How to Edit Image Metadata on Mac in 2023 [@ Photography Rights]

Here are free ideas to make any Photos or Pictures copyrighted on your Mac and Online. and your Photos copyrighted before you share on social media or Across the web.

Best Ways to Edit Image Metadata on Mac

To edit image metadata for HEIC images on Mac, download the MetaImage software. With the MetaImage app, you can edit the metadata of multiple images all at the same time. So here’s how you do this.


  1. Edit EXIF, IPTC, XMP, ICC, PDF, and maker tags
  2. The app supports more than 5000 tags and more than 90 file formats
  1. Define geographical tags easily thanks to a specific interface
  2. Copy/Paste GPS coordinate, search a location or copy it from another file
  3. including EXIF, IPTC, and XMP. Flexibly add GPS coordinates
  4. Apply Same Changes to multiple photos at once

Step. 1→ Launch the MetaImage app.

Step. 2→ Then, Upload or Drag and Drop some HEIC images on the MetaImage window.

Step. 3→ Now cruise through the blocks and edit metadata like date, image description, and many more.

Step. 4→ Click on the Use Preset option to create a new preset or use an existing one.

Step. 5→ Finally, hit the Suitcase icon to export the tags. You can also Save the changes and quit.

Way to Edit image Metadata Online

There are several online sources to change Image metadata quickly and easily using Browser. Just open the Website, and Upload your Image to the website. and Click on once the upload finish.

and Change your All Metadata accurately and download the Photos with new metadata.

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