11 Best Mechanical keyboards For Mac of 2024

If you are a tech enthusiast, utilize as many digital gadgets as possible daily. Most likely, your keyboard is crucial to enhance your workflow. So, stop worrying about what keyboard to use. This article fulfilled all of your parameters. Additionally, the keyboard supports your palm; it offers an ergonomic feel within your budget.

This mechanical keyboard is like heaven for game lovers. It offers RGB illumination, lifetime durability, stability, and rapid response times for quick in-game action.

What is a Mechanical Keyboard

A computer keyboard with spring-activated switches is referred to as a mechanical keyboard. Unlike a standard keyboard, A mechanical keyboard has a separate control for each key.

Mechanical keyboards require significantly less pressure to record a keystroke. This is because mechanical keyboard switches, which have a mechanism under each key, replace the rubber layers.

Best Mechanical Keyboards For Mac (macOS Layout)

After reviewing numerous reviews, we’ve compiled a list of the top keyboards that balance comfort, reliability, and budget factor. Take a look.

We should buy macOS (Command, Control, Shift, Option Keys) layout keyboard for mac users. Checkout the below list…

1. NuPhy Air75 Mechanical Keyboard (Mac layout)


Thanks to its unique design and cutting-edge aluminum alloy stamping technology, the Air75 mechanical keyboard, which uses a 75% layout (and only 84 keys), is the smallest mechanical keyboard currently available.

Similar to the membrane keyboard, there is no requirement for a wrist rest because it’s a low-profile keyboard and this type of keyboard does not require a wrist rest. Even continuous usage will not harm the wrist. Its narrowest point measures just 16 mm.

Surprisingly, Several connection options offer Air75, including 2.4G wireless, Bluetooth 5.0, and USB C wired mode. It is ideal for use at home, in the workplace, outside, and with casual games because it can connect up to four devices simultaneously and easily switch between them.

Overall, Air75 is compatible with Mac and Windows, and It has 21 backlight modes and 4 side light modes. The battery may be used constantly for 48 hours and has a life expectancy of three to four years.

  • Wireless and Wired Mode
  • Brand New PBT Keycap
  • The thinnest mechanical keyboard on the market
  • little lag when using Bluetooth connection.

2. Logitech MX Mini Keyboard (Mac layout)


Introducing the Logitech ultimate performance combo is MX Mechanical Mini and MX Master 3S for Mac; both tools are created and customized for macintosh.

Workflow is streamlined by the mouse’s MagSpeed scroll wheel and bright backlighting on the keyboard, which enable you to type in any environment.

With an 8K DPI track-on-glass(2) sensor, low-profile mechanical switches, Quiet Clicks, and tactile quieter switches, you can work uninterruptedly for all-day comfort.

Bluetooth allows you to connect your keyboard and mouse to up to three Mac laptops or desktops and wirelessly exchange files, text, and photos. At last, Backlit keys include bright illumination, which turns on as soon as your hands close to the keyboard and adjusts itself to changing lighting situations. The Logitech MX Series combo is used to like Universal control on Unsupported Mac, Between mac and Windows.

  • Multiple Computers, One Flow
  • Long Battery Life
  • Customize Your Keys And Clicks
  • Highly expensive

3. Velocifire Wireless Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard (Mac layout)


Velocifire TKL61WS wireless keyboard supports dual systems and is fully compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems. To transition from Windows to Mac, press Fn+A/S. One of the rare Wireless Bluetooth keyboards that supports a dual system is the TKL61WS.

Bluetooth 3.0 and a type-C USB connection are compatible with our 61-key mechanical keyboard. Wirelessly connect to a maximum of three devices simultaneously, and to switch between them, press Fn+Q/W/E.

Moreover, Keyboard backlighting supports single color. This Bluetooth wireless mechanical keyboard is helpful for content writers, programmers, editors, and others who spend many hours typing daily.

Surprisingly, This keyboard has an 1800 mAh built-in rechargeable battery. In Wireless mode, it can utilize a backlight opening for 16 to 32 hours. Additionally, the keyboard provides a Low Battery Alert; if the “Fn” key keeps flickering, the keyboard has to be recharged.

  • Faster & Accurate
  • Ice blue backlit
  • Connects with up to 3 devices via Bluetooth
  • Keyboard backlighting Single Color

4. Logitech K845ch RGB Mechanical Keyboard


The brand’s name is sufficient. Logitech. It contains strong 4-8 degree tilt-adjustable legs and a slim front. As a result, you benefit from typing at a comfortable angle. Choose from Red, Blue, or Brown switches for the ideal volume of sound and tactile key feedback.

Even in the dark, you can be productive with white illumination in 5 patterns. All the mechanics of a gaming keyboard are provided in a sleek, premium form with long-lasting Aluminium Construction.

Furthermore, Extra-durable keyboard keys have tested 50 million clicks with a solid anodized aluminum top. Long-lasting characters that are molded won’t fade or disappear.

At last, It’s one of the best mechanical keyboards. It connects to other devices through USBs, and the keys’ style is Cherry Red. The real keys are 104, and this keyboard is valuable for gaming purposes and enhances your working flow.

  • Durable aluminum design
  • Comfortable typing for longer
  • 5 ways to backlight: Breathing light, Random, Greedy Snake, Reaction, Static
  • It doesn’t have a USB pass-through.

5. Razer BlackWidow V3 Keyboard


The Razer BlackWidow Elite is a high-performance gaming keyboard designed for exceptional performance. A multi-function digital dial controls the media, and the USB 2.0 and audio pass-through allow for simple cable management.

In addition, the Ergonomic wrist rest: Perfectly placed next to the keyboard to ease wrist pressure and reduce wrist fatigue while playing video games for long periods. It offers in 3 colors: Classic BlackHalo Infinite Edition, and Quartz Pink mechanical keyboard.

It supports media controls keys like Multi-function dials; you may set them up to pause, play, skip and tweak everything from brightness to volume. Moreover, It sports Doubleshot ABS Keycaps, which are molded from two layers of plastic rather than painted. This makes the keycaps more robust and guarantees that the characters on the keys never disappear.

Unlike other mechanical switches, Razer Mechanical keys are unique. It is developed to deliver performance and durability at the level of competition and is built specifically for gaming. Lastly, The actual number of keys is 104.

  • Quick and Precise Razar mechanical Switches
  • Brighter RGB lighting
  • Configure multi-function dial
  • Easy cable management
  • Extended gaming comfort
  • No hot-swappable allow in this keyboard

6. SteelSeries Apex Pro TKL Mechanical Keyboard


Overall, World’s fastest and best-selling TKL Mechanical Keyboard. Certainly, One of the best things it offers is an OLED smart display: A built-in control panel for changing settings and monitoring information from your game, Discord, Spotify, and other sources immediately on demand.

The Omnipoint mechanical switches on the Apex Pro TKL Mechanical Keyboard, rated for 100 million keystrokes, address the problems of gaming keyboards.

Passthrough the USB port, Put a flash drive, Bluetooth transmitter, or USB device right into the keyboard to prevent having to crouch behind your desk. The Top quality Magnetic wrist rest offers complete wrist support and a comforting, ergonomic feel. However, the absolute number of keys is only around 84.

In addition, Three-way cable routing, Makes sure your cable doesn’t hinder anything. The built-in channels in the frame let you pick three locations for your thread to exit, keeping your desk organized.

At last, It is the best keyboard for enthusiasts who refuse to settle, thanks to its robust aluminum alloy construction.

  • RGB Illumination
  • Volume control scroll wheel
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum alloy
  • Premium magnetic wrist rest
  • Expensive

7. Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 Mechanical Keyboard


The premium mechanical gaming keyboard from CORSAIR is the K70 RGB MK.2. Its a lightweight, strong aluminum structure. It’s a German-made 100% CHERRY MX gold-plated kind of ducky keyboard; Its contact key switches provide the reliability and accuracy you demand with a smooth, linear response.

Comprehensive system lighting synchronization, vivid dynamic multi-colored illumination, and extensive macro programming are all made possible by the powerful CORSAIR iCUE software.

Moreover, It includes a USB pass-through, dedicated multimedia controls, a removable soft-touch wrist rest, and textured FPS and MOBA keycaps. So no matter how fast your in-game actions are, every keypress registers precisely.

At last, the real number of keys is only around 104. You may buy a wireless mechanical keyboard (Corsair K70 PRO MINI WIRELESS RGB 60% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard).

  • It supports USB pass-through port
  • Aircraft-grade anodized aluminum frame
  • German-made CHERRY MX key switches
  • Multi-color RGB backlighting
  • Does not have o ring dampeners
  • Expensive

8. Cooler Master CK552 Mechanical Keyboard


Firstly, it supports Mechanical Gateron Red switches: Providing fast responses for speedy in-game action.

This Cooler Master gaming Keyboard supports On-the-fly controls: Modify the lighting and macros in real time without using any software. And it was built with a simple appearance and a curved top plate out of a polished aluminum frame.

RGB Backlighting: Per-key LEDs with various lighting effects to draw attention to all of your impressive kill streaks. Map of Software Customization adjust lighting settings, apply 16.7 million colors to any key, and fine-tune macros. It includes a sakura pink mechanical keyboard, Mint green, ck352, and even more.

Durable mechanical switches with a 50 million keystroke rating or above. At last, It supports various styles Red switch, MK730, Doubleshot PBT, Blue Switch, and Brown Switch.

At last, the real number of keys is only around 87.

  • RGB Per-key Backlighting
  • Durable Brushed Aluminum
  • Linear Red Mechanical Switches
  • On-the-Fly Controls
  • It doesn’t have a USB pass-through.

9. Womier K66 60% Mechanical Keyboard


Firstly, It’s one of the best custom mechanical keyboards. Built-in cool lighting modes that are customizable, allowing users to select their favorite shade. Secondly, 60% of the keyboard lacks an integrated steel plate and has a mechanical feel.

In addition, T-Flash storage memory automatically saves the most recent settings and uses a separate USB cable for apparent acceptance and portability.

Mechanical Gateron Switch is hot-swappable for esports to fit the player’s hand. Suitable for 3/5 pin switches. It increases the independent direction key control and is lightweight, portable, and compact. Ergonomic design prevents fatigue even after long use.

Finally, it has n-Key Rollover, Anti Ghosting, and ALL 66 keys are conflict-free. Removable Type-C cable for USB 3.1 with a 40Gbps data transfer rate.

  • Portable and easy to use
  • Increase the independent direction key control
  • Exquisite appearance + powerful functions
  • Hot Swappable, RGB Acrylic Mechanical Keyboard
  • The switch is no longer working consistently.
  • The switch is soldered.

10. ANNE PRO 2, Wired/Wireless Mechanical Keyboard 


The ANNE PRO 2 Wireless RGB mechanical keyboard is 60% in size. It’s practical and reduces desk space. Despite having only 61 keys, the key configuration allows it to function like a regular 104-key keyboard.

Premium Mechanical Switch & PBT Keycap: The RGB Gateron and Kailh Box switches provide a quick and reliable typing experience. Intense practice and competition ensure that PBT Keycaps maintain their texture.

16 MACRO KEYS For a more advanced gameplay experience, create custom macros or remap keys. Full-Key rollover and 100% Anti-Ghosting
complete n-key rollover (NKRO) support over USB

Up to 4 devices can be connected wirelessly and switched between with good Bluetooth connections. This keyboard is known as the White/Bluetooth mechanical keyboard, which has ultra-fast wireless and wired modes.

At last, it offers brilliant per-key RGB backlighting; you can experience unlimited backlight customization.

  • Ultra-fast wireless and wired modes
  • Premium Mechanical Switch & PBT Keycap
  • Losing connection to devices randomly.

11. Portable 60% Cheap Mechanical Keyboard


MK-Box is a 68-key mechanical keyboard used for work or gameplay while saving space and delivering accurate tactile feedback for games and writing. It has unique arrow keys and all the F-keys you need.

Wide-ranging Connection: MageGee MK-Box devices feature a USB 2.0 connector, making them plug-and-play suitable with Windows (2000, XP, ME, Vista, 7, 8), Linux, and macintosh. So far, it is one of the cheapest macintosh mechanical keyboards.

It consists of different keyboard colors, such as Grey/Blue SwitchBlack White/Blue SwitchBlue/Blue Switch, Black/Red Switch, White Black/Red SwitchWhite Grey/Red Switch, and even more. 

It has a removable type C wire and uses ergonomics ABS double-shot injection Keycaps. And lighting is one of my favorite thing, LED blue backlit press Fn+Ins control about 15 kinds of light modes.

At last, the number of keys is only around 68, and it’s a cheap and low-profile mechanical keyboard.

  • Double Shot Injection Keycaps
  • Ergonomic Radian Design
  • A full Anti-Ghosting Keyboard improves your gaming experience
  • This is NOT a hot-swappable keyboard
  • The switches are soldered

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