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Finally, you’ve iPhone X in your hand, but don’t be happy if still, you don’t have a protective and stylish case for it. As you know, the iPhone X’s entire body consists of glass, and besides, the bezel-less display is quite sensitive. So by mistake, if you drop the iPhone X, it may cost you a significant amount. And there is no guarantee that the device will work as new.

Instead of such a big loss, I will recommend you to invest a small amount in cases which are designed to give 360-degree protection.

Today I will show you one of the latest marble cases with ultra-thin layers and superior protection. The only thing I want from you is to give a few minutes and check the below phone cases for your worthwhile iPhone X.

The Best iPhone X Marble Cases [iPhone XS Max Compatible marble cases]

#1- JAHOLAN Best iPhone X Marble Case

This iPhone X marble protective case is made up of special ingredients to make it flexible, and it also supports wireless charging. The soft TPU texture enables hassle-free fitting and increases the durability of the case.

In-Mould-Decoration technology is the only reason behind its ergonomic design and marble pattern. In some case, after the time passes the cases turns yellow which is very irritating, but in this marble case this thing will not happen, and it will maintain the originality.

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#2- ZADORN- Best iPhone X Marble Case

ZADORN’s marble case is available at an unbelievable price, only $6. The deal is unusual because all the specs that you look in the case are there in this marble protective case. Soft TPU texture with silicone makes increases flexibility, and thus you can remove and install phone case as much time as you want without losing its elasticity.

To protect the front screen, it has raised lips of 2mm which is enough for your device and along with that the frame is too sturdy to absorb shocks and prevent damages.

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#3- VIVIBIN- Best iPhone X Marble Case

If you have noticed the above two cases, they are in a single color. But this case is in two fancy colors one is black, white and the other is the original marble pattern color. I had noticed that the user always wants the kind of phone case that doesn’t occupy much space in the pocket.

They are right in their way because some cases are much bulky to handle and create a problem. This serious issue VIVIBIN has made this case sleek and user-friendly with advanced shock resisting technology.

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#4- Caka- Best iPhone X Marble Case

A simple and elegant for your iPhone X is here. Caka presents a fantastic and affordable deal which is also loved by existing users and hence it is in the category of “Amazon’s Choice.” Both pink and white colors will give a luxurious look along with all-around protection.

The In-Mould-Decoration technology is responsible for such a great color mixture and printing is done under the PET layer which will never fade. The scratch-proof body prevents hard scratches from keys and also it is fingerprint-proof.

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#5- Imikoko – Best iPhone X Marble Case

Imikoko launched the best marble case with a wide range of features. Its specialty is it will never get faded and will maintain the real finishing as it is synthesized with smart technology.

The soft material feels good and comfortable in hands; even you don’t have to worry about fingerprints as it is fingerprint-proof. And it also protects your device from dings, bumps, and scratches, so that you can use your iPhone fearlessly. Apart from features, all the user want is a slim profile of device with a decent look, and so this case will give you both.

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#6- BENTOBEN- Best iPhone X Marble Case

Have you ever experienced that moment when you remove the case after a long time, and the device is cover with a lot of dust particles, how embarrassing that is? Its time to get rid of such headache by purchasing BENTOBEN’s this marble protective case.

The case consists of a vivid design that remains as fresh as new because of In-Mould-Label crafts. Besides this, the combination of hybrid PC and soft TPU prevents the case from scratches, oils, fingerprints and the most important is it absorbs shocks with advanced corners.

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#7- uCOLOR – Best iPhone X Marble Case

The uniqueness of marble cases is the pattern is like someone has done spray painting on a white canvas. And the best part of this cover is you can replace the outer part of the case with different designs.

Even if you want to put a credit card or ID or SIM card or anything like that you can put in the small storage room of this case. The entire phone case is covered by the same pattern not a single edge or corner is left blank.

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#8- ULAK – Best iPhone X Marble Case

Not a single case in the category of marble protective case contains grip on the edges, but ULAK has creatively made this possible. Although, it has a triple protective layer which is a combination of hard PC and soft TPU to make the case resistive against drops.

The raised angles are useful in protecting direct scratches when you place your device in a facedown position. Access camera, face ID, speakers, buttons and wireless charging. Get this case and enjoy your iPhone X without the bulk.

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#9- ESR – Best iPhone X Marble Case

ESR’s smooth and fashionable case will win your heart by its texture and appearance. The impressive pattern on white background with flexible TPU makes this case worthwhile. It covers the entire body of the iPhone X and gives real-time protection from scratches and bumps.

The elasticity of the case enables you to hassle-free installing and removing the phone case without being slippery. Four different color variants with different patterns are available if you want this marble protective case for your iPhone X.

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#10- JAHOLAN – Best iPhone X Marble Case

Are you looking for a current marble protective case with a shiny surface then don’t worry we have got one for you. The phone case is specially made to support all the new features like wireless charging and face ID conveniently.

Essential materials like soft and durable TPU is used in the fabrication of this case. Apart from that, 360-degree protection makes its best deal for you. The shiny reflective gold color looks funky and best suited for collegians.

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