Best iPhone Photo Metadata Apps: Cool Way to See Photo Info on iOS Phone

Last Updated on Nov 19, 2020

You might be wondering how to see photo info on iPhone or how do you find metadata on iPhone photos using apps? Don’t worry, you’ll find every answer regarding how to view picture metadata on iPhone or any iOS device right from this post. Usually, when we take photos from any gadget or phone, a bundle of information like date, time, location, etc. is attached to the photos, it can be called as Metadata of Photos. Its sort of basic metadata, but what if you want to add metadata in photos on the iPhone? Professionals tend to include EXIF, GPS, and other metadata to their picture for record or on demand of the particular project. At that time, you would need the best iPhone photo metadata apps.

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So, continue to read the post and learn how to view picture metadata on the iPhone together with how to add metadata on iPhone pictures and videos. These are the few best iPhone EXIF Metadata Apps for iPhone.

How to View Picture Metadata on iPhone – Best Metadata Apps for iPhone

#1. Exif Metadata

EXIF Metadata App for iPhone

EXIF Metadata App for iPhone

Exif Metadata fulfills all the listed features that you are looking for like it lets you view metadata of photos right from the camera roll of the iPhone. I’ve seen many positive reviews about its interface and of course, its economical pro version is worth trying, if you are in photography profession or loves to keep track of captured images and videos. A package of more than 50 metadata tags alongside with the support to view Address, GPS data, Location, and more makes this app the best iPhone Photo Metadata Apps of 2020. To extend support and increase usability, this app works with iCloud Photos, Photos stored in camera roll, and the pictures in the photostream.

Download from App Store: Exif Metadata

#2. EXIF Viewer by Fluntro

EXIF Viewer by Fluntro

EXIF Viewer by Fluntro

Unlike any other EXIF app for iPhone, with this app, you can easily remove EXIF metadata on the iPhone that includes Geotagging of photos.  All the major EXIF tags such as ISO, Shutter Speed, Camera Model, Aperture, Time Stamp, File Name, and Lens Model can be displayed as EXIF metadata tags on iPhone. EXIF Viewer by Fluntro is beautifully designed with a variety of features such as Photos Extension, EXIF’s Widget and much more, with the only one-time purchase and use it any number of iOS devices. It will cost you around $2.99.

Download from App Store: EXIF Viewer by Fluntro

#3. Metapho

Metapho EXIF Metadata App for iOS

Metapho EXIF Metadata App for iOS

Metapho EXIF Metadata App for iPhone is free to download, almost all the fundamental features that you are looking for comes with the free version. So, if you just want to download to edit one or two photos metadata, Metapho is the right choice for you. The app comes with several advance abilities including sharing pictures from the share sheet of the iPhone without adding the metadata, change the timestamp of photos, allows you to alter multiple metadata in one shot and more. Besides, it also works with Live Photos and Videos on the go.

Download from App Store: Metapho

#4. The Photo Investigator

The Photo Investigator for iPhone

The Photo Investigator for iPhone

The EXIF Metadata app for iOS works exactly the same as its name, check date, time, location, etc. on the photos and videos stored on the iPhone. I’d recommend this app, as you won’t find easy to use interface like this metadata app for iPhone have. If you want to open the location, yes it is possible to do with the support of most popular Waze, Google Maps and Apple Maps only if photo/video contains GPS Location. Unlock all of its premium features at only $2.99, one-time purchase.

Download from App Store: The Photo Investigator

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