Best Apple Pencil Alternatives in 2023: iPad Pro Stylus

Best iPad pro pencil and stylus in chep price

In this article, I covered all about the iPad pro alternative to the apple pencil. Apple pencil is an excellent digital stylus that offers input for iPad Pro 12.9’’, for iPad Pro 10.5-inch, 9.7’’ iPad Pro and iPad launched for student education. Apple Pencil some users are not affording while we Use Sometimes. Also, are you planning to use two different pens on a single tablet in spare? Those folks thinking Apple pencil is out of the budget and wanted the perfect pencil/ Stylus for iPad Pro should be compatible with iPad Pro. Here is the shortlist of the third-party best iPad Pro pencil Alternatives, which are come with pressure sensitivity and palm rejection technology. The Stylus on the purpose of drawing, Writing, and easy navigation within an app. this time, Apple made the iPad Pro more user-friendly with Apple pen and iPad Pro Smart keyboards. This Stylus is not only for your iPad Pro but also for iPad Mini, iPad Air.

Do we get an Apple pencil with an iPad pro? No, you will have to buy an Apple pencil separately. It doesn’t come with the package of any iPad model. So, having a question like, Is there a cheaper alternative to the Apple pencil? Get here the Six best Apple Pencil Alternatives to your iPad Pro.

  • Logitech Crayon Digital Pencil for iPad
  • iPad Pro Pencil by fifty-three – Nice Apple Pencil Alternative
  • Heiyo iPad Pro Stylus – Cheap Apple Pencil Alternative
  • Jot Pro iPad Pencil by Adonit – New Model
  • Jot mini Adonit best iPad Pro Stylus
  • iPad Pro stylus pen by Navitech
  • Natural feel pencil by Precision touch
  • Wacom Bamboo Sketch
  • Adonit Dash 3 Capacitive Stylus
  • HAHAKEE Rechargeable iPad Stylus
  • MoKo Universal Stylus
  • letech+ Slim Pro Active Apple Pencil Alternative
  • Wacom Bamboo Fineline Stylus
  • Adonit Pixel
  • XIRON Stylus for Touch Screens
  • KSW KINGDO iPad Stylus

Top best iPad Pro Pencil, Stylus alternatives: Full of the Pressure sensitivity and palm rejection Technology

You can order Apple Pencil (2nd Generation) online store on amazon. Why Apple pencil 2? Because it is a better pencil for Apple iPad Pro 11-inch and iPad Pro 12.9-inch (3rd Generation). As well as all other third-party smart pencils that you can buy from here.

#1: Logitech Crayon Digital Pencil for iPad: The best pencil for iPad pro

Logitech Crayon Digital Pencil is Apple Pencil alternative
Logitech Crayon Digital Pencil is an Apple Pencil alternative.

Is there a cheaper alternative to the Apple pencil? What is the best pencil for iPad pro? Yes, I would highly recommend the Logitech Crayon as the only alternative. I hope to use this pencil you feel better in your hands. You can get more about Logitech Crayon from here on Amazon Online store.

#2. FOJOJO Active Stylus Pen with Palm Rejection

Apple pencil alternative stylus
Apple pencil alternative stylus

Best money value thin line iPad Pro pencil, Picture Drawing, Create beautiful notes, Bluetooth enabled and compatible with all other gadgets and smart devices. It is a unique look like Apple Pencil and Type-C Rechargeable Digital Pencil. High Precision & No Lag and offers Long Lasting Battery Life & Touch Activated.

Suitable For Writing Apps like GoodNotes, UPAD3, Noteshelf, Notes Plus, Notability, etc.
Better for Apps such as ArtRage, Procreate, Sketches, Paper, SketchBook, ArtStudio, Zen Brush, etc.

You can Check Price on Amazon

#3. Jot Pro iPad Pencil by Adonit – New Model

The Adonit Jot Pro Fine Point Precision Stylus #1 manufacturing brand for all device pencils. Now new jot pro model is available with improved performance, mainly for iPad Pro, iPhone, Kindle, Android, and Windows tablets. Perfect writing and drawing experience with the thin line on the screen. Easy setup, Multicolor option, Easy to carry with clip slot. Available in variants like Silver, Black, Rose Gold, and Gold.

Jot pro iPad pro touch pen


#4. iPad Pro Stylus pen by Penoval High-Precision Pencil

Penoval High-Precision Pencil for iPad Pro
Penoval High-Precision Pencil for iPad Pro

Penoval High-Precision Pencil is designed best compatible with your Drawing or graphics designing tools like Photoshop, Fine 2.3mm tip, and it has Palm Rejection Technology.

The built-in battery saves your device battery. In addition, it has 5-mins Power Saving Mode Built-In Battery and Quick charge, so this is worth for bucks.

For the USA: Check Price on Amazon

#5. iPad Pro Pencil by fifty-three – Nice Apple Pencil Alternative

What is the best stylus for the iPad? Fifty-three iPad Pro stylus for creativity on screen smoothly. Let’s do your job on your new iPad Pro 12.9-inch screen without scratches and damages. Save 50% from official apple pencil, no need for any installation, Bluetooth enabled device only made for your touchscreen gadgets and works more efficiently on note apps, Drawing apps on iPad Air, and other iPads like iPad Mini, iPad Pro, iPad 2018.

Best iPad pro pencil and stylus in chep price


#6. Heiyo iPad Pro Stylus – Cheap Apple Pencil Alternative

The Powerpack’s new Digital Stylus for your iPad Pro and iPad. That controls your iPad Easily and Smoothly. The cheap iPad Pro Stylus controls everything while you are using it or not. This Capacitive Digital Pen you can buy for under dollar 40. The 40 Hours Playing Time/ 30 Days Stand By/ 120 Seconds auto power off. Find tips that are replaceable on the damage.

3 iPad Stylus


#7. Natural Feel Pencil by Buteny

Is there an alternative to the Apple Pencil for iPad Pro? Full of joy experience with creating the note, Drawing in the app, a lightweight stylus for your child (Kids and Toddlers).

Natural Feel Pencil by Buteny

Authentic packaging, Multi-device supported (iPad Air, iPad Mini, Surface, Kindle Fire)

Check Apple pencil alternative Price on Amazon

#8. Wacom Bamboo SketchWacom Bamboo Sketch

Among all the Apple Pencil Alternatives, Bamboo is a real gem, and more like Apple. Bamboo Sketch works with iPad and iPhone to create sketches, drawings, arts, letting you plot your imagination on the screen anytime, anywhere. The customizable shortcut buttons provide easy access to Pen’s functionality, offering premium soft-nib for consistent picture drawing, and most importantly, its ergonomic triangular design helps you hold the pencil between fingers. In addition, you can charge the Pen using a USB. Besides, a stylish carrying case will be packed in the box.

Check Wacom Bamboo Sketch Pen Price on Amazon

#9. Adonit Dash 3 Capacitive StylusAdonit Dash 3 Capacitive Stylus

Adonit Dash Stylus is not limited to iPad or iPhone, but it can also be used with Android Tablets and Smartphones that support a stylus. It has a precise 1.9mm tip to work seamlessly on phones and tablets like writing on paper, always ready to write, with a one-click connection. So start taking notes or draw sketches, whatever you want to do; Adonit Dash Stylus is a classic pen supporting everything.

Check Adonit Dash Stylus Price on Amazon

#10. HAHAKEE Rechargeable iPad StylusHAHAKEE Rechargeable iPad Stylus

HAHAKEE is an impressive stylus for iPad; it doesn’t matter how obsessed you are with Apple products, but you don’t want to spend money for the second piece; in that case, a stylus like this comes into the picture. So whether you forget Apple Pencil at home or the office, investing a small amount on this pen would never keep you from finishing a task, don’t leave this alternative at home. It features a set of LED indicators showing the battery status; Blue light shows the pen is fully charged, green light means the pen is connected to charging, red light means low battery, and no light indicates the stylus is off.

Check HAHAKEE iPad Stylus Price on Amazon

#11. MoKo Universal StylusMoKo Universal Stylus

Whether you want to use Illustrator Apps or for drawing purposes, consider MoKo Stylus as your assistant. As expected, the stylus is compatible with mostly all the capacitive touch screen devices, including iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone XS Max, iPad Pro 12.9, iPad Air, Samsung Galaxy Phones, Galaxy Tablets, Google, LG, etc. Unfortunately, many people face difficulties while taking notes or sketching on an iPad due to more giant nails or destroying the display with fingerprints and smudges. Once you grab this deal, say goodbye to all those issues. Besides, it has a metal clip to attach the pen over pockets or in the iPad case.

Check MoKo Universal Stylus Price on Amazon

#12. letech+ Slim Pro-Active Apple Pencil Alternativeletech+ Slim Pro Active Apple Pencil Alternative

The letech+ Slim Pro uses a 1.9mm precise tip for the most accurate and lag-free drawing over the giant screen, including iPad and even on touch screen laptops. In addition, the stylus has a sensibility adjustable tip to match your workflow on the iPad and other touch screen devices. You can operate applications, type emails a little slower, but yes, it is possible; you know how hard to type something using a stylus, and much more.

Check Slim Pro Apple Pencil Alternative Price on Amazon

#13. Wacom Bamboo Alpha StyleWacom Bamboo Fineline Stylus

Like I said earlier, Wacom Bamboo is one of the best Apple Pencil Alternative; the above one is costly; this one could save your day. Its natural writing skills are worth trying, but for that, it would be good for you if you download the Bamboo Paper app on your phone and start taking notes there and use the pressure sensor technology. It has the same customizable shortcut button as the above one and the retractable tip for a better experience.

Check Wacom Bamboo Alpha Style Price on Amazon

#14. Adonit PixelAdonit Pixel

Do you know, Apple Pencil is not suitable for older iPads? For once, I could suggest Apple Pencil for iPad Pro 12.9, the latest ones but not for the older iPads. Adonit Pixel’s a pretty good choice for the iPad, iPhone, Android phones, and tablets, reducing your stress and, of course, helps you complete tasks as fast as possible. It is the same as the above Adonit Apple pencil alternative with some changes, but don’t let it go; it is made to better precision, accuracy and to maintain the standard sketches.

Check Adonit Pixel Price on Amazon

#15. XIRON Stylus for Touch ScreensXIRON Stylus for Touch Screens

This stylus works across a wide range of devices including, iPhone 6S or later, Stylus Compatible iPads, Samsung phones, and more. It features a copper tip and mesh tip, so even if you run out of battery, switching to the mesh tip won’t stop your work, maintaining the same superior accuracy and preciseness. Again, though, up to 8 hours of active use, the XIRON Stylus could improve your productivity, saves battery using the auto-shutdown feature when not used for 30 minutes straight. The only downside is you cannot use the fast charger as it could damage the hardware, and most importantly, it is incompatible with iPad Air 2 and Windows Systems.

Check XIRON Stylus Price on Amazon

#16. KSW KINGDO iPad StylusKSW KINGDO iPad Stylus

The KSW KINGDO Stylus is only compatible with the Apple devices, iPhone, and iPad. Turn on the pencil and start navigating on the device, no need to pair or connect the stylus with an iPad or iPhone. It can run up to 10 hours continuously when charged using the original cable that came in the box on a single charge. For higher accuracy and fast operations, the tip is 1.4mm, to provide excellent control while drawing, writing, or using the stylus for any other purpose.

Check KSW Stylus Price on Amazon

You also like iPad Pro Alternatives which are comfortable to use, comprehensive, affordable in cost, and portable to carry on anywhere at the office, home, to your child for education and rough and tough use.

You have above listed all stylus/ Pencils best compatible with your new iPad Pro as an Apple pencil alternative or third-party stylus. I am glad to help you find a cool iPad Pro Pen, Don’t miss sharing your experience with us.

Do you a manufacturer and would like to put your alternative stylus for iPad Pro above the list? Then, feel free you can send us the product for review. To do that, Like on Facebook and follow on Twitter.

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