15 Best HardShell Cases for MacBook Pro 17-inch in 2023: The Hard Case Better than Silicone

Last Updated on Sep 14, 2023

in this article, I will show you the best hardshell case for Macbook pro 16 compatible that are available on Amazon online store. The Better Apple laptop cases for Protect & personalize. There are multiple alternatives available when you search for the best MacBook Pro 16-inch Cases. Like, Sleeve Cases for MacBook Pro, Cases with Handle, Shoulder Cases, Backpack for MacBook Pro, and more. So, you should decide first, which category of the case would you like to have on your MacBook Pro 16-inch 2019. But, in this article, I’ll show you the best MacBook Pro 16-inch Hard Shell cases. Also, if you want to explore more cases, then make sure to click on the links to follow the other varieties of MacBook Pro cases.

Besides, kindly check the model number and compare it with the case, and then order a case for your MacBook Pro 16-inch 2019.

What are the best Hardshell Cases for MacBook Pro 16-inch?

Should I get a hardshell case for MacBook 16-inch?

Yes, the first one thing is that a hard case can really protect your Apple laptop in case it gets dropped since the hard casing around the MPB (Macbook pro) absorbs the impact and allows the inside of the machine to stay intact.

#1. MOSISO – #1 Popular MacBook Pro Case with Storage BagMOSISO - #1 Popular MacBook Pro Case with Storage Bag

MOSISO’s hardshell case is simple, clear yet strong enough to prevent scratches, and bumps on the go. The hardshell case will cost you less than $20, and being Amazon’s Choice I don’t think you need to dig deep about the ratings and material. If you don’t like the Navy Blue color, then MOSISO has few more professional colors like Black, Gray, Matte Translucent, and Crystal Clear, and yes you can see the Apple logo clearly irrespective of color.

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#2. AKIT Heavy Duty Rugged Case for MacBook Pro 16-inchAKIT Heavy Duty Rugged Case for MacBook Pro 16-inch

If you want to give your MacBook Pro 16-inch tough protection enough to handle daily wear and tear with a fashionable look, AKIT Hard Shell Case for MacBook Pro 2019 is the right choice. It comes with rubberized corner feet that enabled fast heat disbursement, also it makes anti-slip whenever you work on a slant surface.

The edges are fully covered with heavy-duty hard shell material, whereas the middle part is still transparent to highlight the Apple logo. It will roughly cost you less than $40, but believe me, it is the great deal available right now, of the rugged case for MacBook Pro 16-inch.

Check AKIT Case Price on Amazon

#3. Kuzy – Simple, Clear, Soft Touch CaseKuzy - Simple, Clear, Soft Touch Case

With precise cut-outs and soft-touch texture, your 16-inch MacBook Pro will shine through this hardshell case. A quick snap on installation takes less than a minute to cover MacBook Pro, close, and open as many times you want, it won’t affect the functionality. Kuzy offers four different color options, White Frost, Red, Black, and Clear. It’s time to forget the scratches that destroy the look of stylish MacBook Pro.

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#4. B BELK Ultra-Slim Crystal Clear MacBook Pro 16-inch CaseB BELK Ultra-Slim Crystal Clear MacBook Pro 16-inch Case

B BELK’s MacBook Pro 16-inch case comes in handy as you’ll get triple protection at a cost of one; a keyboard cover, screen protector, and the ultimate safeguard, the hard shell protective case for MacBook Pro.

The best part about this clear hardshell case for MacBook Pro is it won’t fade the original shining of Apple logo and definitely prevents scratches, fingerprints and of course, its precise-design allows you to access all the ports, touch bar, and other features conveniently.

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#5. Mektron Protective Hardshell Case for MacBook Pro 2019Mektron Protective Hardshell Case for MacBook Pro 2019

If you’re looking for a matte finish case for MacBook Pro 2019, consider this Moonmini Ultra-Thin Case. It covers the MacBook Pro 360-degree, only the ports, and other hardware features remain uncovered by this case. All you need to do is gently press the case over the MacBook Pro and when it clicks, the case has perfectly covered your laptop. It’s time to give your MacBook great shape with Moonmini matte finished case. And if you feel there’s a fingerprint or minor scratch on case, just clean it with a neat cloth and make it look like new. Lastly, the case includes two rows of ventilation, for quick heat disbursement.

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#6. TwoL 16-inch MacBook Pro Printed Hard Shell CaseTwoL 16-inch MacBook Pro Printed Hard Shell Case

Clear Cases gives a more professional look to MacBook Pro, here’s your funky and cherry blossoms printed case for 16-inch MacBook Pro. If your MacBook Pro is placed between 100 other MacBooks and you’ve covered it with this case, within a second you will identify that it is your MacBook Pro. It is featured with a semi-translucent and anti-skidding frosted pattern that’ll make MacBook Pro more comfortable to carry. The package includes keyboard cover, screen protector and hard case.

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#7. Yuqoka Plastic Hard Shell MacBook Pro 16 CaseYuqoka Plastic Hard Shell MacBook Pro 16 Case

Yoqoka’s hardshell case is the ultimate option to cover up the MacBook Pro with a smooth and clear surface, yet show-off the MacBook’s original body and slimness. Its ergonomic design is responsible to protect the laptop from scratches, smudges, dust, and bumps. Besides, its sleekness and precise fitting ensure the MacBook Pro’s safety allowing you to access the ports, buttons, and more. You can choose from Blue, Black, and White; three color options.

Check Yuqoka Price on Amazon

#8. IBENZER MacBook Pro CaseIBENZER MacBook Pro Case

IBENZER is similar to Yuqoka’s hardshell case when compared to the price and outer material. Although, users will respond more to IBENZER, as it is popular in terms of delivering the best in quality hard cases for MacBook from the very beginning. Easy installation and removal, lets you cover up the MacBook anytime, effortlessly, perfect vents for heat dissipation, and much more at only $15.

Check IBENZER Case Price on Amazon

#9. TwoL Printed Case for MacBook Pro 16-inchTwoL Printed Case for MacBook Pro 16-inch

TwoL brings the best-printed case to protect the MacBook Pro with well finished multi-color designs. It features comfy texture to fit the MacBook Pro inside the case with, nicely rounded snug by maintaining the grip when you carry it from one place to another. The case comes in the two-piece, the upper and the bottom, for easy and safe installation. With all that protective measures, you can still have all the ports; plug-play without removing the case.

Check TwoL Printed MacBook Pro Case Price on Amazon

#10. May Chen Crystal Clear Plastic Printed CaseMay Chen Crystal Clear Plastic Printed Case

You know whats the best part of this case? It’s the flexible plastic, we always judge the accessories, mostly the cases after looking at the exterior surface, which must be shiny and smooth and of course feels good while carrying around. Under $30, you’ll get crystal clear screen protector, keyguard, and the colorful case in a single pack. From outer to inner, May Chen will protect your MacBook greatly.

Check May Chen Price on Amazon

#11. KECC Marble Print Laptop CaseKECC Marble Print Laptop Case

KECC presents a stylish marble pattern case for MacBook Pro 16-inch, precisely designed case that lets you access all the functionality of the MacBook with ease. It offers dozens of colors and patterns to choose from, each of them has rubberized feet on the bottom of the case, to hold the Mac on the slant surface. Two-piece construction enables easy installation.

Check KECC Price on Amazon

#12. ProCase Kickstand MacBook Pro CaseProCase Kickstand MacBook Pro Case

If you want something more than a normal hardshell case, then check out the ProCase Case with Kickstand. Apart from protecting the MacBook, it has two foldable kickstands to use the machine conveniently. The 360-degree full protection armor shell covers the Mac from edge to edge, also from the drops, bumps, and scratches.

Check ProCase Price on Amazon

#13. anban Glitter Bling Caseanban Glitter Bling Case

Try this new generation stylish case, if you’re looking for funky, glittering material for MacBook Pro. Enlighten with the attractive PU Leather finish ensures safeguard from heavy scratches and knife-cuts. Plus, accurate ventilation beneath the Mac fasten ups the heat disbursement, in the same line, four rubberized feet are given to hold the MacBook Pro. Available in more than 15 beautiful colors and ergonomic designs to choose from.

Check anban Case Price on Amazon

#14. iDonzon 3D Effect Clear CaseiDonzon 3D Effect Clear Case

Want to decorate the MacBook Pro with colorful flowers? iDonzon brought a full-fledged 3D print transparent case, no special cuts or adjustment has been made, but still, Apple logo shines through the case. One-step installation won’t be a problem for you, if you find the case dirty, remove it, clean it, and push it on the MacBook again as many times you want. Apart from Floral Transparent, few other options such as Floral Black, Cactus Pattern, Pink Marble, etc are available.

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#15. EooCoo Plastic Hard Shell CaseEooCoo Plastic Hard Shell Case

EooCoo packs, a Plastic Hard Shell Case, Screen Protector, and a Keyboard Cover, with the entire set, you don’t have to face any compatibility issues, between screen protectors and case. The Plastic Hardshell case round-ups the MacBook completely, from top to bottom, and right to left. Air vents are allotted wherever needed, for safer heat disbursement.

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