has three sizes of soft, tapered silicone tips that comfortably fit everyone regardless of their ear size. You can enjoy listening to music while working out in the gym, cycling, or during other sports activities as the sweat and water-resistant coating protect your device from all types of moisture. 

The unique adaptive EQ technology automatically tunes music according to the shape of your ear to provide a recreational and soothing music environment. It is very convenient and easy to set up this device and works fine with all Apple products. The battery life of this device is more than 24 hours so you can listen to unlimited songs and watch countless videos on a single charge. You can also access Apple’s AI personal assistant Siri just by saying, “Hey Siri.”

To enjoy music at its best, purchase this brilliant product by heading over to the Amazon site or app right away.

#9.2 Apple’s Official AirPods Max- Wireless Overhead Headphone


The Apple AirPods Max is an entirely wireless headphone that provides high-fidelity audio using the dynamic driver designed by Apple. The AirPods Max has a special active noise cancellation feature that allows you to enjoy authentic music and keeps you entertained throughout by blocking the outside noise effectively. If you want to talk to someone in your surroundings, you can communicate with them without even removing these headphones using the transparency mode. You can now experience theatre-like surround sound as it uses a unique technology called Spatial audio with dynamic head tracking so that you can get the feel of watching a movie in a theatre at your home.

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These headphones are very comfortable and durable as they have memory foam ear cushions and a knit-mesh canopy that offers both comfort and longevity to this product. The setting up process of the AirPods Max is straightforward, and it can accurately detect when the headphones are on your head, which helps reduce the battery consumption. The extra powerful battery provides 20 hours of listening, movie watching, or talk time even when the Active Noise Cancellation and spatial audio are enabled. This time can be extended by storing it in ultra-low-power mode. 

Therefore, to order these technologically advanced and comfortable headphones, visit the Amazon site and buy them today.

#10 Desk Protector with Mouse pad [Mouse pad with wrist rest]

#10.1 Aothia Desk Protector


Every time we keep our phone, iMac, coffee, or other things on a desk, there are chances of getting scratches and stains on the surface of the desk. To prevent these scratches and stains, we introduce the Leather Desk Pad Protector, which can also be used as a mouse pad. This desk pad is enormous and can easily house your mouse, laptop, and keyboard. It offers a comfortable and smooth surface for your mouse to freely glide on while working or editing. 

The Special Cork suede design at the bottom of this desk pad increases the friction resistance, thus preventing it from slipping while placed on your desk. This desk protector safeguards your desk from all sorts of water, coffee, or drink spillage as it is made from durable and water-resistant PU leather. In case of spillage, you can simply clean this desk pad by wiping it with a wet cloth or paper.

This incredible desk protector comes with a one-year warranty in case of any damage or quality issues. So, without wasting any time, go to Amazon and buy this product before the offer ends.

#10.2. MROCO Ergonomic Mouse Pad with Wrist Support


Say goodbye to wrist pains caused due to prolonged hours of using the mouse by bringing home the MROCO Ergonomic Mouse Pad with Wrist Support. This mouse pad has an ergonomic design and provides comfort to your wrists with a particular wrist rest filled with soft gel. The high-quality and premium-textured lycra cloth provides a very smooth surface for your mouse to accurately move and ensures smoother mouse control with exceptional accuracy. 

This mouse pad with wrist support has a good grip on the surface on which it is placed as it has soft non-skid PU base grips that keep the mouse pad in place. The edges of this mouse pad are reinforced, thus ensuring durability and long-term use. Be stress-free about the gel getting leaked as it is backed by the company’s full refund and return policy.

Hence, go to the Amazon website or application now and order this fantastic product to prevent any type of wrist pain caused by using the mouse.

#11. Travel Adapter for plugging your iMac


Suppose you are traveling to a country on a different continent, then you need a power adapter in order to charge your devices due to the varying size of power outlets available in other countries. The All in One Universal Travel Adaptor by MINGTONG has four international plug adapters that cover more than 150 countries in the United States of America, Europe, the United Kingdom, and Australia. It comes with a built-in fuse protector and safety shutters that safeguard your devices from all types of electrical surges and power fluctuations.

Apart from these features, this travel adapter has two USB ports that can be used for charging iPhone, iPad, 5V Tablets, Bluetooth Speakers, Headphones, etc. Note that this travel adapter does not work with high-power appliances such as hair straightener, flat iron, hot water heater, coffee maker, etc., and should only be used for charging small electrical devices such as mobile phones, digital products, computers when traveling.

Order this excellent product from Amazon and travel with confidence to keep your mobiles, tablets, computers, and iMac safe from electrical surges.

#12. Apple Magic Trackpad (Wireless, Rechargeable)


Apple Magic Mouse Alternative product for iMac 24″ accessories those who don’t must use Mouse

The world of mouse manufacturing was revolutionized with the release of the Apple Magic Trackpad. This magic trackpad is an entirely wireless and rechargeable device that can be charged with the help of a lightning cable. It can be connected to your iMac using WiFi or Bluetooth and gives access to the Force Touch technology, and allows the use of a full range of Multi-Touch gestures. The unique sensors under the trackpad can sense even the minute changes in the pressure applied by your hands to get a more immersive experience while using it.

The Magic Trackpad has a large glass surface area for comfortable and efficient swiping and scrolling when working on your iMac and increasing overall productivity. Once you turn this device ON, it will automatically connect with your iMac without any manual connection requirement. The battery backup of this Magic Trackpad is incredible as it can last for more than a month with just a single charge.

Leave the traditional ways of using a mouse behind and grab this unique product from Amazon to increase productivity and be up to date with the technology.

#13. Logitech MX Vertical Wireless Mouse


An ergonomic mouse with excellent response time makes your work and entertainment on the iMac a fun and comfortable experience. The Logitech MX Vertical Wireless Mouse has a unique holding position that reduces muscle strain by placing your hand in a natural handshaking position. This mouse is totally wireless and can be connected to your iMac using a dongle that enables you to use this mouse without any lag or delay in registering your mouse movements. It has multiple changeable DPI options, with 4000 DPI being the maximum that provides efficient and smooth mouse tracking at super high precision, thus reducing your hand movements.

This brilliant wireless mouse can be used on three computers simultaneously with the help of Logitech Flow to copy-paste text, images, and files from one to the other. Apart from being compatible with connecting to the iMac using its dongle, this mouse can also be connected using the Bluetooth connection, and the included USB-C charging cable. The battery life of this mouse is on another level as the battery can power the mouse for about 4 months on a single charge. The Logitech MX Vertical Wireless Mouse offers a 3-hour usage by charging it for just 1 minute in case of an emergency.

Never compromise on comfort or battery life by grabbing this excellent product from Amazon and getting it delivered to you within 2 days of ordering using the Prime membership.

#14. Gaming Controller for iMac


Make way for the Xbox Core Wireless Controller that has a remarkable battery life of 40 hours for your non-stop gaming on iMac. This gaming controller’s unique and ergonomic design offers a very comfortable and seamless control while playing games on this controller. The Xbox Core Wireless Controller has a 3.5 mm jack so that you can directly connect your headphones to this controller for an immersive and realistic gaming experience. You get a good grip over this gaming controller with the help of the textured grip on the triggers and side bumpers. It offers a three-way connection mode with your iMac: Xbox Wireless, Bluetooth, or the included USB C to make gaming smooth and lag-free.

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The Xbox Core Wireless Controller is a perfect fit for all streamers and content creators in the gaming industry as it has an integrated Share button that seamlessly captures and shares your in-game highlights or clips with just one simple click. This gaming controller can also be powered by AA batteries giving you ample options to stay connected with the gaming world without any interruptions. It features a lot of different color options like Robot White, Aqua Shift, Day strike camo, and many more to keep your gaming vibe alive and spontaneous. 

Hence, to take your gaming standards to another level, we recommend you visit the Amazon website and order this superb product loaded with features today.

#15. Twelve South MagicBridge


Assuming you have an Apple Magic Trackpad and an Apple Magic Keyboard, and you find it very stressful to manage both the devices simultaneously. The Twelve South MagicBridge is a product that allows easy management of both devices by providing a bridge on which the two devices can be mounted together. This product works perfectly for both right-handed as well as left-handed people as it can hold the magic trackpad on either side of this bridge. This Magic Bridge does not block any ports of your keyboard or trackpad, and they can be accessed without removing them from this bridge.

Don’t worry about your trackpad or keyboard getting damaged, as this product is built from a Strong and Light Polycarbonate that prevents scratches without adding any extra weight to your devices. Now you can use your trackpad and keyboard not only while working on a desk but also while you’re relaxing on your couch, bed, or sofa as well. It is compatible with all the Apple Magic Trackpads and Magic keyboards that can be charged using the lightning cable.

A well-organized and neat desk gives you inner satisfaction while working, playing games, or watching movies or videos on your iMac. So, to buy this awesome MagicBridge go to Amazon and order it now.

#16. Camera Cover for iMac


Now that everything like meetings, lectures, streaming, etc., has shifted to the digital world, we need to be more careful about our privacy as hackers can access the web camera of your iMac or computers to spy on you. The Yilador Ultra Thin Laptop Camera Cover Slide for Computer MacBook Pro/Air iMac takes care of your digital safety by covering your webcam when you’re not using it. This fantastic camera cover fits perfectly on your webcam and can be opened by sliding it to use your webcam. This camera cover for iMac has an ultra-thin design that does not hinder your laptop’s ability to close or fold. 

This camera cover for iMac firmly sticks your device using the 3M tape that does not damage your device on removal. This provides a solid and durable grip over your iMac so that it does not fall off your device easily. The installation of this camera cover is effortless as it can be applied over your webcam by simply sticking it over the webcam.

To protect your digital privacy and prevent hackers from exploiting you, purchase this essential camera cover for iMac from Amazon today.

#17. Logitech Brio 4K Webcam


The pandemic has changed the world and brought upon a digital shift from the conventional methods of teaching, streaming, or attending a meeting as a working professional. Most of the activities are now being conducted through an online medium hence a good webcam is now a necessity for all people. The Logitech Brio 4K Webcam offers ultra 4k HD resolution so that you can record videos or conduct meetings and lectures in fantastic quality. This webcam has an auto-light adjustment feature that efficiently adapts to the changes in light in your surroundings to deliver the best video quality possible.

Now record and stream videos in excellent quality at an incredible frame rate of 90 fps. You don’t need to worry about connecting a microphone as this amazing 4K Webcam has an in-built mic with a noise cancellation feature. This device is compatible with your iMac, MacBook, or any other windows laptop and comes with an integrated privacy cover that protects your digital privacy when you are not using your webcam.

Therefore, to be shoulder to shoulder with the changing world, buy the Logitech Brio 4K Webcam from Amazon right away.

#18. USB Document Camera with Auto-Focus and LED Supplemental Light


A decent camera with a good LED flashlight is perfect for all the distant learners and people who organize or attend web conferences. The USB Document Camera with Auto-Focus and LED Supplemental Light by INSWAN has an 8-megapixel camera that captures highly detailed and crystal clear images and videos at 30 fps. It is a very compact device so that you can easily carry it with you in a bag anywhere and everywhere and occupies very little space on your desk, thus keeping it organized and clean. 

Now you can capture good quality images even in the dark with the help of its LED flashlight and anti-glare sheet by removing all the bloom and exposure problems. This document camera’s autofocus lens can capture the macro objects with high detailing. This USB document camera is a simple plug-and-play device that can be connected to your iMac using a USB A cable and is very strong, lightweight, and durable for longevity. 

Hence, stand out in every web conference or meeting by getting yourself this incredible USB Document camera with an LED flashlight. To order this product go to Amazon and make the payment using any of the payment modes available.

#19. Selfie Ring Light with Clamp Mount


Bring home the amazing Selfie Ring Light with Clamp Mount by Sebider to light up your face while attending an online meeting or creating content for various platforms. You can adjust the light sensitivity of this ring light using the three different color lighting modes as per your needs. The special clamp mount enables you to attach this selfie ring light directly to your iMac without any external stand or support. The aluminum stand frame is very strong and durable and can be adjusted at any angle to meet your requirements of providing the best lighting environment. 

One can directly connect this selfie ring light to your iMac using the USB cable, and you can toggle the ON/Off switch according to your desired lighting mood. This ring light can also be used for reading in the bedroom, camping outside, and even for live streaming. The installation and operating of this device are very simple and convenient as it comes with a manual that has every instruction described in it.

So, to get the best lighting mood or environment, order this excellent selfie ring light from Amazon to get the best offers and discounts.

#20 Mac & iPhone supported USB Drive


Now you can directly connect your iPhone to the Mac or iMac with the MFi Certified Photo-Stick that has an enormous storage capacity of 128 GB. This photo stick is compatible with all iOS devices and is made of Zinc alloy for high quality and longevity. This memory stick can be connected to your iMac or laptop using any of the three connectors: USB C, L Connector, and USB 3.0 Connector by the simple plug and play feature. You can now easily backup your photos and videos with just one click using the JD Memory App and save a lot of time.

Keep all your data secured while transferring or storing it in this USB drive as it encrypts all your data using a password, making it difficult for hackers or other people to steal or misuse it. Suppose you are an Android user, then you can directly view the photos and videos stored inside this USB drive. It comes with an 18-month warranty so that you can easily replace or exchange it in case of problems and errors.

To safeguard and transfer your data from your iPhone to Mac or iMac, head over to Amazon and buy this state-of-the-art product straight away.

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By this, we have covered almost all the essential and best accessories for iMac 24 inch in this post. However, the market is filled with hundreds of accessories for the iMac, which are useless and do not do their work as described by the company. We have recommended only the best, most affordable, and useful add-ons for your 24-inch iMac that will surely add worth to your iMac and aid you in whatever purpose you use them for. So don’t hesitate and take a pick from this list of best accessories for iMac 24-inch.

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